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Four Pavlowski Grenadiers Stood at Attention (1812 Uniform)--four figures--RETIRED--LAST ONE!!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: NAP046B

Four Pavlowski Grenadiers Stood at Attention (1812 Uniform)

This regiment was one of the few allowed to keep their old style Mitre hats following uniform changes from early to the later empire uniform regulations.  After the 1812 campaign, they were made part of the Russian Imperial Guard, a great honour for a Line Grenadier Regiment.

This set is a revised version of NAAP046 'stood to attention Grenadier', but this time in the new uniform of 1812, with a new face sporting a different moustache, new style trousers and revised backpack arrangement. These will sit well with the A version released earlier and give an interesting contrast to your parade, as with all armies, new equipment and uniforms were and still are gradually introduced as stocks become available.

Released in JANUARY 2019.