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184 x WWII US Airborne (Paratroopers)--1:144 scale (unpainted plastic kit)

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Victrix Limited

Item Number: VG12032

184 x WWII US Airborne (Paratroopers)--1:144 scale (unpainted plastic kit)

Band of Brothers and Colonel Dick Winters land at Victrix.

The 82nd Airborne division was originally conceived in WWI by the US War Department with the remit to create an elite force to be "on-call to fight anytime, anywhere" at "the knife's edge of technology and readiness."

The 82nd did fight in WWI but it was not until WW2 that the forged their reputation as an elite force. The division was made up of several regiments, some paratrooper regiments but also glider troop regiments. The first actions for the 82nd were successful airborne drops into Tunisia and Sicily in 1942. After which they Were withdrawn to The UK for rest and reorganisation.

In June 1944 the 82nd spearheaded the D Day landings dropping into Normandy around the towns of Carentan and St Mere Eglise where intense fighting continued for 33 days with severe casualties. After D Day the division was constantly in the frontline including a significant involvement in Operation Market Garden and at the forefront of an immense defensive role during the Battle of the Bulge. The 82nd continued the advance into Germany eventually ending the war as an occupying force in Berlin.

Wherever the 82nd went you can guarantee their sister division, The 101st Airborne accompanied them. The 101st also known as “The Screaming Eagles” mirrored the 82nd with actions in North Africa, Italy, Normandy, Operation Market Garden and finally the assault into Germany.

These were elite troops with both divisions having exemplary operational histories.

What you get in the set:

  • 184 superbly detailed US Airborne miniatures
  • 68 x Riflemen
  • 20 x Thompson machine guns
  • 8 x BAR
  • 8 x Rifle grenades
  • 12 x 30 cal machine gun teams
  • 8 x Radio men
  • 8 x Bazooka teams
  • 16 x Officers
  • 8 x Ammo carriers
  • 4 x Mortar teams