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American Civil War Union Infantry, 1861-1865--forty 28mm plastic figures

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Perry Miniatures

Item Number: ACW115

The figures in this box represent the bulk of the Union Infantry forces throughout the Civil War.  The figures are in the four buttoned sack coats which was the most common type of coat worn by Federal troops during the war.  The set alson contains both forage caps and board-brimmed hats for all the figures.  With this set, you can have up to thirty infantry charging, or thirty "right shoulder shift" with a command of four figures.  In addition, there are six figures in skirmish poses.  There are many variations which can be built with this set, as there are additional skirmishing arms on the "main" infantry frame and various arms on the command frame.

40 infantry figures in the box, individual round bases, flags, painting guide.

Cover painting by Peter Dennis