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“Ruth”, Young Woman in Day Dress with Parasol, 1855-68--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 35040

“Ruth”, Young Woman in Day Dress with Parasol, 1855-68

This stylish young woman is out for a promenade around the village green.  She has all the most fashionable details that highlight her best physical features.  The width of the classic 1860s hoop skirt is emphasized by the geometric design worked in black soutache braid around the hemline.  The width of the skirt also highlights the narrowness of her young waist.  Soutache is again used to draw the eye and add width to her shoulders, aiding in emphasizing her petite waistline.  Being a proper lady, she carries a parasol to shade her face from the sun and leather gloves to protect her hands.

Released in FEBRUARY 2024.