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Ambulance Kubelwagen (Mid-Late War)--vehicle with German driver and casualty--RETIRED -- LAST THREE!

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King & Country

Item Number: WH087

Ambulance Kubelwagen (Mid-Late War)

The Kubelwagen was a light military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen during WWII for use by the German military (both Wehrmacht and Waffen SS).  Originally conceived in 1938 and called the ‘Kubelsitzwagen’, because it had no doors and bucket seats, it soon went into full production in 1940 and had its name shortened to the VW Kubelwagen.  

Although the majority of Kubelwagens were built by Volkswagen, other German makers such as Mercedes, Opel, and Tatra also produced them.

Over the years K&C has produced quite a few of our own, but never the ‘ambulance’ version until now.  Here is the first of three ambulance kubelwagens that will be available.

This particular kubelwagen has had ‘dunkelgelb’ yellow oversprayed in a camouflage pattern on top of the original ‘feldgrau’ field grey.  A wounded German soldier lies on the stretcher as the driver/medic prepares to ferry him back to the nearest field dressing station.  The painting and ‘weathering’ on this vehicle is particularly good!

Released in NOVEMBER 2018.