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42nd Highlander Regt The Black Watch--Officer & 7 Soldiers firing/Loading

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Tradition of London

Item Number: 1104

Officer, Sergeant, two Highlanders Standing Firing, two Highlanders Kneeling Firing and two Highlanders at the ready, Black Watch Regiment

The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot was a Scottish infantry regiment in the British Army also known as the Black Watch.

Originally the 43rd Highlanders they were renumbered to the 42nd in 1748 on the disbanding of the existing Oglethorpe's 42nd Regiment of Foot allowing the regiment to assume that number as its own.

In 1881 the regiment was named The Royal Highland Regiment The Black Watch, being officially redesignated The Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment in 1931.

In 2006 the Black Watch became part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

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