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Australian Matilda Tank, Apache' Version--tank and four figures--RETIRED--LAST ONE!!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ACCPACK039A

Australian Matilda Tank, Apache' Version

The long awaited Australian version of our Matilda.  The Matilda was the only Allied tank to see service for the duration of WWII, from 1939 right through to 1945.  It was designed as a heavy armour infantry support vehicle and provided much needed firepower for our boys on the ground. 
This 1/30 scale model is admittedly more expensive than our previous German tanks, but it does come with four crew members and has another 20 additional parts compared to our Panzer 3.
All of these things add to the manufacturing cost. 
As such we only have 30 of each version available at present.  The B and C versions (Ace and Ale) will follow shortly.  If the demand is there, we will make more.
Please note that this is not a typical price for our armour going forward, it's just that this particular model was complicated to assemble and has more than the regular crew members normally supplied.  When one compares it to the cost of other armour available elsewhere we feel we still compare very favourably. 

The 'A' Version 'Apache' includes 4 tank crew with berets and bush hats that you can alternate as you wish.

Limited to 30 worldwide.

Released in MARCH 2022.