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Advancing Under Fire--two running 12th SS Hitlerjugend figures

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King & Country

Item Number: WS382

"Advancing Under Fire"

As bullets fly overhead, these two young infantrymen move forward toward a new position.


In a scene that must have been replicated many times during the Normandy Campaign, a small group of German infantryman make their way stealthily through the Norman countryside to take up a new ‘ambush’ position while they await the next Allied advance…

Six more 12th SS ‘Hitlerjugerd’ boys in three two-figure action sets provide some useful reinforcements for any late war battlefield display or diorama.

These six new variations provide alternative combinations of the ‘mixed-rig’ look of the 12th SS troopers at this time of the war.  A special thankyou to those collectors and dealers who suggested this idea.

Released in MAY 2023.