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Falklands War Scorpion--tank, driver, & commander

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King & Country

Item Number: TF006

Falklands War Scorpion

The FV101 ‘Scorpion’ is a British armoured reconnaissance vehicle, sometimes referred to as a ‘light tank’.  It was designed to meet the British Army’s requirement for a light Combat Vehicle that could be air-portable and operate in both extremes of hot and cold weather.  Another requirement was that it be able to move across difficult terrain that had low ground pressure, similar to that of a soldier on foot.  This would prove extremely fortunate in the wet, boggy conditions found on the Falkland Islands.

COMBAT USE:  The first regular British Army unit to be equipped with ‘Scorpions’ and its stablemate, the ‘Scimitar’, was The Blues and Royals, the famous household cavalry regiment.  Two troops from ‘B’ Squadron of that same regiment were sent south to the Falklands.  One troop was equipped with just four Scorpions, while the other received four Scimitars.

Our King & Country ‘Scorpion’ is hand-painted in the two-colour (Olive drab and black) camouflage typical of most British Army vehicles of the 1980s.  This great-looking model includes a 3/4 figure tank commander and a head ‘n’ shoulders tank driver sitting in the hull.  Together, they definitely add a powerful punch to any Falklands War Collection.


One of the great success stories of the Falklands War was the great contribution made by a miniscule number of light tracked vehicles operating in a cold, wet, windswept landscape many thousand of miles away from their home base and backup support.  What I am referring to are the two troops of Scorpion and Scimitar Light Reconnaissance Vehicles send down to the South Atlantic with the British Task Force to help recapture the Falklands.  What is astonishing is the fact that the authorities back in the U.K. decided that only 4 Scimitars, 4 Scorpions, and just 1 Samson armoured recovery vehicle would be enough to achieve their desired result!  However, somehow they did help achieve a spectacular land victory in just over 23 days.

Belatedly, following on from the successful launch of our first Falklands range figures in 2022, here is K&C’s tribute to one of that very small band of armoured reconnaissance ‘bunker busters’…

The FV101 ‘Scorpion’ Light Tank.

Released in MAY 2023.