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Bolt Action: Normandy @ 10AM-6PM

December 2, 2023

Venue: Hobby Bunker

Bolt Action: Normandy @ 10AM-6PM

We will be getting into the Normandy Theater by starting a series of linked games that will build toward the liberation of France over the coming months!

We will be utilizing Campaign: D-Day Overlord, D-Day US Sector, D-Day British and Canadian Sectors, as well as some mechanics from combined arms Warlords campaign system

>>> We are moving on to Phase Two! Airborne units moving on to objectives and some beach landings/moving up the beaches into German-occupied territory <<<

If you don’t have paratroopers don’t worry. We have some that we can provide, or feel free to use US infantry that have the correct weapons. Additionally, if you don’t want to play through Normandy still come! Paint your WWII miniatures, grab an unrelated bolt action game or just hangout. 

Missions and list building requirements will be posted to the “Games at Hobby Bunker” Facebook event page

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