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Black Hawk Toy Soldiers

December 7, 2012

The OK Corral Series Now in stock!
FW-0301 Let Them Have It!--Wyatt Earp--single figure 41.00
FW-0302 Hit!--Frank McLaury--single figure 41.00
FW-0303 Take This--Doc Holiday--single figure 41.00
FW-0304 Blaze Away--Tom McLaury--single figure 47.00
FW-0305 I'm Hit--Virgil Earp--single figure 41.00
FW-0306 Damn You--Morgan Earp--single figure 41.00
FW-0307 The Last Shot--Billy Clanton--single figure 44.00
FW-0308 Running for His Life--Ike Clanton--single figure 44.00