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“Virgil! Quick! Come See!”, 1860s Woman Shouting--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 35027

“Virgil!  Quick!  Come See!”, 1860s Woman Shouting

When the American Civil War commenced, women had to step into the roles left open by husbands, brothers, and fathers answering the call to arms.  With the husbands gone, often never to return, they had to plant and harvest crops, feed animals, and operate farm machinery along with their previous daily work of domestic and familial chores.  Their daily uniform was a simple work dress worn without crinoline (hoops skirts), a sturdy apron, and a neckerchief.  Hair is worn up and out of the way.  Is she calling across the fields beckoning for assistance with the plow, or calling across the hollow to let family know dinner is ready, or to announce that the army has been spotted up the road perhaps led by some great general?

Released in JUNE 2023.