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Andy C. Neilson's "Sketch Portfolio" with 13 Original Pen & Ink Drawings

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King & Country

Item Number: ACN-Scetch

Andy C. Neilson's "Sketch Portfolio" w/13 Original Pen & Ink Drawings

  • AE086B Lord Carnarvon
  • AE086A Howard Carter
  • BBA081C Kneeling GI
  • CD010 The Cook
  • DD316 PFC Ryan
  • DD340 Bren Gunner
  • DD351 The Collaborator Set
  • FW232C Grenadier
  • PnM079 Cardinal Richelieu
  • PM095 The Hussar Special/NA410 The Hussar Hussie
  • RH001 Robin Hood
  • ROM038 Gaius Julius Caesar
  • USMC025 The Strecher Party
  • USMC024 Marine with Carbine
  • VN100B Grunt Bodyguard