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“The M48A3 ‘Patton’ Main Battle Tank” 'Witch Bitch'--tank and two crew

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King & Country

Item Number: VN159-1


The M48 ‘Patton’ was an American first-generation main battle tank which first appeared in 1952 and was designed to replace the WWII and Korean War era M26, M4 Sherman and post war M47 and M41s.

Armed with a powerful 90mm main gun, it was produced to meet the battlefield requirements of both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marines.  Eventually almost 12,000 M48s were built and a series of continual improvements were made to ensure better performance and reliability.  Beginning in 1959, most of the original M48 A1s and A2s were upgraded and modified to the M48A3 model, which is what King & Country has produced.


Numerous examples of the M48 saw active service in various Arab/Israeli conflicts as well as the war in South East Asia throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s.  The M48A3 was to go on to see widespread service with both the United States and many of its NATO partners in Europe until it was superseded by the newer M60 Main Battle Tank.

Even today,  the M48 remains in service in large quantities with Turkey (750), Taiwan (500) and Greece (390).

However, King & Country is focusing on the M48A3 in combat in Vietnam with two great examples…

“The M48A3 ‘Patton’ Main Battle Tank” 'Witch Bitch'

At the beginning of the 1968 Tet Offensive, Communist forces overran the ancient imperial capitol of Hue in South Vietnam.  U.S. Marines stationed at Phu Bai airbase south of Hue were ordered to lead the assault to retake the city.  Backed up by M48A3s, crewed by fellow Marines, the ‘Grunts’ fought their way back into the city and, street-by-street, house-by-house, slowly, but steadily gained the upper hand.  During much of the battle, foul weather hampered the use of close air support and thus the firepower of the M48A3s 90mm gun was essential.  The sheer bulk of an M48 also allowed the Marines to advance behind the armour of the tank as together they eliminated the enemy.

This particular USMC 48A3, ‘Charlie Four-One’ is nicknamed ‘Witch Bitch’ and comes complete with a full body Marine Tank Commander armed with CAR15 carbine and a “head ‘n’ shoulders” Tank Driver figure.  Each model comes in its own sturdy, full colour, presentation box.

Notice:  Just 200 of each of these USMC M48A3s are being produced.  And so, if you’re serious about your ‘Vietnam’ collection, one or both of these great tank models will provide your ‘Grunts’ with some very valuable fire support!

Arrived SEPTEMBER 2023