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Hella, female auxiliary [brown hair], barking out orders--single figure -- LAST THREE!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: SS158B

Hella, female auxiliary [brown hair], barking out orders

Our second figure in this series is a woman not to be messed with.  She does not care if you have a gun, command a tank, or fly a fighter aircraft, she has the ultimate weapon:  a 'Pen & Clipboard’.

During WWII, women served the Fatherland in numerous roles, including medical services, radio operators, AA Gun operatives, and as test pilots, including testing the new jet fighters.  In tribute to this, we are releasing a series of female German figures, this month the first two of the series, followed next month with a further three auxiliary radio/signals girls and a hut, which will make a great diorama.  Truly a character piece, which has uses in many scenarios.  A talking point for any WWII diorama and we think will be very a very popular figure  

Limited to 50 worldwide.

Due to be released in JUNE 2024.