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American 75mm Mountain Gun--3 guns and 12 figures in 4 poses

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Waterloo 1815

Item Number: AP038

American 75mm Mountain Gun

Date Released:  2011
Contents:  3 guns and 12 figures in 4 poses
Material:  Plastic (Fairly Hard)
Color:  Light Tan
Average Size:  24 mm (= 1.73 m)

What we have here is the 75mm Pack Howitzer M1A1, an artillery piece which was indeed conceived as a mountain gun, or for use in any environment where movement would be difficult.  Like all such weapons, it could be taken apart and carried on mules or flown and parachuted down, where it could be reassembled and brought into action.  Although developed in the 1920's, it was not in full production until 1940, but thousands were then made and saw service on all fronts in the hands of both the Army and Marines.  The model in this set sits on an M8 carriage, which was a box-trail type with metal wheels and pneumatic tyres.  As a light and relatively portable piece, it was much used by airborne forces, and proved a popular weapon which continued in service throughout the Second World War and beyond.