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British Naval Brigade--two Sailors Firing--RETIRED--LAST TWO!!

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John Jenkins Designs - RETIRED COLLECTION

Item Number: SRN-02

2 figures (2pcs).

It cannot be said that the seamen of the naval brigades were well trained in land/ infantry warfare. Those that had passed through HMS Excellent, the Naval Gunnery School at Whale Island, had received instruction in naval gunnery and gun drill, as well as bome elementary drill on the parade ground for forming fours and squares. Some rifle drill was taught, but the standards of marksmanship was not high, and for those that had not passed through Whale Island, were even less accomplished. When landed for service in a naval brigade, the individual seaman was armed with a rifle and a cutlass-bayonet. When fixed as a bayonet, the cutlass-bayonet made the rifle very muzzle-heavy and even less accurate than it already was in the hands of the sailors.