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Apache Warriors--12 figures in 5 poses and 12 horses in 5 horse poses

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Waterloo 1815

Item Number: AP051

Apache Warriors

Date Released:  2012
Contents:  12 figures in 5 poses and 12 horses in 5 horse poses
Material:  Plastic (Fairly Hard)
Color:  Light Tan
Average Size:  26 mm (= 1.87 m)

Even before the popularity of ‘Cowboys and Indians’ in the 1950's, native Americans had been a common theme for figure makers, although it was usually the Plains tribes that were depicted.  Waterloo 1815 have already produced such a set of Sioux, but this one focuses on an equally famous people, but one that is much more rarely seen in popular culture.  The underlying story--of encroachment of their lands and lifestyles by European immigrants–is similar to that of the Plains tribes, although for the Apache, the problems began with the Spanish and then the Mexicans.  The Apache were both feared and sometimes admired by those that came into contact with them, and the fame of their most famous leader, Geronimo, has lasted to the present day, but until this set saw the light of day all there was in small-scale plastic were the thoroughly unsatisfactory toys from Atlantic.

In almost every way, this set is a vast improvement on the old Atlantic sets, not the least being the attention paid to historical accuracy.  By the time of Geronimo, a typical Apache warrior’s costume was heavily influenced by contacts with successive Europeans.  He would have worn trousers or drawers with a shirt and/or jacket and quite possibly a waistcoat too.  More native elements were the cloth headband, the breechclout and the long moccasins.  This pretty much describes all the figures in this set, which have some variety in clothing, but all look completely authentic. Those with firearms also wear cartridge belts, which is fine, as is the hat worn by one man.