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Napoleonic Dutch-Belgian Artillery, 1815--20 figures in 5 poses figures and 4 cannon

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Waterloo 1815

Item Number: AP009

Napoleonic Dutch-Belgian Artillery, 1815

Date Released:  2002
Contents:  20 figures in 5 poses figures and 4 cannon
Material:  Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Color:  tan
Average Height:  24 mm (= 1.73 m)

As one of their first wave of brand new sets, Waterloo 1815 chose to add to the considerable number of models appropriate for the battle of Waterloo with this set of Dutch Belgian Artillery.  This is the latest is a line of sets which recognise the considerable part played by the Dutch and Belgians in that momentous campaign.

The makeup of this set is similar to the Esci artillery sets in that it contains four guns and a small crew for each, and there is no team, limber etc. The differences are that this set provides five figures per gun, and there is no choice of calibres for the guns. However, since nearly all the Netherlands artillery at Waterloo had 6-pounders this is of no consequence. The crew follow the Esci pattern with an officer (happily NOT holding a telescope), man with ramrod, man with match and man carrying a roundshot, plus a fifth man using a handspike. All the poses are pretty good and appropriate.