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1/56 scale Soviet PT-76 or PT-76B Amphibious Light Tank

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Item Number: 280129

1/56 scale Soviet PT-76 or PT-76B Amphibious Light Tank

The PT-76 is a Soviet amphibious light tank that was introduced in the early 1950s and soon became the standard reconnaissance tank of the Soviet Army and the other Warsaw Pact armed forces. It is used in the reconnaissance and fire-support roles, and was widely exported to other friendly states, like India, Iraq, Syria, North Korea and North Vietnam. The tank’s full name is Floating Tank–76 (плавающий танк, plavayushchiy tank, or ПТ-76). 76 stands for the caliber of the main armament: the 76.2mm D-56T series rifled tank gun.

After World War II, the concept of light tanks was resurrected in the USSR. They were to be used in reconnaissance units and therefore an amphibious ability with little preparation was essential. Many prototypes were built in the late 1940s, the most successful was “объект 740” (Object 740). The vehicle was successful because it had a simple design, good navigational traits and a good cross country capability. At the time, its water-jet design was innovative.
A prototype was built and the tank was officially adopted in 1951 with the designation PT-76. Production started at the Stalingrad Tractor Factory (STZ). The tank was subsequently modified. In 1957, the D-56T gun was replaced with the D-56TM (with double-baffle muzzle brake and fume extractor) and was equipped with new vision and communications devices. In 1959 an improved variant, the PT-76B, was adopted and remained in production until 1967 (main improvements were: D-56TS gun with stabilization and CBRN protection). About 5,000 (other sources indicated that 12,000) PT-76s were built during the vehicle’s lifetime, of which some 2,000 were exported to over 25 countries.

The PT-76 was used as the standard reconnaissance tank of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact armies. It was also intended for water obstacle fording operations and naval infantry landings. It served in the reconnaissance subunits of tank divisions and mechanized divisions of the Red Army and Soviet marines divisions. Although it has been replaced in front line service by the BMP-1, it may still be found in the reconnaissance companies and battalions of some motorized rifle and tank regiments and divisions, as well as in naval infantry units. Aside from its reconnaissance role, it is also used for crossing water obstacles in the first wave of an attack and for artillery support during the establishment of a beachhead. The PT-76 is still on active service in a number of countries mainly in the developing world.

Product Highlights:
- Option to build either a PT-76 or PT-76B with waterline option
- Choice of two muzzle brakes & optional DShK 1938 HMG
- Open or closed crew hatches & rear hydro jet outlet lids
- Trim board in extended or stowed position
- Highly detailed track links
- Tank crew included


Number of Parts: 120 pieces / 3 sprues

Assembly and painting required.