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'Golani Brigade' Sniper Team--two Israeli figures

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Item Number: IDF039

'Golani Brigade' Sniper Team

As can be seen here, this Orthodox Jewish soldier wears both a beard and a Jewish 'scullcap' called a 'kippah' or a 'yarmulke' as a recognition of his faith.  He's also holding his M-21 sniper rifle (actually an accurised M-14) and a pair of military-issue binoculars.  The rest of his uniform and equipment is standard IDF issue.  He carries his helmet hanging on the left side of his fighting order.
'Riding shotgun' on this sniper is his 'Spotter/Bodyguard', who also has a set of binoculars and, again, a short-barreled 'GALIL' assault rifle.

‘Another time… Another War’

Since Israel was founded in 1948 its military and people have faced multiple challenges and overcame them each time.

Playing a major part in many of the wars and conflicts has been the  I.D.F. (Israel’s Defence Forces).  Among the soldiers who have had to fight over the years are the men of the celebrated ‘GOLANI BRIGADE’.
This Infantry Brigade’s foundation goes back to the earliest days of the State of Israel in 1948 and is today one of the five infantry brigades of the regular Israeli Army.
Originally the Golani Brigade was just a normal infantry unit however after the ‘1956 Sinai War’, hundreds of paratroop officers and NCO’s were transferred into leadership roles within this brigade.  This transformed it after training, into a fully operational infantry strike force with an elite ‘commando’ role capable of undertaking special missions deep inside enemy territory.
During the 1967 ‘Six Day War’ units of the Golani Brigade stormed a number of heavily fortified Syrian strongholds to seize the Golan Heights and help bring that conflict to a successful end… for the Israelis of course!
In between the end of the ’67 War and the outbreak of the 1973 ‘Yom Kippur War’ the ‘Golanis’ took part in many punitive and preemptive strikes against different Palestinian terrorist groups operating in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and even inside Israel itself.
During the 1973 war, soldiers of the Golani Brigade also played a vital role in holding and then forcing back the huge Syrian armoured assault on the Golan Heights in northern Israel.
Although their outposts were cut off and surrounded by vastly superior Syrian forces not one of these fortified positions fell to the enemy!
After the hard fought victory in 1973 the Golani Brigade continued to play a leading role in many successful I.D.F. operations including ‘The Raid on Entebbe’ in 1976, where they helped rescue Israeli and Jewish hostages after an Air France aircraft was hijacked an route from Paris to Tel Aviv.
At the same time, between 1973 and 1981, the ‘Golanis’, alongwith other I.D.F. units, mounted hundreds of raids against Palestinian terrorists operating in southern Lebanon and elsewhere.

These latest I.D.F. figures are the first GOLANI BRIGADE soldiers K&C has produced and are dressed and equipped with the typical weapons, uniforms and equipment of that tumultuous period.

Due to be released in MAY 2024.