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"Enjoying a Hookah"--single Egyptian figure

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Item Number: AE092

"Enjoying a Hookah"

A familiar sight throughout the Middle East and North Africa is the ‘Hookah’.  This is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for heating or vaporizing and then smoking either tobacco, flavoured tobacco, or sometimes cannabis, hashish, and even... opium.  The smoke is passed through a water basin-–often glass-based--before inhalation.  In the Arab world and throughout the Middle East, people smoke ‘hookahs’ as part of their culture and traditions.  Social smoking is done with a single or double hose ‘hookah’ and even triple or quadruple versions on occasion.  Smoking a ‘hookah’ can be done at home privately or with company in cafes which are widespread social gathering places throughout the Arab world.

Released in MARCH 2022.