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24th Foot Standing Firing--single figure

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W. Britain

Item Number: 20187

24th Foot Standing Firing

First adopted by the British Army in 1871, the Martini-Henry was a breech-loading, single-shot rifle with a lever action.  This lever-action actuated the block to drop into the receiver to open the breech.  The same action expelled the spent cartridge in one single, fluid motion.  In tests, a skilled marksman managed 20 shots a minute, though 12 was considered more realistic for the average soldier under battle conditions.  The Martini-Henry’s round was a lethal battle changer.  Designed for the Martini-Henry, the “bottlenecked” Boxer cartridge was tapered from bottom to top, allowing a large charge of powder to propel a relatively small bullet at very high velocity.  The resulting flat trajectory made the Martini far more accurate and harder hitting than anything seen on the battlefield before.

Released in SEPTEMBER 2020.

Restocked in JANUARY 2024.