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“The Queen & Her Corgis” (Tangerine Orange)--single Elizabeth II figure with three corgi figures

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King & Country

Item Number: TR016

"God Bless The Queen… God Save The King!"

6 May 2023 has been declared to be a Public Holiday and the Coronation Day of Britain’s newest monarch and head-of-state, King Charles.  On that day, Charles will officially become King of the United Kingdom and no less than 14 other Commonwealth countries.

As the eldest son of Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ, he became the longest serving heir apparent and Prince of Wales in the history of the Monarchy.  At the age of 73, he also became the oldest person to ever accede to the British throne. The tasks and duties before him are going to be many, wide ranging and increasingly complex.  In addition, he is also following in the footsteps of a beloved mother who, as Britain’s monarch and head-of-state, rarely, if ever, put a foot wrong throughout her long and memorable reign.

To celebrate our new King and to remember the long and valued legacy of his mother, K&C has designed and produced a small number of individual figures to represent King Charles and Queen Elizabeth II.

“The Queen & Her Corgis” (Tangerine Orange)--single Elizabeth II figure with three corgi figures

Most ‘Royal Observers’ have noticed that Her Late Majesty enjoyed wearing bright colours, especially in her later years, with some wondering what colours were her particular favourite.  According to Ms. Angela Kelly, the Queen’s long-serving personal attendant, among her favourites were these three selections featured here.

The final colour combination here shows the late monarch in a saturated, bold orange ensemble.  The Queen herself selected her favourite colours because in her own words, “You have to be seen to be believed”.  She was a ‘people person’ and enjoyed meeting millions of her subjects in all kinds of gatherings large and small.  Being petite herself, she also understood that it would be helpful if she wore brightly coloured clothes so that, even among huge crowds, the people would still spot her easily.

Released in APRIL 2023.