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‘The Princess Royal, Colonel of The Blues & Royals’--single mounted figure (Princess Anne)

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King & Country

Item Number: CE107

‘The Princess Royal, Colonel of The Blues & Royals’

Joining our ‘CEREMONIAL’ collection are two very special mounted figures from The Blues & Royals, one of the two British Cavalry regiments that together provide horse and men for the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.  This unique regiment provides the mounted escort for the reigning Monarch at many ceremonial and state occasions throughout the year.  Resplendent in their navy blue tunics and dress uniforms, they are a familiar and popular sight for hundreds of thousands of visitors to London each year.  While taking part in their ‘public duties’ two particular members of the Regiment can often be seen on the most prominent and important of those occasions…

Queen ElizabethⅡ’s  only daughter Princess Anne has been a highly talented horsewoman (as was her late mother) for many years.  As a senior member of the Royal Family, she was the first to compete in the Olympic Games and won a Gold Medal plus two Silver Medals at the European Eventing Championships in 1971 & 1975.

Among her many royal roles, she is also the Colonel of The Blues & Royals and appears in their miliary dress uniform on certain occasions, most notably at the annual ‘Trooping The Colour’ parade held on Horse Guards Parade in front of the Monarch every June.

Our K&C figure of The Princess Royal shows her saluting to the front as she rides alongside other senior mounted officers of The Household Division.

Released in APRIL 2024.