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Hanomag 251/D--six 1:144 scale half-tracks (unpainted plastic kit)

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Victrix Limited

Item Number: VG12012

This set includes 6 superbly detailed 12mm/1:144 scale tanks and a decal sheet (German crosses and black numbers).

The Sd 251/D Hanomag was the most widely used German halftrack from 1943 onwards. It was deployed on the Western, Eastern and Italian fronts.

It was used to transport the elite Panzer Grenadiers troops around the battlefield as well as being used as an armoured assault vehicle. Many different versions were built including fire support vehicles, antitank gun vehicles, engineer vehicles and mortar carriers. Victrix plan to produce quite a few variants of this vehicle.

These models comes with crew, seated Panzer Grenadiers plus a variety of stowage which means each vehicle can be built to look different. The kit includes an extensive decal sheet.

Crew 2 + up to 10 Panzer Grenadiers
Armament 2 x MG42
Ammunition  Up to 2000 rounds of link
Speed Road – 52kph    Cross Country – 24kph
Range Road – 52kph    Cross Country – 24kph
Armour Hull - Front 14.5mm, Sides 6mm , Rear 6mm