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German Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. H (Sd.Kfz.141) 3. Operation BARBAROSSA,1941
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John Jenkins Designs

Item Number: GA-30

German Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. H (Sd.Kfz.141) 3. Panzer Division (Panzer Regiment 6) Operation BARBAROSSA, Soviet Union, 1941

Bitzkrieg!  Merely mentioning the term conjures images of massed dark grey Panzers inexorably rolling across fields and crushing all opposition before them. Although the term was never officially used by the Germans, "Lightning War" is an apt description of the revolutionary combined arms doctrine the Third Reich unleashed on the world in the early years of World War Two. It brought stunningly quick victories against Poland and France and expelled the British Expeditionary Force from the European continent. However, the scale of these operations paled in comparison to the ultimate expression of Blitzkrieg: Operation BARBAROSSA...the invasion of the Soviet Union. 

BARBAROSSA was the largest land invasion in history. The Germans unleashed 138 divisions (approximately 3.5 million troops ) and 36 allied divisions (approximately 700,000 troops) against Russian forces totaling 304 divisions (some 5.5 million troops). It was the beginning of truly the most epic conflict in history.

The JJD Panzer III Ausf H depicts a Panzer III Ausf H of Panzer Regiment 6 of the 3. Panzer Division and carries features and markings unique to that unit's panzers:

- red turret numbers

- removable wooden planks mounted on the right side (with division insignia painted on) used for unditching a tank from muddy ground

- mounts on the front hull for holding removable sections of track links to provide increased protection

- a stylized letter "G" on the front and rear right mudguards used by vehicles of Panzergruppe "Guderian"

- white outline insignia of a German Grenadier's head on the right and left turret sides

Additionally, the model has the following standard JJD features:

- interior detail for turret, hull, and engine bays

- turret and engine deck hatches open and close

- historically accurate paint job and markings

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Expected Delivery September 2023.