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28mm British Peninsular Heavy Dragoons--makes twelve figures--TWO IN STOCK.

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Victrix Limited

Item Number: VX0026

28mm British Peninsular Heavy Dragoons--makes twelve figures

This uniform was in use up to 1812, but probably carried on into 1813 due to sporadic supply issues with all armies during the Napoleonic wars (regulations and actual practice are very different even in today’s armies).

The differences in this uniform are the shoulder wings and horizontal bars of lace across the chest.  They do not have the striped girdle under the sword belt and the cuffs are different.  We have done two sets of arms for this set to represent the British regiments and the Kings German Legion (they have a pointed cuff with chevrons of lace above it)

We have also included two options for the sword scabbard by itself or sword scabbard and sabretache.  The sabretache was issued in 1812 to the heavy cavalry, but, again, probably took a while to get to the troops, but is there for completeness. The officer has a choice of bicorn or cylindrical shako with cords.

Whats in the box?

12 x Figures (including an officer and musician)
3 x Main Frame
1 x Command Frame