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Confederate General A.P. Hill No.2--single figure

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W. Britain

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Confederate General A.P. Hill No.2 -- Single Figure

 At the Battle of Chancellorsville, Hill took over for General Jackson after he was mortally wounded, but was later wounded himself.  After the battle, Hill received the rank of lieutenant general on May 24, 1863, and became commander of the 3rd corps in General Robert E. Lee’s army.  Hill commanded the corps during the Battle of Gettysburg, where he received criticism for some of his command decisions.  During the Battle of Gettysburg, Hill's decisions and actions on the first day of the battle led to engaging the Union army before the entire Confederate army had arrived.  After Gettysburg, Hill went on to serve during the Wilderness Campaign, as well at the Siege of Petersburg.  On April 2, 1865, while riding along the defensive lines at Petersburg, Hill was shot and killed by a Federal soldier.  Although he received criticism for some of his command decision after his promotion to lieutenant general, General Robert E. Lee still considered A.P. Hill to be one of the Confederate armies’ finest commanders.