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BMC Korean War Winter Battle--16 piece OD Green United States soldier figures

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BMC Toys

Item Number: BMC-67121

BMC Korean War Winter Battle--16 piece OD Green United States Soldier Figures

From the BMC Toys AMERICAN HERO COLLECTOR SERIES, comes some of the most frigid battles of the Cold War:  The Korean War Winter Battle 16 piece plastic army men set features 16 winter gear United States Soldiers in 8 different poses.

Made from soft plastic with lots of detail, figures stand up to 2.45 inches tall and are about 1:30th scale (60mm), so these are larger than many other BMC Toys figures.

The Classic Toy Soldiers Company created and offers these figures to hobby collectors and helped BMC Toys make them available to youngsters. BMC Toys was founded by Bill McMaster in 1991 and specializes in producing historically accurate plastic army men figures and playsets in the classic style of the 1950s and 1960s.

Instructions:  With adult supervision, dip any bent part in hot water, then cold water to straighten.  Packaged in clear bag with header card and recommended for ages 5 and up.

  • BMC Korean War Winter Dress 16 Piece Figure Set
  • Color: OD Green United States Soldiers
  • Size: Up to 2.45 inches tall
  • Scale: Approximately 1:30 (60mm)
  • Packaging: Bag with Header Card