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Helicopter Pilot & Copilot--two Vietnam-era figures

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King & Country

Item Number: VN162

The Vietnam War is often known as the “Helicopter War” as it was the first time in human history large numbers of helicopters were used in all kinds of combat roles and employing many different types and sizes of helicopters.  Of all the different machines operated during the war the vast majority were the several variations of the Bell UH-1 ‘Iriquois’ better known as the ‘Huey’.

In recent years K&C has produced several different examples of these superb hand-carved, hand-painted wooden ‘Hueys,’ but, until now, no suitable figures to go with them.

Well here are the first three…

Helicopter Pilot & Copilot

Two standing ‘Chopper’ pilots looking over a flight plan.  The more senior is shown wearing the famous Stetson U.S. Cavalry hat and is obviously a member of the ‘AirCav’ . The other pilot is wearing his ‘bonedome’ and the standard flight suit complete with some body armour and a side arm.

Sidenote:  At present, K&C is also hard-at-work on our own mass-production UH-1 ‘Huey’ which we hope to release later in 2023 or early 2024.

Released in MARCH 2023.