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'Clay'--single ‘Cowpoke’ figure holding saddle

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Item Number: CD032

'Clay'--single ‘Cowpoke’ figure holding saddle

This ‘Cowpoke’ is representative of the many types of cowboy who roamed the West and provided the cattle drives with their trained personnel to herd the ‘doggies’ all the way from Texas up to the railheads in Kansas and beyond.  In one hand, he has his rifle in the other, his saddle:  both expensive and very necessary ‘tools of the trade’.

Special note:  When a cowboy joined a new crew, the trail boss would often provide an extra horse for each man, even if he already had one of his own.  Occasionally, the cowboy no longer had a horse, but always retained the saddle

"South Of The Rio Grande"

The borderlands on either side of the Rio Grande, the winding river that separates the United States on one side to the north and Mexico on the other to the south.  For a long time, including most of the 19th Century, this entire area and the river that runs through it was rife with cattle rustling, all types of banditry and general lawlessness of every kind and shape.  Many of the cowboys and vaqueros who moved across the Rio Grande on a regular basis were easily familiar with both sides of the law and who administered it in each place.

Released in NOVEMBER 2023.