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'Buck'--single Deputy Sheriff figure

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King & Country

Item Number: CD028

'Buck'--single Deputy Sheriff figure

This good ol’ boy is a Deputy Sherrif of a small Texas town on the northern edge of the Rio Grande.  Being one of the few lawmen in the small town and also responsible for the county surrounding it, he comes well armed to fulfill his duties.  Learning on his trusty Winchester Repeating Rifle, he also carries a holstered Colt Army Model 1860 revolver, a reminder and a momento of his military service during the recent Civil War.

"South Of The Rio Grande"

The borderlands on either side of the Rio Grande, the winding river that separates the United States on one side to the north and Mexico on the other to the south.  For a long time, including most of the 19th Century, this entire area and the river that runs through it was rife with cattle rustling, all types of banditry and general lawlessness of every kind and shape.  Many of the cowboys and vaqueros who moved across the Rio Grande on a regular basis were easily familiar with both sides of the law and who administered it in each place.

Released in NOVEMBER 2023.