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Australian Infantry Attacking in Slouch Hats--Makes 9 figures)

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Expeditionary Force

Item Number: 54AST01

Australian Infantry Attacking in Slouch Hats (Makes 9 figures)

The set contains 9 model soldiers comprising of 1 section leader, 1 light machine gunner and 7 infantrymen. The weapons are the Thompson sub-machine gun, the Owen sub-machine gun, the Sten gun, the Bren light machine gun and SMLE rifles with bayonet. Except for the headwear and the Owen gun, the models are the same as that of 54 BFE 01 box-set.

The set was designed as an option for those collectors who wishes to recreate the battles of the Australians and similarly dressed troops on Far East battlefields. The main series of the range is that of the British Troops. Detached machete is provided as spare parts in the sets for enhanced assembly with glue.

*Some assembly required

*Note: matches up in scale with Toy Soldiers of San Diego and other larger 1/32 scale figures.

Released in October  2021.