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28mm Late Saxons/Anglo Danes Skirmish Pack--makes 30 figures

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Item Number: VXDA002B

28mm Late Saxons/Anglo Danes Skirmish Pack

This exceptional 30 figure set of 28mm hard plastic saxons has superbly detailed figures and a myriad of additional parts allowing hundreds of options when building the figures. Perfect for skirmish games such as SAGA..

This set is fully supported by a range of shield transfers and banner sheets from LBMS.

What's in the Box:
30 x figures
3 x Warrior Main Frames
1 x Command Frames
14 x Body options (including armoured, unarmoured and religious robes)
22 x Head options (including helmets, hats and cloak hoods)
7 x Shields options (including rounded and kite shields)
7 x Weapon options (including single handed axes, double handed axes, swords, clubs, spears and javelins)

Released in JULY 2022.