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Figarti New releases!

May 23, 2013

Designed with typical German ingenuity, the bomb trolley with its hydraulic lift arm allowed German armorers to quickly wheel and lift heavy bombs into position under Stukas and other German bombers. Figarti Miniatures is proud to introduce its “Bomb Trolley” (ETG-092) with two armorers and a 500 kg bomb to use with its Battle of Britain Stuka. The bomb comes with a magnet so it can be attached to Figarti’s Stukas. With the fine detail that Figarti is know for, the wheels, hydraulic handle and pulling bar of the Bomb Trolley are all moveable so the piece can be flexibly positioned. MSRP $129.00 Trolley Name: ETG-092 (1).JPG Views: 8 Size: 336.2 KB With the two drop tanks added under the wings to model the longer range version, Figarti Miniature’s “Desert Stuka” (DAK-006) recreates the famous snake decoration of the Ju 87R-2 Trop of the 6th Staffel, St.G. 2. The Stukas of this Staffel were stationed in Libya and supported Rommel’s early attacks in North Africa. With the fine detail that Figarti is known for, the Desert Stuka has a clear, moveable canopy showing a detailed cockpit, with the bomb and drop tanks attached by magnets and removable to add to its versatility. To add to your desert airfield vignette, Figarti proudly introduces its Desert Bomb Trolley (DAK-007) with two shirtless armorers and a 500 kg bomb with a magnet that can be attached to the Desert Stuka. MSRP $289.00 Stuka DAK-006 MSRP $129.00 Trolley Name: DAK-006 (3).JPG Views: 8 Size: 421.9 KBName: DAK-007 (1).JPG Views: 8 Size: 368.3 KB With the Eastern Front triggering images of brutal, freezing winter battlefields, Figarti Miniatures is proud to offer “Winter ISU-152” (EFR-021) in winter white camouflage. Nicknamed the “Zveroby” or “Animal Killer” by Soviet tank crews, the ISU-152 with its 95 lb. shell was one of the few Russian Tanks capable of blowing apart Panthers, Tigers and Elefants, Done the Figarti Way, this massive tank comes with a soldier wearing the baggy and poorly fitting Russian winter smock with attached mittens. MSRP $249.00 Name: EFR-021 (1).JPG Views: 8 Size: 451.1 KB