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Admiral Lord Nelson--single figure

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Item Number: NA456

"Admiral Lord Nelson"

A revised and upgraded paint version of Britain’s greatest naval hero.  Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson and the doomed victor of Trafalgar where the Royal Navy decisively defeated the combined French and Spanish Fleets of 33 ships-of-the-line compared to Nelson’s 27.  Nelson is wearing the dress uniform of a Vice Admiral complete with his many medals and decorations.  This, alas, was to be his undoing.  In the midst of the battle, a sharpshooter on the French 74-gun ‘Redoutable’ fired onto the deck of ‘HMS Victory,’ Nelson’s flagship.  His musket ball found its mark and the Admiral sank to his knees.  The ball had entered his left shoulder, passed through his spine and lodged in the muscles of his back.  Nelson died three hours later.  Since that time, the admiral has had a treasured place in British history... Monuments, ships, naval shore establishments, and many British pubs have been named in his memory.  This is our little tribute...

Released in OCTOBER 2020.