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Artillery Limber, The British Artillery, The Eighteenth Century--limber and chains (no horses)

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John Jenkins Designs

Item Number: BAL-16

Artillery Limber, The British Artillery, The Eighteenth Century


Limbers were used when transporting cannon by horse over long distances. Attached to the gun carriage, it transformed it from two wheels to a four wheeled vehicle.

In the Eighteenth Century, artillery limbers played a crucial role in the movement and deployment of field artillery.

The limber was a two wheeled cart specifically designed to support the trail of an artillery piece or the stock of a field carriage, such as a caisson or travelling forge.  The artillery piece, when needed to be towed, was raised over the limber and then lowered with a pintle fitting into a hole in the trail.  Horses or other draft animals were harnessed in a single file to haul the limber.

**Please remember the horses will be sold separately, as well as the artillery piece.**

Due to be released in JULY 2024.