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Conquest Games Plastic Norman Knights--12 plastic mounted figures

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Conquest Games

Item Number: CON01MN

Conquest Games Plastic Norman Knights
12 plastic mounted figures.

From the rain swept hills of England to the scorching deserts of the Holy Land, the Norman Knight commanded the battlefield. A warrior raised in the saddle and trained in warfare from birth, few could match his prowess. On his war horse, armed with sword, spear, and shield, the Norman Knight carved an empire across the face of Europe during the 11th and 12th centuries.
These Norman Knights can be used to create a small cavalry force worthy of any tabletop general. The miniatures can also be used to represent mounted contingents from Brittany, Frankia or any other western European nation from the early part of this period.
This box set contains 12 plastic mounted Norman Knights and 1 casualty figure.
This Product is NOT A TOY and is recommended for Hobbyists ages 14 and older.