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ACW Union General Winfield Scott Hancock--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 31333

ACW Union General Winfield Scott Hancock

“Thunderbolt of the Army of the Potomac,” was a moniker that fit Hancock to a T.  His command style was bold and decisive, his demeanor unflappable.  On the first day of Gettysburg, Hancock organized the Union defenses on Cemetery Hill and had the authority from Meade to withdraw, but he chose to stand and fight, a decision that most certainly saved the Union Army.  On the second day, he shuffled his forces around the battlefield, plugging holes and filling gaps, halting the Confederates.  On the third day he was in the middle of the hailstorm, in the center of Pickett’s Charge.  He steadied his men from horseback while his subordinates protested his exposure.  “There are times when a corps commander’s life does not count,” he said.  He took a bullet to the thigh, but did not leave the battle until the fighting was done.

Released in MARCH 2021.

Due to be re-released in MARCH 2024.