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Figarti Miniature news!

July 15, 2013

The following arrived July 2nd. All pre-orders were shipped ETG-092 Bomb Trolley         MSRP $129.00 

DAK-006 Desert Stuka            MSRP  $289.00   


DAK-007 Desert Bomb Trolley       MSRP  $129.00 

EFR-021 Russian ISU-152     MSRP  $249.00 Now taking pre-order's for the Mosquito!
This is a commission piece done by Grey Goose Coll. in the UK. I am only bringing a limited number of pieces based on pre-orders. Oversized Shipping charges may also have to be tacked on depending on the size of the box.  Please let me know if you want an ASAP! We will only be importing pre-orders taken in the next week or so. After that you will have to pay shipping and buy from Grey Goose in the UK.
ETA-050 Mosquito - Operation Jericho-Pickard    $369.00 ETA-051 Mosquito -Coastal Command Banff Strike Wing   $369.00

  The Following older items were just imported/received. 
Quantities are limited so let me know if you need any ASAP!
Quantity         # Description
6 G3811E Tank No.002,Spzabt 502,Russia,Autumn 1944
6 G3813E Tank No.313,3Rd Ss Panzer Division,Russia,June 1944
6 G3814E Tank No.323,101St Heavy Tank Battalion,Normandy,France.June 1944
6 WIJ-001 Japanese Landing Craft    
3 ETG-016 20mm Quad Flak 38
6 G4011E V-1 Launch Ramp
3 A38039E The Long Horns of Red Bull
4 A4082V Medic!
4 A4084V Here They Come!
3 A4100ADN Loading the Long Tom
6 B38032A LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet (Sand &  Azure Camouflage)
6 B38033A LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet (Sand & Red Clay Camouflage)
2 ETG-037 Light Flatcar Wagon   *
12 ETG-064 Karl Morser Railway Carrier Grey (repainted, new #)
1 F1301 Last Supper ( I can get about 20 more if any interest)