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“Walking Beats Gliders”--101st Airborne Glider Infantry, 1944-45--two walking figures

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W. Britain

Item Number: 25283

“Walking Beats Gliders”--101st Airborne Glider Infantry, 1944-45

Bastogne, Belgium; The 327th Glider Infantry Regiment held half of the perimeter and engaged in two brutal fights at Marvie and in Section 401.  The attacking Germans were Volksgrenadiers and the elite Panzer Lehr.  At Marvie, the 327th was outnumbered by 15 to 1.  The Germans faced only two U.S. companies supported by several tanks from the 10th Armored Division.  Fighting continued over the next several days, with the enemy attacking in force with their panzer corps.  The Germans managed to place tanks behind U.S. lines between Marvie and Bastogne.  The glider men of Company G and Company F were pushed back from 500 to 1,000 yards during the intense fighting, but did not break.  

Due to be released in JULY 2024.