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Coldstream Guards Trombonist--single marching figure

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King & Country

Item Number: CE085

Coldstream Guards Trombonist

Just two weeks ago, as I wrote this part of ‘DISPATCHES’, the whole world had the unique opportunity to see on television the state funeral of Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  Over many hours viewers around the globe could see the pomp, splendor, and spectacle of the ceremonies involved in Britain’s official farewell to a much loved and respected Queen.  Central to these ceremonies was the participation of many thousands of military personnel from all branches of the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces as well as representatives from several key Commonwealth Defence Forces.

Among all those fine soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines on parade were a large number of men and some women belonging to the ‘Household Division’ which traditionally has provided those senior military units tasked with ceremonial and personal protection duties associated with the ruling monarch who, in Britain’s case, is also the country’s head of state.

For centuries now the Household Division has consisted of two regiments of Cavalry (The Life Guards and The Blues & Royals) and five Regiments of Foot Guards (Grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh).  All of them are renowned for their unique proficiency and the legendary smartness with which they carry out their ceremonial duties.  As modern soldiers, they are also second-to-none for drill, discipline, and reliability as their record on and off the battlefield testifies to.

King & Country’s latest release in our ‘CEREMONIAL’ series spotlights one very important and colourful part of all the units of the Household Division… their Military Musicians!


SPECIAL NOTE:  Regimental Bands have varied in size over the years… The Coldstream Guards Regimental Band increased steadily to reach its greatest strength, 75 in 1970.  Since that high point, it has been reduced to usually between 45-50 musicians today, depending on the availability of trained military applicants.  As with all British armed forces bands, every musician is also fully trained as a Regimental Medic and Stretcher Bearer in times of conflict and on active service.

Released in OCTOBER 2022.