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75mm Infantry Support Gun (75 mm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18 (7.5 cm le.IG 18) [Grey]--gun only -- RETIRED -- LAST TWO!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: ACCPACK059B

75 MM Infantry Support Gun [Grey]

The 75 mm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18 (7.5 cm le.IG 18) was an infantry support gun used by German forces during WW2.  Developed by Rheinmetall in the 1920s to provide close artillery support for infantry units, the gun stayed in production from 1932 to 1945, with over 12,000 being manufactured. The gun had an armoured shield to protect the crew when deployed, it could fire a shell weighing 6 kilograms at a rate up to 12 rounds per minute with a maximum range of more than 3500 metres.

Limited Availability.

Due to be released in APRIL 2024.