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British Royal Marine Sergeant, 1803-16--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 13069

British Royal Marine Sergeant, 1803-16

In April of 1802, His Majesty King George III granted the title “Royal” to the Marines for meritorious service.  The white facings of the corps were changed to blue in accordance with the practice that all royal regiments were to wear blue facings.  During the Napoleonic Wars of 1793 to 1815, the Royal Marines were present in every notable fleet and ship-to-ship action.  They were at:  Glorious First of June, St Vincent, Camperdown, the Nile, Copenhagen, Trafalgar, the Dardanelles, Cape Lissa, and Aix Roads.  They always formed part of any cutting out excursion (the use of small boats to seize an enemy ship), and also distinguished themselves on land either serving with the army or as part of a naval brigade.  The Royal Marine establishment of 1803 was 22,467 men.  The addition of four artillery companies in 1805 brought the establishment to 30,000 men.  Additional companies raised gave the Marines supernumerary until 1814 when the force was reduced in numbers.

Due to be released in OCTOBER 2023.