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    Hobby Bunker News

    51st NETSS Toy Soldier Show and Sale
    (April 13, 2014)

                51st North East Toy Soldier Society Show and Sale

    Sunday, April 13, 2014 9AM-3PM

    at the Crowne Plaza, 15 Middlesex Canal Park, Woburn, MA

    Admission $6.00 for Adults, Kids 15 and under Free! All profits will be donated to local Veterans Groups.

    We expect to fill the 2 ballrooms again with with New and Old Painted Metal and Plastic Toy Soldiers, playsets, military books, Action figures, toys, Military Prints and Art, magazines and more!

    Come and see massive dioramas and displays! Pretty much everything is for sale!

    We have a Wargame Demonstration in the Lobby (free), it will run all day

    Free paint and Take "toy soldiers" for Kids

    March News
    (March 19, 2014)


    Wow am I behind, it is already the middle of March!

             This month brings us all sorts of new products and updates to our website. We have just completed 3 successful shows in NJ, PA (Cold Wars) and CA (The West Coaster.) We would like to thank all who attended and stopped by our booth/tables. We are not done yet! We had one weekend off and now we are heading to the Greenberg Train and Toy Show in Wilmington, MA and then the last weekend of the month we will be heading to Havoc in Shrewsbury, MA and the IPMS Wings and Wheels Model show the last Sunday of the month. 
         This month in Metal Toy Soldier Announcements....All the March King and Country releases are now in or on the way. We have also had new product announcements from  John Jenkins Designs, First Legion (Iron Brigade) and The Collector's Showcase.  The Collectors Showcase release should finally be available this month along with their new line of 28mm Pre-painted WWII Miniatures for display or gaming called Collectors Battlefield.      

          Plastic Soldiers - New A Call to Arms Series 35 British 95th Rifles and check the ste for a sale on Barzso's American Revolution sets.  

          In the store we have all the new Warhammer 40K weekly releases along with all the new Imperial Knight Companion Book. We have received a large Warlord Games re-stock as well as new Pokemon and new 2014 baseball cards.

          Model Kits - We just received a nice a re-stock of 1/35 scale AFV Club and Tamiya and we will have a good re-stock of 1/48 scale aircraft in on Friday. Bandai has just released a nice line of Starblazers 2199 kits and we also re-stocked some Gundam kits.


    Store Gaming Events
    (February 25, 2014)

    Store Events:

    Board Game Day
    April 5th is national Board Game day!
     Wizkids Games! Almost every Thursday Night and Saturday until until the end of the year we will be hosting HeroClix  and Star Trek Attack Wing Games.  Prizes will be available.
    NEW Heroclix and ATTACK WING Expansions arriving approx. Feb. 28th

    Boston Trained Band's

    The full schedule of the Historical Gaming events for the coming months has been posted on our events page. Here is the link:   Events
    First Saturday of the Month is Bolt Action WWII

    Magic the Gathering

    Come and play Magic Every Thursday night at the Bunker! Stay tuned for info on upcoming Saturday Tournaments.

    Warmachine/Hordes Miniatures Games
    Come and play! Open gaming every Saturday
    www.neprivateers.com for more info

    Warhammer 40k
    Come and join the Evil Dice 40k Gaming group every Sunday from 12-5PM for opening gaming.

    New Figarti Miniatures!
    (February 24, 2014)

    the following shipment from Figarti Miniatures Items is almost sold out!


    Ragged Camo V2




    V-2 Meillerwagon



    Wittman's Tiger

    ETG-083 German Panther Tanks      1/30     $249.00

    The 38th Virginia Heart of the South Toy Soldier Show has been cancelled!
    (February 14, 2014)

    There will be no show in Virginia on the February 15th. The weather just did not work out!

    Call the Eddie at (201) 342-6475 with any questions

    February 2014 News...
    (February 06, 2014)

    January has come and gone and now we're in the first week of February already. Is it ever going to stop snowing? I got up early this morning to get cracking on this newsletter and what do I see? Another 10 inches of snow coming down!  So turn up the heat, build a fire or whatever you need to do to hunker down and get started on your hobby! 

         This month brings us all sorts of new products and updates to our website. In Metal Toy Soldiers....All the February King and Country releases are now being added to our site and we have also had new product announcement from The Collector's Showcase who have changed gears and will be producing some 28mm Pre-painted WWII Miniatures for display or gaming.

              As far as plastic toy soldiers, we have just added a Painted Plastic Soldiers section to our site. See the link further down. We are in the process of sorting out the 1000's of painted soldiers and will get them up on our website as time permits. We are asking for about $2.50 per figure which is a great value. The Expeditionary Force Ancient Greeks that we received in the January are doing quite well we have just reordered additional stock.
          In the store we have all the new Warhammer 40K weekly releases along with all the new White Dwarf Magazines (new format with weekly editions). We have also been loading up the Board game section as well as re-stocking the Magic cards,  Warmachine and 28mm Historical sections. Perry Miniatures will be releasing a 28mm ACW artillery set this month check back in a week or 2. 
     On sale this weekend...Magic the Gathering: Born of the Gods

    January 2014 News
    (January 20, 2014)

    January has been flying by and It's almost time for the Super Bowl! With all the wacky weather we have had in the last couple of weeks we have been pleasantly surprised with all the foot traffic in the shop and for the continuous flurry of mail orders! This month brings us all sorts of new products and updates to our website. In Metal Toy Soldiers....All the January King and Country releases are now available and we have also had new product announcements from both  Thomas Gunn and John Jenkins Designs. As far as plastic toy soldiers, we have just added a Painted Plastic Soldiers section to our site. We have recently acquired 1000's of painted soldiers and will get them up on our website as time permits. We are asking for about $2.50 per figure which is a great value. The Expeditionary Force Ancient Greeks that we received in the beginning of the month are doing quite well.
          In the store we have all the new Warhammer 40K releases of the new Tyranid Army sets and we have also re-stocked a lot of the 28mm Historicals including Perry Miniatures and Rulebooks.

    Late November News
    (November 27, 2013)

    November News....
    Happy Thanksgiving!     


         It seems like the Holidays are now upon us. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving's and hope everyone enjoys some time off with friends and family. Please get your mail orders in as soon as possible so you won't be disappointed this holiday season. International customers there is still time to receive Christmas presents, I recommend getting your orders in by the end of the November to allow enough shipping time. Shipping times vary by country and we cannot guarantee delivery. 

         Shows...We just wrapped up the most of the show season. A special thanks to all of you that stopped by a paid us a visit in Freeport, NY and Lancaster, PA this past weekend. Overall the shows were a succes. We just displayed at the Greenberg Train and Toy Show in Wilmington, MA this past weekend.

          In Metal Toy Soldier's we just received the latest batch of goodies from The Collector's Showcase. Also do in early this coming week are the New Battle of the Bulge Americans and British Paratroopers from King and Country. New arrivals from John Jenkins have just been stocked in the warehouse and the next release has been entered into the "Future Release" section. 

       Plastic Toy Soldiers... The Austin Miniatures Gunfighters are now in stock. We also have  Paragon Scenic's "Fort Apache" in foam on display in the store.

    4th Annual Hobby Bunker Game Day August 24th 2013
    (August 24, 2013)

    4th Annual Hobby Bunker Game Day August 24th 2013



    Come join Boston Trained Bands Wargames Club at the Hobby Bunker, 33 Exchange Street, Malden, MA 02148 for are 4thannual event. The day will officially start at 10:00 am and gaming will get underway shortly thereafter. 


    Games will be run in three sessions. In the morning there is the chance to hammer the Scots or teach the upstart Henry VIII that if you mess with France you have to deal with Auld Alliance too, in a 28mm Hail Caesar Battle of Flodden 1513 500th anniversary. Try to drive Yankees from an estate near Jacksonville Florida in Battle in the Deep South 1864 a 28mm Black Powder Game. Foray into the jungles of South East Asia in Pacific Ocean Theatre World War II where US Marines battle through the islands of the Pacific against the Imperial Japanese Army 28mm Bolt Action game. In addition there are also missions to destroy a German wireless station in Kaiserwilhelmland (New Guinea), give Old Boney what for in a Peninsular War game and charge and counter charge in a Horse and Musket era game.


    The afternoon kicks off with Mission 101 East Africa 1941 - small groups of officers and NCOs supply arms and training to the Ethiopian patriots and coordinate attacks on Italian forces in a 28mm Bolt Action game. The western front sees some action in, “Not so quite on the Western Front” the Allies attempt to capture a section of trench line from the well dug in Huns, a 28mm modified Black Powder rules.  In the Case of the Black Pearl there will be all sorts of adventures and mysteries to uncover in Mike Pain’s legendary 28mm Pulp Era game.  Lord Cornwallis and General Greene square off for what could be the final battle to determine control of the south in the Battle of Guilford Court House March 15, 1781 a 40mm American War of Independence game. French conscripts meet the Prussian Landwehr in the Battle of Hagelberg, 1813 during the Leipzig campaign 15mm. And "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." X-wing miniature game!


    The evening session will include the Battle of Mockern October 16, 1813 the northern section of the first day of the battle of Leipzig (October 16, 1813) fought between the French Marmont's VI Corps and the Blucher's Russian/Prussian Army of Silesia 28mm Black Powder rules.

    $5 gets you the whole day of gaming; parking is free in the garage across the street from the bunker. For food there are numerous restaurants, sandwich shops and bars in the surrounding area just ask any Boston Trained Bands member and they can direct you to almost anything you can think within a few blocks.

    The Hobby Bunker stocks a large range of Warlord Games and other wargaming products along with an extensive assortment of toy soldiers and hobby supplies.

    For more information about the event or games please contact Richard Claydon at: charles@bostontrainedbands.com

    John Jenkins Designs July 2013 releases
    (June 19, 2013)

    John Jenkins Designs July Releases:

    sku product price
      War of 1812--U.S. Marine Corps.  
    1812M-02 Two Marines Firing, US Marine Corps, 1814 78.00
    1812M-02N Four Marines Firing Box Set, US Marine Corps, 1814 138.00
      Jacobite Rebellion  
    EEC-01 Regiment Officer, Regt. Royal Ecossois--single figure 40.00
      THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918  
    GWB-01B W.J. Carney & C. Ribbans 78.00
    GWF-03 Berliet CBA, French Truck, 1916 188.00
      The Peninsular War, 1807-1814  
    PB-03 Spanish Gateway 52.00
      Battle Of Fort Carillon, Ticonderoga, July 8, 1758  
    QF-35 Two Line Infantry Firing, Regiment de Bearn 78.00
    QF-35N Four Line Infantry Firing Box Set, Regt. De Bearn 78.00
      FIW - The Raid On St. Francis  
    RSF-09 Waiting Patiently...--two figures 79.00

    New Figarti Releases
    (May 23, 2013)

    Designed with typical German ingenuity, the bomb trolley with its hydraulic lift arm allowed German armorers to quickly wheel and lift heavy bombs into position under Stukas and other German bombers. Figarti Miniatures is proud to introduce its “Bomb Trolley” (ETG-092) with two armorers and a 500 kg bomb to use with its Battle of Britain Stuka. The bomb comes with a magnet so it can be attached to Figarti’s Stukas. With the fine detail that Figarti is know for, the wheels, hydraulic handle and pulling bar of the Bomb Trolley are all moveable so the piece can be flexibly positioned.

    MSRP $129.00 Trolley

    With the two drop tanks added under the wings to model the longer range version, Figarti Miniature’s “Desert Stuka” (DAK-006) recreates the famous snake decoration of the Ju 87R-2 Trop of the 6th Staffel, St.G. 2. The Stukas of this Staffel were stationed in Libya and supported Rommel’s early attacks in North Africa. With the fine detail that Figarti is known for, the Desert Stuka has a clear, moveable canopy showing a detailed cockpit, with the bomb and drop tanks attached by magnets and removable to add to its versatility. To add to your desert airfield vignette, Figarti proudly introduces its Desert Bomb Trolley (DAK-007) with two shirtless armorers and a 500 kg bomb with a magnet that can be attached to the Desert Stuka.

    MSRP $289.00 Stuka DAK-006
    MSRP $129.00 Trolley

    With the Eastern Front triggering images of brutal, freezing winter battlefields, Figarti Miniatures is proud to offer “Winter ISU-152” (EFR-021) in winter white camouflage. Nicknamed the “Zveroby” or “Animal Killer” by Soviet tank crews, the ISU-152 with its 95 lb. shell was one of the few Russian Tanks capable of blowing apart Panthers, Tigers and Elefants, Done the Figarti Way, this massive tank comes with a soldier wearing the baggy and poorly fitting Russian winter smock with attached mittens.

    MSRP $249.00

    New Caesar Miniatures (1/72 scale)
    (May 21, 2013)

    sku product price
      Hard Plastic sets, Assembly required  
    7711 WWII German Infantry 1943 Makes 16 Figures 12.95
    7713 WWII German Africa Corps Infantry Makes 16 Figures 12.95
    7714 German Panzergrenadiers (Winter Greatcoat East) Assembles 16 figures 12.95
    7715 WWII German Panzergrenaidier Makes 16 Figures 12.95
    7716 German Panzergrenadier (Normandy 1944) Assembles 16 Figures 12.95
    7717 WWII German Panzergrenadier (Camoflauge smock) Makes 16 figures 12.95
      Soft Plastic Sets  
    H077 WWII German Soldiers with Tank Riders 34 Figures 11.95
    H082 Counter Terrorist Elite Forces 30 Figures 11.95
    H086 Dismounted Crusaders 34 Figures 11.95
    H087 European Medieval Knights 11.95
    H088 European Medieval Foot Soldiers and Arrhers 34 figures 11.95

    What a week!
    (April 19, 2013)

    It has been a wild week in the Boston area. The Marathon Bombing, the end to the man hunt, the Red Sox on a winning streak and the power out in Malden on Friday.

    We would like to thank all the people involved with the Marathon for a great job responding to the injured. Our thoughts are with all those who were affected. We would also like to thank all the branches of law enforcement who were involved in the bizarre week in Boston.

    As the man hunt hunt went on Friday, all the power went out in Malden around 11:30Am for 20 minutes or so. Obviously we were a little concerned.

    Anyways I would like to thank all of the people who stopped in the store this week during the Chaos!


    This week we received...

    the new Ancient Greeks from First Legion Ltd.

    Game and Model re-stocks

    The Collector's Showcase and Del Prado Re-stocks

    and a lot more!

    Come down for a visit and buy local!

    W.Britains 2013
    (March 31, 2013)

    We have just finished updating all the new W.Britain's products for 2013.


    Check out the many Limited Edition's. Call or email to pre-order your set's today!

    John Jenkins Designs Spring 2013 Releases
    (March 31, 2013)


    JJCLUBSET-15 Roger's Servant, Battle on Snowshoes 39
    JJCLUBSET#16 English Travelling Blacksmith’s Forge, The Raid on St. Francis, 1759 80
    BGC-10 WWI British Hanger Facade--4 pieces 115
    REP-05 Polikarpov I-16, CM-023 w/Frank Glasgow Tinker--1st Escuadrilla de Moscas, May 1937--single figure 198
    1812M-05 U.S. Marine Marching, 1814--single figure 39
    1812M-05N U.S. Marines Marching, Box Set #1, U.S. Marine Corps, 1814--four metal figures 136
    BGC-11 Painter, British Ground Crew--three pieces 39
    BGC-03A Crewman for Rolls Royce Armoured Car, Royal Naval Air Service, 1914--single figure 26
    GGC-11 German Pilot and Telescope--Spanish Civil War--two pieces 48
    SRN-06 British Naval Brigade Sailor Defending--single figure 39
    PFL-05N French Line Infantry 66th Line, 4th Company, Fusilier Marching Box Set #1--four figures 136
    PFL-05B Fusilier Marching (brown pants), 66th Line, 4th Company, French Line Infantry, 1807--single figure 40
    PFL-05W Fusilier Marching (white pants), 66th Line, 4th Company, French Line Infantry, 1807--single figure 40

    NOW IN STOCK  (APRIL 10, 2013)

    February News....
    (February 25, 2013)

    February News.....

    Well we have certainly been getting our fair share of snow the last couple of weeks! \

    New Products....

    Figarti Miniatures

    Very Limited Stock, most were sold on pre-order.
    Get them before they are gone!!!

    German JU87 Stuka - Battle of Britain Version 

    Item Number: ETG-084

    Price: $289.00


    German Winter JU87 Stuka 

    Item Number: ETG-089

    Price: $289.00

    Expeditionary Force ( 1/32 scale Plastic Soldiers)


    54ACW-CSCAV American Civil War Confederate Cavalry--Gray Plastic--9 mounted figures in 3 poses 24.99
    54ACW-CSDRG American Civil War Confederate Dismounted Cavalry Dragoons--Gray Plastic--9 Figures in 3 poses 14.99
    54ACW-CSINF American Civil War Confederate Infantry--Gray Plastic--9 Figures in 3 poses 14.99
    54ACW-CSSART American Civil War Confederate Artillery--Gray Plastic 24.99
    54ACW-USART American Civil War Union Artillery--Blue Plastic 24.99
    54ACW-USCAV American Civil War Union Cavalry--Blue Plastic--9 Mounted Figures in 3 poses 24.99
    54ACW-USDRG American Civil War Union Dismounted Cavalry Dragoons--Blue Plastic--9 Figures in 3 poses 14.99
    54ACW-USINF American Civil War Union Infantry--Blue Plastic--9 Figures in 3 poses 14.99

    Read more »

    Open New Year's Day!
    (December 29, 2012)

     The store will be open

    New Year’s Day

    January 1st 2013

    12-5 PM

    Merry Christmas
    (December 25, 2012)

    We just want to wish a Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate the Holiday.


    Enjoy your day with family and friends and thank you for your patronage throughout the year.

    King and Country January releases just announced
    (December 04, 2012)

      King and Country - January Releases!  
    CR003 Crimean Wars British Infantry Kneeling Firing--single figure 45.00
    CR004 Crimean Wars British Infantry Standing Firing--single figure 45.00
    CR005 Crimean Wars British Infantry Pointing Corporal--single figure 45.00
    CR006 Crimean Wars British Infantry Drummer Boy--single figure 45.00
    CR007 Crimean Wars British Infantry Loading Rifle--single figure 45.00
    CR008 Crimean Wars British Infantry Advancing with Rifle at the Port--single figure 45.00
    CR009 Crimean Wars British Infantry Advancing Forward--single figure 45.00
    CR010 Crimean Wars British Infantry Crouching with Rifle and Bayonet--single figure 45.00
    CR011 Crimean Wars British Infantry Marching to the Front--single figure 45.00
    EA066 British Desert Dingo Armoured Car 155.00
    EA078 British Valentine MK III Tank 209.00
    EA079 Attacking Officer with Revolver 43.00
    EA080 Sergeant Tommy-Gunner, Advancing 43.00
    EA081 Lying Prone British Bren Gunner 43.00
    EA082 Lying Firing Rifleman, British Tommy 43.00
    EA083 British Tommy Charging w/ Rifle and Bayonet 43.00
    EA084 Standing British Tommy Firing Rifleman 43.00
    HK213 God of Fortune 64.00
    LAH166 SA Drum Major (Brown Shirt) 45.00
    LAH167 German S.A. Trumpeter (Brown Shirt) 45.00
    LAH168 German SA Drummer (Brown Shirt) 45.00
    MK097 Saracen Sergeant-at-Arms, signaling the troops 45.00
    MK098 Advancing Saracen Cross Bowman 45.00
    MK099 Charging Saracen Spearman 45.00
    MK100 Advancing Saracen Spearman 45.00
    MK101 Kneeling Saracen Spearman 45.00
    MK102 Mounted Saracen Officer 109.99

    Thomas Gunn December Releases Announced
    (November 09, 2012)

    Thomas Gunn Miniature - December Releases

    SS044 Opel Blitz Medical Truck Normandy and Desert, 120 being made with RRP to customers of $135.
    SS049 Nebelwerfer in Normandy, Winter and Desert. 120 of the Normandy/winter available and 100 of the Desert. We made less Desert because as you all know its not as popular as the other two. However the Desert will look equally at home on a Western front dio due to the Germans paining all hardware from 1943 in a dark yellow colour scheme.Therefore you can use this selling point with customers hopefully in order to get multiple sales!
    Comes with 1 launcher and 4 rockets, RRP $45.
    SS050 Nebelwerfer Crew figure with rocket, once again in Normandy, Winter and Desert with 100 of each available, RRP of $31 due to the simplified paint scheme of each figure.
    NAP021 Marching Grenadiers in Imperial Guard livery for the A version, B version French line infantry wear grey coats and Shakos and C version wear brown coats with Shakos. To keep costs lower we have put 2 figures in each box as we figured most collectors would buy multiples of these for their dio. We have been asked many times for French troops in greatcoats so hopefully these will hit the right button for your customers. Not only that we have reduced the size of these figures (photo attached to prove it!) so that they will also sit nicely with K&C or CS figures in the same dio. There are only 65 sets available (2 figures per set) for each version with a RRP of $64 for the set. No doubt some customers who bought the slightly larger firing Imperial Guard are going to mention these new figures will not match their current Imperial Guard. However our argument is are you really going to mix and match a firing line with a marching line? I think overall the reduced size will mean more sales for everybody as we know the size was an issue, although some collectors did seem to prefer it.

    The Collector's Showcase - September Releases
    (November 01, 2012)

    Now in stock, November 1st Update

      The Collectors Showcase  
      All New September Releases  
      New World War II Sets  
    TCS00573 SdKfz 222 Normandy and 1 figure 155.90
    TCS00574 SdKfz. 222 Winter with 1 figure 155.90
    TCS00575 SdKfz. 222 DAK with 1 figure. 155.90
    TCS00640 M5 Stuart Tank Normandy--2 Crew and close hatch option included. 165.90
    TCS00641 M5 Stuart Tank Winter--2 Crew and close hatch option included. 165.90
    TCS00655 Panzer Lehr R75 with 2 figures. 129.90
    TCS00656 Panzer Lehr Firing--2 figure set 67.90
    TCS00657 Panzer Lehr Advancing--1 figure 34.95
    TCS00658 Panzer Lehr Officer--single figure 34.95
    TCS00659 Panzer Lehr Nebelwerfer Set--2 figures and weapon 129.90
      New Agincourt Sets  
    TCS00598 Henry V 39.90
    TCS00599 English Standard Bearer Sir John Codrington 39.90
    TCS00601 French Defender Jean II, duc d'Alencon 37.90
    TCS00602 French Sword Swing Guillaume de Saveuse. Sir d'Inchy 37.90
    TCS00604 English Lance Rider--Roger, Lord de la Warr 79.90
    TCS00605 English Charging--Richard, Lord Grey of Wilton 79.90
      New 12.5 inch Statue  
    TCS00671 Herman Goering--1/6th scale metal statue 165.00 

    The Collector's

    King and Country 2012 November Releases
    (October 04, 2012)

      KING and Country - November Releases 2012  
      World War I - Australian Light Horse at Beersheba  
    AL039 The Charger - Australian Cah 99.00
    AL040 Goodbye Old Girl 99.00
    AL041 Officer w/ Pistol 42.00
    AL042 Standing Firing 42.00
    AL043 Standing Loading w/ Rifle & Bayonet 42.00
    AL044 Lying Firing w/ Rifle & Bayonet 42.00
      World War II - Battle Of The Bulge (Americans)  
    BBA054 The M4A3E8 Easy-Eight SHERMAN 205.00
    BBA061 GI Kneeling Loading Rifle 44.00
    BBA062 Standing Firing Rifle 44.00
    BBA063 Advancing BAR Gunner 44.00
    BBA064 Advancing Radio Man 44.00
      Napoleon in Egypt   
    NE018 Standing Guides Officer 43.00
    NE028 Camel Cavalier w/ Musket 119.00
    NE029 Camel Cavalier with Baggy red pantaloons 119.00
    NE030 Camel Cavalier w/Rifle Across 119.00
    NE031 The Leader 119.00
    NE032 The Bugler 99.00
      World War II - Germans - Werhmacht, Waffen SS  
    WS211 Unteroffizier w/ Schmeisser  (Junior officer) 45.00
    WS212 Kneeling Ready 45.00
    WS213 Kneeling w/ Ammo Box 45.00
    WS214 Wait! 45.00
    WS215 Just Looking, 2 Germans  89.00
    WS220 The Winter Tiger 1 215.00

    Hobby Bunker Games Day Aug. 18th - Aftermath 8/21
    (August 21, 2012)

    added 8/21.....Hobby Bunker after action report...
    Overall we had a great Games Day this past Saturday. We had over 40 people playing games and dozens of other gamers stopped by to see what they were missing!

    We even had the Mayor of Malden, Gary Christenson rolling dice!

    Everyone had a blast and the last game wound down by about 10PM. With the 15mm WWII Italians barely holding on to keep the Greeks off the hills!

    The Hobby Bunker in association with Boston Trained Bands is hosting a
    miniatures game day on Saturday August 18, 2012.
    The Bunker will be open for gaming until 10 PM*.

    There will be 3 gaming sessions throughout the day. The first session starts at 10AM

    Please check www.bostontrainedbands.com for more information about the upcoming
    games day.

    Examples of past Years Games:A Napoleonic Battle, BTB's Historicon 2010 PELA
    award winning Battle of The Dunes 1658, 19th Century Indian Wars, Flames of War,
    Blackpowder, Micro Armor, Hail Caesar 28mm, and DBA!

    For More Information Please Contact
    Richard Claydon: charles@bostontrainedbands.com or 781-291-9905

    Store Information
    matt@hobbybunker.com or 781-321-8855
    Hobby Bunker Games Day

    *Closing time may vary depending on turnout/games being played

    King and Country - August/September Releases
    (August 21, 2012)


      King and Country - August/September Releases  
      World War II - D Day'44 (Americans)   
    DD180 Universal Jeep 155.00
    DD182 Shouting SGT 42.00
    DD183 D-Day Machine Gun Team 85.00
    DD184 GI - Standing Firing Rifle 42.00
    DD185 Advancing w/ Rifle & Bayonet 42.00
    DD186 GI- Kneeling w/ Rifle & Bayonet 42.00
    DD187 GI -Kneeling Pointing 42.00
    DD188 GI with Rifle & Grenade 42.00
      China - Streets of Old Hong Kong  
    HK203 Musical Trio 159.00
      China - The Imperial Collection  
    IC047 Chinese Banner Type 1 27.00
    IC048 Chinese Banner Type 2 49.00
    IC049 Soldier with Spear 41.00
    IC050 Soldier with Knife 41.00
      Berlin'38 Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler  
    LAH156 Brown Shirt Hitler 1933 42.00
    LAH169 New Headquarter's Building 199.99
      Sons of Empire - Indian Army  
    SOE024 Skinner Horse Flagbearer 115.00
    SOE025 Skinner Horse Bugler 99.00
    SOE026 The Scout 99.00
      World War II - Germans - Werhmacht, Waffen SS  
    WS196 Rommel in France 1940 45.00
    WS200 Walking Officer 45.00
    WS201 Marching MG 34 Gunner 45.00
    WS202 Gunner's Ammo Carrier 45.00
    WS203 NCO w/ Binos 45.00
    WS209 Sd. Kfz. 222 Armoured Car Early Way (Gray) 155.00 

    King and Country July 2012 New Releases
    (July 10, 2012)

      king and country  
    AG009 Alexander The Great 109.00
    AG010 Greek Charging Forward with Sword--single figures 49.00
    AG011 Attacking Greek Swordsman--single figure 49.00
    AG012 Slashing Greek Swordsman--single figure 49.00
    DD178 British Major-General Percy Hobart--single figure 43.00
    FW114 Albatros DV (Uffz. Paul Baumer) 235.00
    FW115 Albatros DV (Ernst Udet) 235.00
    HK203 The Musical Trio--three Hong Kong Musicians 159.00
    MK090 Mounted Knight Hospitaller--single mounted figure 112.00
    MK091 The Treasure Seeker--single Hospitaller Man-at-Arms 45.00
    MK092 Boris le Batarde--single Hospitaller Man-at-Arms with flag 55.00
    MK093 The Trumpeter--single Hospitaller Man-at-Arms bugler 45.00
    MK094 Marching Bannerman--single Hospitaller Man-at-Arms with flag 55.00
    MK095 Marching Man-at-Arms--single Hospitaller with polearm 43.00
    MK096 The Happy Man-at-Arms--single Hospitaller Man-at-Arms with polearm 43.00
    RAF041 Humber Heavy Utility - RAF Version 179.00
    RAF042 British Spitfire Mk. IX 259.00
    RAF043 British Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid V.C.--single figure 42.00
    RAF044 British Air Vice Marshal Arthur "Bomber" Harris--single figure 42.00
    RAF045 RAF Airfield Tractor 119.00
    RAF046 RAF Airfield Starter Cart Set 75.00
    RAF052 RAF Dispatch Rider--motorcyclist 99.00
    RAF053 British Wing Commander J.E. Johnnie Johnson--single figure 42.00

    New Thomas Gunn July 2012
    (July 10, 2012)

      thomas gunn miniatures  
    sku product price
    ATW005A Into Action - set of 3 U.S. Paratroopers, 101st Airborne 95.00
    ATW005B Into Action - set of 3 U.S. Paratroopers, 82 Pathfinders 95.00
    ATW006A 30 Cal Gunner - 101st Airborne w/ Mohican haircut 32.99
    ATW006B 30 Cal Gunner - 82nd Airborne 32.99
    NAP018A 95th Rifles, kneeling firing with hat 33.50
    NAP018B 95th Rifles - kneeling, firing 33.50
    NAP019A 95th Rifles - kneeling, cocking rifle, w/ Shako hat 33.50
    NAP019B 95th Rifles - kneeling, cocking rifle, w/ head wound 33.50
    SS039A German SdKfz 234/2 Puma (Normandy Version) 139.00
    SS039B German SdKfz 234/2 Puma (Winter version) 139.00
    SS047A Tank Crewman (wearing SS cap) 32.00
    SS047B Tank Crewman (Russian-style hat) 32.00

    Thomas Gunn - In stock
    (June 07, 2012)

      Thomas Gunn Miniatures  
    NAP011A 95th Rifles Quick Reload (Shako hat)--single figure 33.50
    NAP011B 95th Rifles Quick Reload (bonnet)--single figure 33.50
    NAP012A 95th Rifles Standing Firing (Shako hat)--single figure 33.50
    NAP012B 95th Rifles Standing Firing (no hat)--single figure 33.50
    NAP013A 95th Rifles Running Forward (Shako hat)--single figure 33.50
    NAP013B 95th Rifles Running Forward (bonnet)--single figure 33.50
    NAP014A 95th Rifles Sergeant Shouting (Shako hat)--single figure 33.50
    NAP014B 95th Rifles Sergeant Shouting (no hat)--single figure 33.50
    NAP015A 95th Rifles Bugler (Shako hat)--single figure 33.50
    NAP015B 95th Rifles Bugler (bonnet)--single figure 33.50
    NAPS016A 95th Rifles Corporal Looking Forward (Shako) 33.50
    NAPS016B 95th Rifles Corporal Looking Forward (Shako) 33.50
    NAPS017A 95th Rifles Kneeling Ready 33.50
    NAPS017A 95th Rifles Kneeling Ready (shako) 33.50
    NAPS017B 95th Rifles Kneeling Ready (bonnet) 33.50
      World War II  
    SS039A German SdKfz 234/2 Puma (Normandy Version) 139.00
    SS039B German SdKfz 234/2 Puma (Winter version) 139.00

    The Plastic Soldier Company - Now in Stock!
    (May 15, 2012)

      The Plastic Soldier Company  
      Now in Stock!  
      1/72 scale  
    WW2020001 1/72nd Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform $16.99
    WW2020004 1/72nd Russian Heavy Weapons $16.99
    WW2G20001 1/72nd Russian 45mm anti tank gun $18.99
    WW2020005 1/72nd German Heavy Weapons Late War $18.99
    WW2020002 1/72nd Late War British Infantry 1944-45 $16.99
    WW2020003 1/72nd Late War German Infantry 1943-45 $16.99
    WW2V20001 1/72nd Easy Assembly Russian T34 76/85 $18.99
    WW2V20002 1/72nd Easy Assembly German Panzer IV Tank $18.99
    WW2V20004 1/72nd Easy Assembly Sherman M4A1 75mm Tanks $18.99
    WW2V20005 1/72nd Easy Assembly Sherman M4A1 76mm Wet Tank $18.99
    WW2015001 15mm Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform $27.99
    WW2015002 15mm Late War German Infantry 1943-45 $27.99
    WW2015004 15mm Russian Heavy Weapons $24.99
    WW2015005 15mm Late War German Heavy Weapons $24.99
    WW2V15001 15mm Russian T34 76/85 Tanks $25.99
    WW2V15002 15mm Easy Assembly German Panzer IV Tank $25.99
    WW2V15003 15mm Easy Assembly German Sdkfz 251 Ausf C Half track $25.99
    WW2V15004 15mm Easy Assembly U.S. Sherman M4A1 75mm Tank $25.99
    WW2V15005 15mm Easy Assembly German Stug III F8/G Assault Gun $25.99
    WW2V15006 15mm Easy Assembly U.S. Sherman M4A2/A3 Tank $25.99
    WW2V15007 15mm Easy Assembly German Sdkfz 251 Ausf D Half track $25.99
    WW2V15008 15mm Easy Assembly Sherman M4A1 76mm Wet Tank $25.99
    WW2V15009 15mm Easy Assembly German Panzer III F, G and H Tank $25.99
    WW2V15011 15mm Easy Assembly Sherman M4A4 and Firefly Tanks $25.99
    WW2V15012 15mm Easy Assembly German Panther Tank $26.99
    WW2028001 28mm Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform $27.99
    WW2028002 28mm Russian Heavy Weapons $24.99
    WW2G28001 28mm Russian 45mm anti tank gun $18.99
      Decal Set  
    DEC1501 15mm Decals for 1st SS Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1502 15mm Decals for 2nd SS Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1503 15mm Decals for 3rd SS Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1504 15mm Decals for 5th SS Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1505 15mm Decals for 12th SS Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1506 15mm Decals for 9th SS Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1507 15mm Decals for Panzer Lehr Division $8.99
    DEC1508 15mm Decals for Gross Deutschland Division $8.99
    DEC1509 15mm Decals for 2nd Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1510 15mm Decals for Herman Goering Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1511 15mm Decals for 21st Panzer Division (Normandy) $8.99
    DEC1512 15mm Decals for 10th SS Panzer Division $8.99
    DEC1513 15mm Decals for Guards Armoured Division $8.99
    DEC1514 15mm Decals for 7th Armoured Division (Normandy) $8.99
    DEC1515 15mm Decals for 11th Armoured Division $8.99
    DEC1516 15mm Decals for 4th Canadian Armoured Division $8.99
    DEC1517 15mm Decals for 1st Polish Armoured Division $8.99

    (May 14, 2012)

    The Hobby Bunker in association with Boston Trained Bands is hosting the third annual miniatures game day on Saturday August 18, 2012 at 33 Exchange Street Malden MA. If you are interested in running a game please submit the following information by July 21, 2012. We will have a morning, afternoon and evening session.
    Table size:
    Thanks for your continued support of this event.
    Richard Claydon
    Boston Trained Bands
    email: charles@bostontrainedbands.com

    New K&C in stock!
    (May 01, 2012)

      April 2012 Releases  
      Now in Stock!  
    RAF038 V for Victory! - Prime Minister Churchill - single figure $45.00
    RA025-3 Soviet T34/76 (3A POAHHY!) - SOLD OUT $199.00
    RA025-2 SOVIET T34/76 (#25) $199.00
    RA025-1 Soviet T34/76 (#23) $199.00
    RA021 Red Army Soldier Standing Firing - single figure $39.00
    RA020 Red Army Soldier Lying Prone - single figure $39.00
    RA019 Red Army Soldier Running - single figure $39.00
    RA018 Red Army Soldier Firing from Waist - single figure $39.00
    RA017 Red Army Soldier Charging - single figure $39.00
    RA016 Shouting Red Army Officer - single figure $39.00
    LOJ019 Roman Auxiliary on Standing Horse - single mounted figure $95.00
    LOJ018 Roman Auxiliary on Drinking Horse - single mounted figure $95.00
    LAH165 Pre 1933 SS Honour Guard w/ Rifle - single figure $39.00
    LAH164 Pre 1933 SS Man Marching w/ Rifle - single figure $39.00
    LAH154 SS Dog Handler - single figure with German Shepherd $49.00
    LAH153 SA Honour Guard w/ Rifle - single figure $39.00
    LAH152 SA Man Marching w/ Rifle - single figure $39.00
    BR089 Charging Fusileer - single figure $39.00
    BR088 Marching Fusileer #3 - single figure $39.00
    BR087 Marching Fusileer #2 - single figure $39.00
    BR086 Marching Fusileer #1 - single figure $39.00
    BR085 Marching Officer - single figure $39.00
    BR084 Marching Fifer - single figure $39.00
    BR083 Marching Drummer - single figure $42.00

    New Thomas Gunn Sets Now in Stock!!
    (April 30, 2012)

      Thomas Gunn - 1/30 scale  
      Now in stock!  
    NAP007A Imperial Guard Kneeling to repel Blue Trousers - A version - single figure $34.00
    NAP007B Imperial Guard Kneeling to repel Tan trousers and bandage - B version - single figure $34.00
    NAP008A Imperial Guard Standing Repel Blue trousers - A version - single figure $34.00
    NAP008B Imperial Guard Standing Repel Cream trousers - B version - single figure $34.00
    NAP009A Imperial Guard Standing Reload (Ball) Blue trousers - A version - single figure $34.00
    NAP009B Imperial Guard Standing Reload (Ball) Grey trousers with no hat - B version - single figure $34.00
    NAP010A Imperial Guard Standing Reload (Ramrod), Blue trousers - A version - single figure $34.00
    NAP010B Imperial Guard Standing Reload (Ramrod), Tan trousers - B version - single figure $34.00
    PARA008 Tank Riders Part 2 - British Para - A version - two figures $64.00
    COMM005 Tank Riders Part 2 - British Commandos - B version - two figures $64.00
    ATW003A House Party Part One - 101st AB - A version - two figures $64.00
    ATW003B House Party Part One - 82nd Airborne Pathfinders - B version - two figures $64.00
    SS034A Hetzer Normandy - A version $145.00
    SS034B Hetzer Winter - B version $145.00
    SOV001 Soviet Hetzer w/Russian tank rider officer - call for availability $175.00

    New Figarti Just In!
    (April 17, 2012)

      Figarti Miniatures - 1/30 scale  
      Now in Stock!  
    ETG-069 Panzer IV Ausf. D $219.00
    RMG-011 Mediterranean BF 110 $299.00

    New Paragon Scenics & Miniatures Now in Stock!
    (March 15, 2012)

      Paragon Scenics & Miniatures - 1/32 scale  
      Now in Stock!  
    PS006FB Mounted Cavalry set #3 Medium Blue - 6 unpainted figures in 6 action poses on 6 TSSD Horses* $24.00
    PS006FLB Mounted Cavalry set #3 Light Blue - 6 unpainted figures in 6 action poses on 6 TSSD Horses* $24.00

    New W.Britians now in
    (March 13, 2012)

      W.Britains - 54mm  
      Now in stock!  
    31124 Confederate Infantry Kneeling Ramming No.1 - single figure $30.00
    31125 Union Infantry in Sack Coat At-The-Ready No.2 - single figure $30.00
    31126 Union Infantry in Sack Coat Charging No.5 - single figure $30.00
    31127 Union Infantry in Sack Coat Charging No.6 - single figure $30.00
    31130 Confederate Standing in Reserve At Right Shoulder No.1 - single figure $30.00
    31131 Confederate Standing in Reserve Resting Musket No.1 - single figure $30.00

    King & Country January Releases Now In
    (January 27, 2012)

      King & Country
    Now in Stock
    LW045 Franz von Werra's Me 109 $229.00
    FOB078 Prisoner & Escort - two figures $78.00
    FOB076 Tommy on Guard - single figure $39.00
    FOB071 Standing Bobby - single figure $39.00
    EA074 Dead Afrika Korps - single figure $39.00
    EA073 Aussie w/Rifle at the Trial  - single figure $39.00
    EA072 Bringing Up Supplies - A Digger and his pack mule - single figure with mule $79.00
    EA071 Aussie on Guard  - single figure $39.00
    EA070 Aussie Advancing w/ Rifle - single figure $39.00
    EA069 Aussie Bren Gunner - single figure $39.00
    EA068 Aussie Sergeant w/ Tommy Gun - single figure $39.00
    EA067 Aussie Officer w/ Binos - single figure $39.00

    FREE SHIPPING* on domestic orders over $100.00!
    (January 05, 2012)

    We're now offering FREE SHIPPING* on domestic orders of $100.00 or more until Further Notice. Offer good on domestic orders (within the USA) only.

    Please enter coupon code FREE100 when ordering online or mention this offer in your mail or phone orders.


    You need to enter the code to get the discount. **Beginning 1/5/2012 if you do NOT put in the code we will no

    longer refund the $7.00 charge.

    Offer does NOT apply to orders under $100.00

    This offer does not apply to

    • Playsets
    • B&T Products
    • Super Sale Items
    • and other certain over size items

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    (November 24, 2011)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    The physical walk in store is closed today. The internet is open for business!


    The store will be open Friday at 10AM and regular hours throughout the weekend.

    Happy Veterans Day
    (November 11, 2011)

    On behalf of everyone at Hobby Bunker we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Veterans Day. Without all the brave men and women who fought, served, and gave their lives for our freedom we would not have much of a hobby. So enjoy your day off from work and time with your loved ones, but keep in mind who we celebrate today

    New W.Britains now in stock
    (November 08, 2011)


    20091 Zulu uMcijo Regiment Throwing Spear #1 - single figure $28.00
    20092 Zulu uMcijo Regiment Stabbing with Assegai #1 - single figure $28.00
    31100 Union Infantry 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves Officer #1 - single figure $30.00
    31106 Union Infantry 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves Color Sergeant w/National Colors #1 - single figure $48.00
    31107 Union Infantry 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves Drummer #1 - single figure $30.00
    31109 Union Infantry 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves - Vivandiere Mary Teb - single figure $30.00
    31113 Union Infantry 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves Advancing at Ready #2  - single figure $30.00
    31114 Union Infantry 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves Kneeling Firing #1 - single figure $30.00
    31093 Union 28th Massachusetts Irish Brigade Flagbearer - single figure $40.00
    36069 French 3rd Lancers Trooper on Rearing Horse No.1 - single mounted figure $70.00
    36072 French 3rd Lancers Bugler No.1 - single mounted figure $70.00
    36073 French 3rd Lancers Guidon Bearer No.1 - single mounted figure $76.00


    Join us at the 46th North East Toy Soldier Society Show & Sale!
    (October 14, 2011)

    Join us this Sunday October 16th, 2011 from 9am-3pm  for the 46th Annual North East Toy Soldier Society's Toy Soldier Show & Sale at the Holiday Inn Select in Woburn, MA


    ·        A $6.00 donation is appreciated; children under 12 are FREE with a paying adult.

    Come and see dozens of dealers from all over the Northeast. This show features the Grand Ballroom FULL of toy soldiers and related items! There will be Antique and Contemporary Toy Soldiers of all Periods including the following: Civilian, Farm, Zoo, Hunt, Railroad Figures, Cowboys, Indians, Knights, Christmas Figures, Marching Bands, Military Miniatures, Plastic Figures, Playsets, Miniature Gardens, Books, Uniforms, War Movies, Badges, Artillery ,Vehicles and more including famous makers such as W.Britains, Elastolin, Mignot, Marx and others

    Holiday Inn Select 15 Middlesex Canal Park Woburn, MA 01801 www.holidayinnselect.com/woburn

    Contact: Matt Murphy (781)321-8855

    ***Hobby Bunker will be attending***

    Directions: From 1-90 head North to Exit 35 Rt. 38, go around the rotary to the third turn. Turn right at the first set of lights onto Middlesex Canal Park Road. The hotel is on the right., From 93 take 1-95 South to exit 35.

    Check the Hotel’s website for info on a Complimentary Shuttle service available from Anderson Regional Station and Wilmington Station

    We're back from OTSN
    (September 28, 2011)

    The OTSN Chicago Toy Soldier Show is over.

    Now the fun part, sorting everything out!

    We brought home many new products that were released at the show. New TSSD, Paragon Apaches and CTS GI's #2 in stock. We also have a handful of the new Figarti Miniatures, John Jenkins Designs and
    Thomas Gunn in stock

    Join us at the 31st Annual Chicago Toy Soldier Show September 25, 2011
    (September 13, 2011)

    31st Annual Chicago Toy Soldier Show 2011 / Hyatt Regency Woodfield, Schaumburg, IL 60173

    Chicago Toy Soldier Show 2011
    Our Next Show is September 25, 2011
    10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

    Hyatt Regency Woodfield
    1800 East Golf Road
    Schaumburg, IL 60173

    Admission: $8.00, ages 12 and under free with an adult
    Early Admission: $30 entry at 7:00am with the vendors

    ** Hobby Bunker will attend **

    New King & Country Just In!
    (August 24, 2011)

      Now In stock!  
    AE043 Egyptian Woman Carrying Water - single figure $33.00
    AE040 Egyptian Court Official - single figure $33.00
    AE039 Cleopatra and Her Handmaidens - three figures $105.00
    MK083(SL) "The Duel" (Robert the Bruce & Henry de Bohun) - two mounted figures $199.00

    Hobby Bunker Games Day Saturday August 27, 2011
    (August 15, 2011)

     Thanks to all the game masters who provided great looking and fun games.


    The Hobby Bunker in association with Boston Trained Bands is hosting a miniatures game day on Saturday, August 2011. A whole day of strategic games of historical battles from the 1650's to Modern Period recreated with miniatures soldiers. The rules for each game will be taught and beginners are welcome. Hundreds of miniature soldiers will be arrayed on fantastic scale models of historic battles, the outcome will be decided with strategy and dice.

    The Bunker will be open for gaming until 10 PM*.


    Morning 10:00 am 2:00 pm

    Spitfire vs. Spitfire, on Fire! 1949

    Zombie Revenge on the Road to Hanghai

    Not so quite on the Western Front. 1916

    AK-47 Republic

    Red Coats in Saint -Domingue 1794

    Capture the Spy 1944

    The Little Bighorn, June 25th, 1876

    Afternoon 3:00 pm-7:00 pm

    Anglo Dutch War in New England 1650

    Wherever the Bugles are Blown NWF

    Caldero 1805

    Battle of Bukoba June, 1915

    Battle of Olustee 1864

    Zombie Revenge on the Road to Hanghai

    For More Information Please Contact
    Games:Richard Claydon: charles@bostontrainedbands.com or 781-291-9905
    Store Information: matt@hobbybunker.com or 781-321-8855


    The Collectors Showcase Now In!
    (August 03, 2011)

      The Collectors Showcase
    Now In Stock!!!!!
    TCS00467 M8 Greyhound Winter $165.00
    TCS00466 M8 Greyhound Normandy $165.00
    TCS00525 Wittmann Crew 4/figs $130.00
    TCS00524 Tiger Tank Winter w/2 figs - Winter $179.00
    TCS00523 Tiger Tank Wittman w/2 figs - Normandy $179.00
    TCS00503 French Carabinier Attacking - single mounted figure $72.00
    TCS00502 French Carabinier Wounded - single mounted figure $72.00
    TCS00501 French Carabinier Officer - single mounted figure $72.00
    TCS00500 French Carabinier Flagbearer - single mounted figure $72.00
    TCS00499 French Carabinier Shooting - single mounted figure $72.00
    TCS00498 French Carabinier Bugler - single mounted figure $72.00
    TCS00497 French Carabinier Slashing - single mounted figure $72.00
    TCS00496 French Carabinier In Pursuit - single mounted figure $72.00
    TCS00544 Celt Advancing--two figures $65.90
    TCS00543 Roman Wounded--one figure $33.00
    TCS00542 Celt Slashing--one figure $33.00
    TCS00541 Wounded Celt--one figure $33.00
    TCS00540 Roman Slashing--one figure $33.00
    TCS00539 Romans Advancing--Two Figures $65.90
    TCS00538 Roman Command Set -- Three figures $99.00

    New Web site just launched!
    (June 29, 2011)

    Well it's been over a year in the works but we have finally went live on the new website! We will working out any kinks in the next day or so. If you notice anything wrong with any products or pictures shoot us an email at matt@hobbybunker.com.


    Some of the key features are:

    1). Customer Accounts - You can now store your address, etc. Payment info however will not be stored.

    2). Product Search - this will work much better

    3). Better Graphics and Visual look

    4). For the most part everything is very similar we just think we made it even easier to find what you are looking for

    5). In the works - we will be making a few more minor changes, any feedback is welcome

    New W.Britains Now in Stock!
    (June 24, 2011)

    W.Britains - 54mm

    These sets now in Stock!

    20075 Ox Wagon--one wagon $76.00

    20082 Ox Wagon Barricade with Mealie Bags Underneath - 2 piece set $90.00

    51007 WWI Shell Holes--6 piece set $26.00

    51008 WWI Tree Stumps--5 piece set $26.00

    48520 Coronation Coach--1 piece set - smaller scale $30.00

    51005 18th-19th Century Small Barn - 6 piece set $150.00

    51006 WWI Barbed Wire Section - 3 piece set $44.00

    51009  WWI British Gun Emplacement - 6 piece set $130.00

    New John Jenkins Designs Now In!
    (May 17, 2011)

      May 2011 Releases Now In!  
    QF-22 Regiment De Languedoc Officer With Regiment Standard - single figure $60.00
    GDH-08 Gordon Highlanders 2 Figures At The Ready - two figures $68.00
    RRB-03   The Blacksmith  single figure anvil and horse (3 pc) $88.00
    TIC-21 42nd Regiment of Foot  2 Grenadiers March Attack  two figures $77.00
    COND-03 T-26 Light Tank (2pcs) $169.00

    New Plastic 1/32 and 1/72 Releases
    (February 23, 2011)



    1/72 Scale

    Caesar Miniatures

    now in stock!


    HB01 Panzergrenadiers Kharkov HB02 Panzergrenadiers Ardennes HB03 WWII Panzer Tank Crews
    H091 15th Century European Knights
    $10.00 Each
    Classic Toy Soldiers  Now in stock!
    1/32 Scale Plastic
    CTS170A GIís 16 figures in 8 poses (green) $19.95
    CTS170B GIís  16 figures in 8 poses (tan) $19.95



    Happy New Year from Hobby Bunker!
    (December 17, 2010)


    Happy New Year from Hobby Bunker


    Here are our holiday hours


    Dec 22nd 10am-8pm
    Dec 23rd 10am-8pm
    Dec 24th 10am-6pm
    Dec 25th CLOSED
    Dec 26th 10am-6pm
    Jan 1st 12pm-6pm
    Jan 2nd 12pm-5pm

    Can't find what you want or don't know what to buy?


    • Looking for painted metal toy soldiers? We recommend King & Country or W.Britains which are two of our most popular brands.
    • If you like WWII highly detailed vehicles, try Figarti. We also have many other quality sets from several other makers.

    Looking for Plastic soldiers?

    • For 1/32 scale (which are about 2 �" tall) try Conte Collectibles and Toy Soldier of San Diego or if you are looking for more affordable and popular items try B.M.C Toys, Billy V Toys and Supreme Playsets.
    • For 1/72 (about 1" tall) Try Caesar Miniatures or Hat Industrie.
    • Die Cast Military Toys For a variety of scales and high quality we recommend Forces of Valor, which makes WWII and Modern Vehicles and Aircraft.
    • We also stock a complete range of Model Kits and Hobby Supplies as well as Wargames, Boardgames and other related items in the store.

    These W.Britains Figures Now In!
    (December 13, 2010)

    These W.Britains Now in!
    20081 British Natal Mounted Police Standing Firing #1-single figure $25.00
20083 British 24th Foot At-The-Ready #1-single figure $25.00
    20056 British 24th Foot Colour Sergeant Bourne-single figure $25.00
    31061 Union Cavalry Trooper Dismounted Kneeling Firing #1 $25.00

    31064 Union Cavalry Trooper Dismounted Advancing #1--single figure $25.00
    31071 Union Cavalry Guidon Bearer Dismounted #1--single figure $32.00
    31058 Union Infantry Brigade Advancing #2-single figure $25.00
    31059 Union Infantry Iron Brigade Advancing #2 - single figure $25.00
    18022 American Continental Line Standing Firing #1 - single figure $20.00
    20079 Zulu War British Accessory Set #2--12 piece set $27.00

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    (November 23, 2010)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. We hope everyone enjoys a great time to relax with family and friends and give thanks for what we have. I would also like to give my thanks to all in the Armed Forces for doing what they do so we can do what we do.

    Anyways Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    The Hobby Bunker is CLOSED Thursday, November 25th, 2010


    Shows this weekend!
    (November 18, 2010)

    Shows this weekend! See you there!

    Michigan Historical Collectibles Show at the Madison Place Hall, Madison Heights, MI The Largest gathering of historical and military collectors and enthusiasts in the Midwest!23rd Semi-Annual Detroit Toy Soldier & Figure Show, 6th Semi-Annual Iron Brigade Militaria Show, 15th Michigan Historical Miniature Show, with Activities & Demonstrations
    Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 20-21, 2010
    Sat. 9:00am-4:00pm
    Sun. 10:00am-3:00pm $6.00 per family for all three shows!
    Madison Place Hall, 876 Horace Brown Dr., Madison Heights, MI 48071
    info: 248-586-1022

    The 12th Annual Pennsylvania Toy Soldier, Military & Miniature Figure Show & Sale at the Shearton Bucks Country Hotel, Langhorne, PA

    The 12th Annual Pennsylvania Toy Soldier, Military & Miniature Figure Show & Sale at the Shearton Bucks Country Hotel, 400 Oxford Road, Langhorne, PA
    Sunday, November 21st, 2010
    $5.00 admission, children under 10 FREE with adult
    info: 201-342-6475

    Long Island Miniature Model Show at the Freeport Recreation Center, Freeport, NY

    Long Island Miniature Model Show presented by the Long Island Historical Miniature Collectors Society
    Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010
    Admission: $7.00, Children under 12 FREE
    Freeport Recreation Center, 130 E. Merrick Rd., Freeport, NY 11520
    Model Kits, Modeling Supplies, Toy Soldiers, Militaria, Books, Wooded Bases, and Raffles
    info: 516-379-4464

    Check out these New Releases!
    (November 10, 2010)

    John Jenkins Designs
    December 2010 Releases



    BCHGUN-02 British Brass 24pdr Gun - 3 pieces $40.00
    GDH-05 Gordon Highlanders Back on your feet son - two figures $62.00
    JR-20 Highlander Charging with Lochaber Axe - single figure $35.00
    BM-26 44th Regiment of Foot British Line Infantry 2 Casualties - 5 pieces $58.00
    ACE-01 Fokker DR1 425/17 JASTA 11 21 - April 1918 $198.00
    TIC-07 42nd Regiment of Foot Figure Firing#2 - single figure $35.00
    TIC-06 42nd Regiment of Foot Figure Firing#1 - single figure $35.00



    King & Country 1/30 Scale

    December 2010 Releases

    AL014 Mounted WWI Australian Leaping Lighthorseman - single figure $79.00
    AL015 WWI Turkish 77mm Artillery Set $145.00
    AL016 Mounted WWI Australian Lighthorseman Firing Rifle - single figure $79.00
    AL017 The Rescue - Two WWI Australians $64.00
    AL018 WWI Australian Kneeling Firing Rifle - signle figure $32.00
    AL019 WWI Turkish Officer w/ Flag $45.00
    AL020 WWI Australian & Turkish Fighting Duo - two figures $64.00
    AL026 Mounted Aussie Flagbearer - 1 figure carrying modern Australian National Flag $85.00
    BBG035 German Flak 41 88mm Gun $199.00
    BBG036 Flak 41 88mm Gun Commander - single figure $35.00
    BBG038 Flak 41 88m Gun Crew Set No. 1 - One standing Shell Loader and a standing gunner $69.00
    BBG044 Bastogne Signpost $19.00
    BBG045 Malmedy Signpost $19.00
    BBG046 Flak 41 88mm Gun Crew Set No. 2 - One kneeling Shell Handler and another gunner $69.00
    SP045 Corner Shop House - A typical French corner Boulangerie shop $189.00

    Thomas Gunn Miniatures 1/30 Scale

    Late November 2010 Releases



    SSW005B HMG Anniversary Set - 2 gunners manning MG34 & officer - 3 figures - Spring 1945 $95.00 - Almost sold out (Set SSW005A is sold out) - call us at 781-321-8855 to order or be placed on wait list
    Para002B The Sentries - 2 figures - Desert $56.00
    Para002A The Sentries - 2 figures - Normandy $56.00
    Para001B The Crossing - 3 airborne personnel in a dingy - Desert $89.00
    Para001A The Crossing - 3 airborne personnel in a dingy - Normandy $89.00
    ACCPack002 Rubber Dinghy w/oars and 3 crates $32.00

    The 28th Annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show & Sale
    (October 29, 2010)

    The 28th Annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show & Sale! at the Rothman Center, Fairleigh Dickson University, Hackensack, NJ 

    Sunday, October 31, 2010


    Admission:$6.00 Children 12 & under FREE

    Millions of Antique & Collecible Toy Soldiers, Militarty Mniatures, Miniature Civilian Figures, Railroads, Christmas, Zoo, Farm, Diecast, G.I. Joe & Action Figures, Over 300 Vendor Tables of Antique and Collectible Toys.

    info / 973-831-8900

    NETTS Toy Soldier Show & Sale - 10/24/2010
    (October 11, 2010)

    NETSS Toy Soldier Show and Sale

    Sunday, October 24th, 2010
    Calling all Toy Soldier Collectors!  Make your plans now to attend the 44th North East Toy Soldier Society?s Toy Soldier Show, at the Marriott Boston Burlington, One Mall Road, Burlington, MA, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sunday, October 24th, 2010.
    Come and see dozens of dealers from all over the Northeast. This show features the Grand Ballroom FULL of toy soldiers and related items! There will be Antique and Contemporary Toy Soldiers of all Periods including the following: Civilian, Farm, Zoo, Hunt, Railroad Figures, Cowboys, Indians, Knights, Christmas Figures, Marching Bands, Military Miniatures, Plastic Figures, Playsets, Miniature Gardens, Books, Uniforms, War Movies, Badges, Artillery ,Vehicles and more including famous makers such as W.Britains, Elastolin, Mignot, Marx and others

    The East Coast Figure Artists will be teaching free figure painting lessons, giving painting demos, and hosting a FREE ?paint & take?, take home your own painted plastic figure for FREE (kids and all ages welcome).

    There will be wargaming demos in the lobby run by two local wargaming clubs.   

    A $6.00 donation is appreciated; children under 12 are FREE with a paying adult.

    The NETSS is a non-for profit club
    Directions: Conveniently Located off Exit 33 on Route 95.
    From Logan International Airport: Take 1-93 North to 1-95 South (Rte. 128 South) to Exit 33B. Precede straight thought the traffic light. Hotel is on left. www.burlingtonmarriott.com .
    Public Bus available from Alewife Station (Red Line)
    The next NETSS show will be held on Sunday, March 27th, 2011 at the same location. For more info, check out www.hobbybunker.com/events

    New Figarti Miniatures 1/30 Scale German Railroad!
    (October 06, 2010)

    New from FIGARTI MINIATURES.....



    all new 1/30 Scale German Railroad!

    Answering the wishes of many collectors, Figartiintroduces its "Reichsbahn" Line to recreate the WWII German Railway system tasked with moving material and personnel through the German Reich and conquered territories. The showpiece is the massive 78cm "br 52 Locomotive" (ETG-033) in the striking black livery with contrasting red wheels, a single engineer and section of track. All the railway track is metal hand spiked to real wood ties. Later in there will be several figure sets and add-ons to go with and put on the train cars. We have a small batch of items on hand with some more arriving next week. We will have the rest of the shipment arriving in November. Only 70 of each piece will be imported to the US. Reserve yours today by phone or email matt@hobbybunker.com



    So here is what will be available to go on our accompany the "Reichsbahn"

    ETG-012 V-2 Rocket 1945 $169.00
    ETG-056 Extra Railway Track $69.00
    ETG-048 Passenger Wagon $199.00
    ETG-047 Low Goods Wagon $159.00
    ETG-042 Water Column $99.00
    ETG-041 Track Barrier $119.00
    ETG-037 Light Flatcar Wagon $179.00
    ETG-036 Boxcar Wagon $209.00
    ETG-035 Gondola Wagon $199.00
    ETG-034 Flatbed Wagon $199.00
    ETG-033 BR 52 Locomotive $499.00 **
    ETG-032 Karl Morser Railway Carrier $399.00 **
    ETG-031 Karl Morser IV Loader $229.00
    ETG-030 Karl Morser 54 cm $399.00  **

    **Additional Shipping may apply to these items.

    Here are a few more 1/30 Scale German Pieces available for order

    ETG-001 German Jagdpanzer IV L70 $199.00

    ETG-014 Tri-camo Flak 88 $269.00

    John Jenkins Designs Warehouse Finds!
    (September 14, 2010)

    We recently received a few retired John Jenkins Designs warehouse finds. 

    Very limited quantitites.
    Call us at 781-321-8855 for up to date availability.
    SRR-10 Fight & Flight, Major Robert Rogers and Woodland Indian, 2 figures - RETIRED $62.00
    USCH-09 Officer with Regimental Colours (11th Regt) - RETIRED $39.00
    BM-12 British Captain Robert Orme, Mounted w/Sword - RETIRED $58.00
    BAL-01 Civilian Wagoneers (2) - Add-on to BAL-02 - RETIRED $56.00
    QHL-003  Fraser Highlander Light Infantry set # 2 - 2 Figures Skirmishing  - RETIRED $52.00
    QF-05 French Regiment de La Sarre, Line Infantry Marching (3)  - RETIRED $69.00
    SWI-03 Woodland Indians- 2 Figures Skirmishing - RETIRED $54.00

    New Figarti Iraq War sets now in!
    (August 10, 2010)

    IRQ-007 More USMC Artillery Support Figures - two figure set $62.00
    IRQ-006 EOD: Reporting Status - two figure set $62.00
    IRQ-005 EOD: Ready with extinguisher - two figure set $69.00
    IRQ-004 M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank $239.00
    IRQ-003 USMC M198-155mm Medium Howitzer $239.00
    IRQ-002 M1134 Stryker ATGM $219.00
    IRQ-001 EOD: Careful! - two figure set $62.00

    Paragon Scenics & Miniatures - now in!
    (July 30, 2010)

    Paragon Scenics & Miniatures - now in!

    Manufacturing Plastic 54mm, 1/32nd Scale Toy Soldiers for Toy Soldier Collectors and Enthusiasts.
    PS001FLB U.S. Cavalry Set #1 (Dismounted) - 12 unpainted figures in 6 action poses - Light Blue $17.00
    PS001FB U.S. Cavalry Set #1 (Dismounted) - 12 unpainted figures in 6 action poses - Blue $17.00
    PS002FBU Apaches Set #1 - 12 unpainted figures - 6 action poses - Buckskin $17.00
    PS002FC Apaches Set #1 - 12 unpainted figures - 6 action poses - Cream $17.00

    Hobby Bunker Games Day August 28, 2010
    (July 27, 2010)



    The Hobby Bunker in association with Boston Trained Bands is hosting a miniatures game day on Saturday August 28, 2010.

    The Bunker will be open for gaming until 10 PM* with BYOB and dinner after 6 PM.

    FREE parking in the parking garage across the street from the HB on weekend



    Specific Times: Boston Trained Bands will be running a Napoleonic Battle in the morning followed by Historicon 2010 PELA award winning Battle of The Dunes 1658 in the afternoon.

    Throughout The Day: GHQ Micro Armor both WWII and Modern, along with Wings of War WWI aerial combat and DBA ancient battles will be available for gaming all day.

    Other games masters and/or clubs are welcome to present their games.


    Please use the contact information below to book a table.


    For More Information Please Contact



    Richard Claydon: charles@bostontrainedbands.com  or 781-291-9905 and Austin Mitchell: conventioninfo@bostontrainedbands.com


    Store Information

    Matt Murphy: matt@hobbybunker.com


    * Closing time may vary depending on turnout/games being played



    New Figarti WWII Russian sets now in!
    (July 17, 2010)

    New Figarti WWII Russian sets now in!



    EFR-002 76.AT gun with 4 man crew - Panzer Killer $215.00

    EFR-004 JSU-152 - the "BEAST"! $219.00

    EFR-005 Forward! two Russians advancing with officer - 3 figure set

    Hobby Bunker will be open Sunday, July 4th!
    (July 01, 2010)

    Read more »

    Historicon is this weekend!
    (June 21, 2010)

    JUpcoming Show 

    HISTORICON 2010 "Pike and Shot" at the Valley Forge Convention Center located in Valley Forge, PA. This weekend!

    Thursday-Sunday, July 8-11, 2010
    HISTORICON 2010 will take place at the Valley Forge Convention Center located in historic Valley Forge, PA. http://www.vfconventioncenter.com  
    HISTORICON is the historical miniatures gaming convention in the United States. Each year, thousands of avid gamers descend on what the New York Times has described as the "mother of all wargaming conventions." There will be hundreds and hundreds of games, the world's biggest wargame hobby shop, painting events and much, much more. Don't miss the fun! Make plans now to attend HISTORICON 2010 July 8-11, 2010. Be there!
    *Hobby Bunker will attend, see you there!

    W.Britains Open House with Richard Walker
    (June 14, 2010)

    Saturday, June 19th, 2010
    Hobby Bunker
    33 Exchange Street
    Malden, MA 02148
    Tel: 781-321-8855
    W. Britain General Manager, Richard Walker, will be on hand to hear what new figures collectors would like to see made, talk about the latest releases, and provide insight into where the venerable company is headed.  Richard has been collecting toy soldiers for over forty years, starting with W. Britain, of course, and also casts and paints his own figures.  In keeping with the W. Britain tradition of hands on management of the company (W. Britain senior and his sons did many of the original sculpts), Richard has pinch hit from time to time as a master painter for W. Britain, with the Redcoats and American Civil War collections being two of his favorite subjects to paint.   Please do not miss this wonderful opportunity to talk about toy soldiers and collecting ? collectors ages 3-100+ are encouraged to attend.
    Any W. Britain sets purchased from Hobby Bunker on the day of the event will receive a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by Richard Walker.  These certificates are available only to those who attended the event on June 19, 2010.
    A free W. Britain plastic toy soldier for the first 50 children under 10 to attend.
    W. Britain Door Prizes valued at $100!
    Special Preview of new W. Britain figures for 2010
    Light Refreshment will be provided.
    Join the W. Britain Collector Club and receive your 2010 figure and member pack the same day!

    Heart of the South Toy Solider Show, VA this Sat!
    (June 03, 2010)

    The Heart of the South Toy Soldier Show at the Annandale VFD Community Center, Annandale, VA

    The Heart of the South Toy Soldier Show
    Saturday, June 5th, 2010
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm
    Admission: $5.00, children under 10 are free with paying adult

    At the Annandale VFD Community Center, 7128 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003

    Directions: Rt. 495 (Western Spur) to Littel River Turnpike Exit. Go East 7 lights to John Marr Drive, turn left & go to light (Columbia Pike) & turn left, go 1/2 block, site is on the right.

    See you there! 


    Happy Memorial Day
    (May 28, 2010)

    On behalf of everyone at Hobby Bunker we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Without all the brave men and women who fought, served, and gave their lives for our freedom we wouldn't have much of a hobby. So enjoy your cookouts and time with your loved ones, but keep in mind who we celebrate this weekend.

    TX Toy Soldier Show this Memorial Day Weekend!
    (May 24, 2010)

    Upcoming Show


    The Texas Toy Soldier Show at The Historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX
    Saturday, May 29th, 2010
    TSSD's 4th Annual "The Texas Toy Soldier Show" Expanded hours by request Saturday Mat 29th - 9:00am until 4:00pm Sunday MAY 30th - 10:00am until 3:00pm ( subject to change ) The "1,000 Person 'ALAMO' Challenge"!! We will count every single person that enters as a visitor to the show - men, women & children! If we reach 1,000 "patrons" TSSD will donate $ 1,000.00 on Sunday, MAY 30th, 2010 plus any other amounts that may be donated - by you! to the Alamo for use as they see fit; maintenance, repair, expansion, etc. We will have 25% more dealers and 100+ tables! Features a new ballroom show with dealers from across the country! Including Metal & Plastic Toy Soldiers - Old & New, plus Die Cast Vechicles, Buildings, Planes, Tanks, All Historic Periods & Scales, Collectibles, Playsets, Military Art, Books, Period Reenactors and much more! The Historic Menger Hotel 204 Alamo Plaza San Antonio, TX 78205

    Figarti The Red Ball Express - just announced!
    (May 18, 2010)


    Figarti The Red Ball Express. 5 new sets just announced! These should be available in June 2010. Pre-order yours now!
    ETA-031 Keep'em Rolling! - Red Ball Highway sign & single figure $79.00
    ETA-029 Ambushed MP Jeep with 3 MP's $159.00
    ETA-019 Take Cover! - 2 figures $65.00
    ETA-018 Red Ball Mechanics - 2 figures $75.00
    ETA-016 U.S. Fuel Truck - GMC CCKW 353 fuel truck $169.00
    ETA-015 Red Ball Express - GMC Deuce and a half $199.00

    New Figarti Now In!
    (May 12, 2010)

    The new Figarti is now in! Look for more new releases after the Texas Toy Soldier Show at the end of May!


    ETA-027 M4 Sherman Crab Tank (Mine sweeper) $249.00

    ETG-010 Sd.Kfz7/1 Flakvierling $259.00

    RMA-004 Contact with Jerry - 4 figures - 3 pieces $115.00

    RMA-005 Polish 3rd Carpathian - 2 figure Mortar Team $89.00

    Upcoming Releases
    (May 06, 2010)

    Check out the upcoming releases from some of your favorite manufacturers


    King & Country
    Due in June 2010,
    New American Civil War!
    CW052(SL) President Abraham Lincoln and His Generals - 4 figures $129.00
    CW053 Brevet Major General George Armstrong Custer - single figure $32.00
    CW054 The American Civil War Photographer, Mathew Brady - single figure $35.00
    CW058 Mounted Union Maj. Gen. John Buford Jr. - single figure $79.00
    CW059 Mounted Union Guidon Bearer - single figure $85.00
    CW060 Mounted Union Bugler - single figure $79.00
    CW061 Mounted Union Officer Firing Pistol - single figure $79.00
    CW062 Mounted Union Trooper Aiming Carbine - single figure $79.00
    CW063 Confederate Prisoner and Mounted Union Trooper Escort - 2 figures $109.00
    CW064 Union Trooper Kneeling Loading Carbine - single figure $32.00
    CW065  Union Trooper Kneeling Cocking Carbine - single figure $32.00
    CW066 Union Trooper Kneeling Firing Carbine - single figure $32.00
    CW067 Union Trooper Standing Firing Carbine - single figure $32.00
    CW068 Union Trooper Firing Pistol - single figure $32.00
    LW032 Opel Maultier Flakwagen $189.00
    SP037 Battle Scarred Normandy Church facade $119.00
    Thomas Gunn MiniaturesNew Releases!
    GC003A Fight to the Death - Normandy version $30.00
    GC003B Fight to the Death - Desert version $30.00
    SS001A 7.5cm Infantry Gun and 3 Man Crew - Normany version Price TBA
    SS001B 7.5cm Infantry Gun plus 3 Man Crew - Desert version Price TBA
    SS002A 4 Man Battle Group - Normandy version Price TBA
    SS002B 4 Man Battle Group - Desert version Price TB
    BER001A & BER001C COMING SOON! Their latest range of 1/30th figures portrays Germany's paratroops as they would have appeared at official parades after 1938. These figures wear the unique parachute parade harness with early pattern smock. Each set comes with 4 figures in the same pose and are limited to 300 sets worldwide. Prices TBA
    Paragon Scenics & Miniatures 
    They will be releasing the U.S. Cavalry Set #1 & Apaches Set #1 at the Texas Toy Soldier Show at the end of May!
    Manufacturing Plastic 54mm, 1/32nd Scale Toy Soldiers and Rigid Foam Scenic Accessories for Toy Soldier Collectors and Enthusiasts. Due in late May/early June.
    PS001FLB U.S. Cavalry Set #1 (Dismounted) - 12 unpainted figures in 6 action poses - Light Blue $17.00
    PS001FB U.S. Cavalry Set #1 (Dismounted) - 12 unpainted figures in 6 action poses - Blue $17.00
    PS002FBU Apaches Set #1 - 12 unpainted figures - 6 action poses-Buckskin $17.00
    PS002FC Apaches Set #1 - 12 unpainted figures - 6 action poses-Cream $17.00
    PS004S Mountain Stronghold #2 - 18in. x 17in. x 10in. $89.00
    PS005S Defensive Position - 18in. x 20in. x 3in. $89.00
    PS006S Modular Rock Formations - Set of 3 $39.00

    W.Britains 2010 Releases. We just updated our site
    (March 23, 2010)

    We just updated our website with the upcoming 2010 releases! Including the following:
    The War Along the Nile Series - The Battle of Tamai.
    The War Along the Nile Series - The Battle of Abu Klea
    Zulu War - The Battle of Isandlwana 
    Zulu War - Rorke's Drift
    Napoleonic - Waterloo Campaign
    Napoleonic - 95th Riffles
    Napoleonic - Leaders 
    American Civil War - Medical Series
    American Civil War - The Art of War
    American Civil War - Artillery
    American Civil War - Leaders
    American Civil War - The Cavalry
    World War I

    New King & Country Now in!
    (March 23, 2010)

    King & Country

    Now in

    LAH104 Konstantin Hierl, Reich Labour Leader $31.00
    LAH105 Heinrich Himmler Relaxing on Sun Lounger $49.00
    LAH106 Eva Braun - Hitler's long-time mistress $31.00LAH107 Heydrich Standing with Hat $31.00
    LAH108 Two Sun Loungers - outdoor furniture for the patio of the Berghof $39.00
    LAH109 Baldur Von Schirach - Head of the Hitlerjugend and Gauleiter of Vienna $31.00
    LAH110 Dr. Robert Ley - Head of the German Labour Front
    FW060 WWI French Poilu General Papa Joffre $32.00
    FW061 WWI French Poilu General Foch  $35.00
    FW062 WWI French Poilu Mounted Officer $79.00
    FW063 WWI French Poilu Marching Officer $32.00
    FW064 WWI French Poilus Marching - 3 figures $95.00
    FW065 WWI French Poilu Marching $32.00
    FW066 WWI French Poilu Scout $32.00
    FW067 WWI French Poilu attending to a General's Horse $79.00
    FW068 WWI French Poilu Drum Major $32.00
    FW069 WWI French Poilu Drummer $35.00
    FW070 WWI French Poilu Bugler Marching $32.00
    FW071 Auf Wiedersen - Departing WWI German Soldat & his fiance $65.00
    FW072 Au Revoir - Departing WWI French Soldier (Poilu), his wife and baby $69.00
    FW073 Goodbye-ee - Departing Scotish WWI Soldier & his sweetheart $65.00
    SP035 The Village House $79.00
    SP036 The Wall $89.00
    SP038 Desert Palm Trees (Triple Tree Set) $59.00
    SP039 Desert Palm Trees (Single & Double Trees) $59.00

    Meet Andy Neilson from K&C at the Bunker 3/2/10
    (January 29, 2010)

     ?Meet ?n? Greet? after LA show right here at the HOBBY BUNKER!
    Collectors can come to the shop to chat with Andy C. Neilson co-founder & creative director of King & Country and a few other key members of the K&C team.
    Tentative schedule March 2nd
    Tues, 4PM ?9PM with talk/lecture at 7:30PM.
    Share ideas, provide feedback, look at samples of future releases!
    Free food and Beverages.
    Matt Murphy
    Hobby Bunker, Inc.
    33 Exchange Street
    Malden, MA 02148
    Tel: 781.321.8855
    Fax: 781.321.8866


    February 2010 Releases
    (January 13, 2010)

    John Jenkins Designs
    February 2010 releases 
    JR-16 Combat Set #3 - Highlander with 2 handed Sword and Grenadier $70.00
    SUD-03 Mahdist with Flag $52.00
    SF-07 Ensign Langy $32.00
    WISTOCK-01 Indian Village Stockade - 2 sections - 7 in. x 1 1/8 in. x 7 1/2 in. $46.00
    BCH-14 Wounded Line Infantry - 1st Regiment of Foot (Royal Scots) $56.00
    JJCLUB-SET#3 Lt. William Dunbar $34.00
    The Collector's Showcase
    February 2010 releases
    CS00382 M8 Stuart 75mm Howitzer - Winter $155.00
    CS00383 M8 Stuart 75mm Howitzer - Normandy $155.00
    CS00384 Colonel Mosby $65.90
    CS00385 Mosby Flagbearer $65.90
    CS00386 Mosby Bugler $65.90
    CS00387 Mosby Shooting $65.90
    CS00388 Mosby Attacker $65.90
    CS00389 French Guard Cannon $55.00
    CS00390 French Guard Destroyed Cannon $55.00
    CS00391 French Guard Cannon Movers - 2 Figures $59.00
    CS00392 French Guard Cannon Ramrod/Loader - 2 Figures $59.00
    CS00393 French Guard Dead and Wounded - 2 Figures $59.00
    CS00394 French Guard Commander - Single Figure $32.00
    CS00395 French Guard Igniter / Sponger - 2 Figures $59.00
    CS00396 French Guard - Ready Ammunition - Single Figure $33.00

    King & Country's New Holiday Set in stock!
    (November 13, 2008)

    King & Country's new Holiday set now shippin!

    XM008-01 "Last Christmas of the War"
    As is K&C's tradition every Yuletide Season we like to bring out a very special Christmas set. This year is no exception...
    Somewhere near the front line a couple of GI's are heating up some "K" rations. A pair of hungry Belgian kids (and their even hungrier mutt) appear out of nowhere.
    These two guys do what any other GI's would... they welcome the poor little trio and prepare to share their hot meal. In the background a ruined fireplace forms a realistic backdrop to the scene.
    Packed in its own specially-designed box this unique and heart-warming scenario makes the perfect Christmas gift or addition to a "Battle of The Bulge" collection.


    Also now in stock

    Battle of the Bulge from K&C

    BBA026 "Wounded M4 Sherman"
    A hastily snow-camouflaged Sherman stands forlorn... its right track has ran over a land mine and the results are plain for all to see... a badly damaged rear end plus a split track. Two U.S. tankers consider the problem... and ponder a solution.

    BBA027 "So, What's new... Are we winning?"
    Three GI's sit around their camp while one reads "Stars 'n' Stripes"... The GI's own newspaper. Before long the whole platoon will get the latest news...

    BBA028 "Takin' It Easy"
    While one GI rests on his ribs drinking a coke... the NCO stands wondering where he got it from!

    BBA029 "GI drinking coffee"
    Other guys might relax but some poor schmuck still has to stand guard duty... well at least this is one cold GI who can enjoy some hot coffee at the same time.

    New Plastic from Imex & Conte Spartans
    (October 13, 2008)

    We just received

    New Plastic from Imex Model Co.


    # 535 1/72 Scale Scale Mexican American War US Infantry for $10.00

    # 717 1/32 Scale Mexican Round Hat Infantry in Red - 12 in 7 Poses for $15.00

    # 718 1/32 Scale  Mexican Round Hat Cavalry in Red with Lt. Brown Horses for $16.00

                    Includes 12 Riders & Now 12 Horses Imex sent us the horses!


    NEW From Conte Collectibles

    Plastic Spartans in BRONZE and Silver are now in stock!

    all sets are $24.00 each. Until we get them on the site you can order the "red" sets and under "remarks" Tell us what color you want.


    We still have all 9 sets of red in stock as well.


    The Chicago Show Sept. 28 - Check it out
    (September 10, 2008)

    The Chicago Show is fastly approaching. We will begin our journey (1050 miles) on the 23rd.


    The actual show is Sunday the 28th from 10AM-3:30PM. Room trading usually begins on Wednesday for the early birds. We should be open in the Rolling Meadows room by Wed. afternoon.

    We will be displaying and setting up a little different this year. Do to the shear mass of products we bring every year we decided, with a little help from the chairman, to set up in the first floor just down from the lobby.

    Here is the layout...

    Location: 1st Floor - City Rooms (located across from outside courtyard and next to staircase that leads to the lower level, about half way between the lobby and the rear parking area).

    There are 3 adjoining rooms. Joining us in the city rooms....
    > Rolling Meadows - Hobby Bunker
    > Arlington Heights - Figarti Miniatures
    > Schaumberg - Aero Art - The St. Petersburg Collection

    This move worked out even better for us than we anticipated. As many of you know the hotel is going through massive renovations and it just so happens that our usual rooms on the 4th floor won't be completed in time for the show! What else..the lobby will be closed and everyone will have to enter the Hyatt through the rear of the building.

    for general information on the show go to:


    or call Don at (630) 497-1239 phone
    (630) 497-9161 fax

    Hope to see you there!

    New Product Information... Conte Plastic Spartans,
    (August 22, 2008)

    New Product Information...
    Conte Collectibles Plastic Spartans are now in Stock!
    Choose from 9 different sets molded in Red Plastic
    Each set is $24.00
    Conte Metal ? The Viking Raid (Valhalla Awaits Series)
    VA021 I Hear Ya Knockin'-Battering Ram with Two Crewmen
    VA027  Magnus the Mighty - Single MTD Figure w/his Hawk
     New Black Hawk Toy Soldiers series - "Custers Last Stand"
    *       BH-0117 - Galloping Cheyenne Shooting Arrow
    *       BH-0118 - Sioux Scalping US Cavalryman
    *       BH-0119 - Kneeling US Cavalryman Shooting Carbine
    *       BH-0120 - Wounded US Cavalryman on the Ground
    W. Britains We just received 4 New Glossy Figures from the Redcoat Series
    44002, 47000, 47001, 47002
    Arriving week of August 25th
    The Collectors Showcase
    *       Tigers at Dawn ?
    *       3 new Tiger Tanks including Michael Whittman, Arnhem Tiger and a Winter Tiger, Limited to 100 each
    *       LAH Review - 1944.  (figures & Horch Truck)
    *       For American Civil War - Berdan Sharpshooters.
    King & Country ? Fields of Battle New Releases ( Figures & 2 Vehicles)
    3 New Hobby Bunker foam Items
            A.  All new Bunker
            B.   New Landform #3
            C.  Napoleons HQ at Waterloo in 25mm Scale
    September 1st Armies in Plastic Price Increase
    On September st the retail will go from $12.00 to $15.00 per box.
    Also Toy Soldiers of San Diego has raised their Prices. We will raise the price September 1st. (Most sets will go uo $1.00 to $3.00 each.
    That's all for Now!

    The Collectors Showcase - Now taking Pre-orders
    (June 27, 2008)

    The Collectors Showcase
    All new sets due around the End of July. These are all limited items and we expect them to sell out quickly.
    Tigers At Dawn Series
    Add the new German Tiger tanks and Horch command cars to any diorama you build in 1/30 scale. TCS covered all of the WWII collectors Tiger needs with three variants to choose from: Winter Tiger, Arnhem Tiger and a Wittmann Tiger. Each model is made specifically for the 60mm scale range and includes working hatches and doors, a fully traversable and elevatable main gun as well as connoisseur painted figures included.
    All Tiger hatches open and close and are dual pivot hinged just like the originals! As an added custom bonus you get to choose old or new style roadwheels with the Arnhem or Winter Tiger. And if that wasn't enough on the early style roadwheels you can take the front bogie on or off just like the original crews did. Each unit is shipped with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity, positively 300 Tigers will be built and no more. These tanks are a robust 60mm and combine polyresin and metal parts with connoisseur paint and drybrush techniques.
    Choose from
    CS00273 Tiger Tank ? Michael Wittman      $159.00
    CS00287 Tiger Tank ? 506th Winter Version $159.00
    CS00288 Tiger Tank ? 506th Arnhem Version  $159.00
    CS00290 Horch w/Driver & W. Bittrich 9th SS   $119.00
    CS00289  Horch w/Driver & W. Bittrich LAH SS  $119.00
    Also available CS00291 Dutch Building Wall, CS00292 Dutch Building Center
    CS00284 LAH Officers, CS00285 LAH Present Arms (3), CS00282 LAH Sepp Dietrich ( stands alone or can be put in Horch), CS00283 LAH Flag Bearer
    The Berdan Sharpshooters were the scourge of the South. With their green uniforms and Spencer breechloaders they devastated Southern units with ease. This Northern unit was renown for emptying many an officers saddle and many captured Berdan Sharpshooters were executed as assassins as they were often seen as lowly combatants, ducking and shooting at will. Our limited edition sets ( limited to just 300 worldwide ) are just what you need to pepper your offensive action with devastating results. These are fine 54mm pewter castings with connoisseur style paint, ready to display.
    CS00274 Berdan Sharpshooters Firing (3)   $75.00
    CS00275 Berdan Sharpshooters loading (3)  $75.00
    CS00276 Berdan Sharpshooters Command (3) $85.00
    Just type in the stock number in our search and it it will take you right to the photos.
    or click here to view The Collectors Showcase section

    KIng & Country June Releases
    (June 13, 2008)



    JUNE 2008
    JUNE is already upon us and here I am writing ?DISPATCHES? on the 2nd of the month. Apologies boys and girls but I?ve been up in China checking out some new factories and trying to get a few good deals? not easy believe me!
                    Anyway here I am back in Hong Kong and here?s the latest?
    a)      ?Desert Transport for the Desert Fox!?
    As promised the new HORCH Command Car for ?The Desert Fox?. All 1250 of this ?Strictly Limited? piece were snapped up by dealers within 36 hours of the news of it being released! I hope all of you got what you needed.
    As stated previously? this specially-adapted vehicle comes complete with a driver? signals officer and a body-guard figure. All of these are seated (fixed) in the vehicle itself. The ?Fox? himself can either stand inside or outside the HORCH as the collector prefers.
    AVAILABILITY: Arriving this coming week!
    b)      ?The Union Forever!?
    K&C?s latest additions to our popular Civil War series. These Union Infantry are soldiers of the 83rd. Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regt. and are wearing the specially purchased French Chasseur-style uniform worn at the early stages of the War between the States.
    14 great (and useful) individual figures are available in a wide selection of action and parade style.
    CW026 ?Union Officer w/ Binos?
    CW027 ?Union Chasseur Standing w/ Rifle?
    CW028 ?Union Kneeling Firing Rifleman?
    CW029 ?Union Standing Firing Rifleman?
    CW030 ?Union Kneeling Ready?
    CW031 ?Union Standing Ready?
    CW032 ?Union Kneeling Loading?
    CW033 ?Union Standing Loading?
    CW034 ?Union Standing Ramrod?
    CW035 ?Union Advancing?
    CW036 ?Union Sergeant w/ Flag?
    CW037 ?Union Bugler?
    CW038 ?Union Mounted Officer?
    CW039 ?Thirsty Work?
    c) ?Lighting The Streets?
    HK167 ?Street Lantern Set?
    A giant decorative street lantern being painted by two skilled craftsmen.
    AVAILABILITY: In stock
    Read further to see what is retired and What is coming in July

    King & Country July Releases
    (June 13, 2008)

    King & Country


    A big bumper crop of WW2 and a nice couple of Chinese Army sets.
    a)      First the ?fighting? Wehrmacht?
    These German Army figures were originally meant to be in action in June but the transport bringing them to Hong Kong was shot up by a pair of RAF Typhoon fighter/bombers. The shipment is OK but the truck is a total ?write-off?? no news on the driver!
    WS116 ?Officer Pointing?A conscripted Police Officer giving directions
    WS117 ?Get Ready!?
    As one Wehrmacht Panzer Grenadier watches the advance of the enemy another prepares to pull the pin on his ?potato masher? grenade.
    WS118 ?Moving Forward?
    A three-man rifle section (including a Schmeisser-toting NCO) stealthily move closer to the enemy.
    WS119 ?On the Road?
    In the weeks and months following D. Day German vehicles found it increasingly difficult to move undetected along French roads. Infantry moved forwards (and backwards) by the traditional method? on foot. An NCO leads two of his riflemen to the front carrying extra ammo and weapons.
    WS120 ?Walking Machine Gun Team?
    This two-man set is a ?companion piece? to WS119.
    b) The Imperial Guardsmen? Chinese style
    Two fine sets of richly detailed and colourful soldiers of the Emperor?
    IC033 ?Chinese General Staff Set?
    A superb seated figure of a Chinese General of the Imperial Household Guard? Next to him a small table with his helmet? leaning over to advise him is one of his officers. Standing protectively over his General is the personal bodyguard carrying the richly decorated umbrella? Fantastic detail and a welcome addition.
    IC034 ?Chinese Armourer Set?
    Standing at the forge this Armourer is ?beating-out? a new sword next to him his assistant is working the bellows helping to ?heat-up? the forge. Every Army should have its Armourer?
    c)      ?ICE COLD IN ALEX?
    From 17th. Century China we journey forward to the blistering sands of the Western Desert in the dark days of 1942? with our latest 8th. Army releases? and what a great selection too!
    EA027 ?The Desert Austin K2 Ambulance?

    This is a model I personally have longed to do for many, many years? The Austin K2 Ambulance.Back in the late 1950?s a great British War movie called ?Ice Cold In Alex? came out. I saw it as a kid and loved it. It tells the story of a British Ambulance and its crew trying to escape an embattled Tobruk and cross the desert to Alexandria in Egypt. The film covers lots of their trials and tribulations on the journey? one of which is that there is a German spy among them!!!

    Anyway it?s a great flick? see it on late night telly or failing that? buy the bloody ambulance!
    This very, very British looking truck comes with a driver looking out for any land-mines.
    EA028 ?Stretcher Party?
    Two Royal Army Medical Corps stretcher bearers carry a wounded Tommy out of the battle and, hopefully, towards the ambulance? the perfect add-on to EA027.
    EA029 ?The Crusader Tank?
    Many, many 8th. Army Collectors have been requesting additional armour for the 8th Army sets? Well, here it is? ?The Crusader?. Up until the arrival of the American Shermans and Grants this was the best and fastest tank the British Armoured Regiments had. It could be unreliable but its speed often got it out of difficult situations.
    Our model is in typical 2 colour desert camo and in the markings of the 3rd. Hussars of the famous 7th Armoured Division ?The Desert Rats?. Each tank comes with a commander and a seated British Infantryman.
    EA030 ?8th Army Tank Riders?  Another great add-on! Three Scottish Infantrymen in a range of poses that can fit on the Crusader or stand off the vehicle on the ground as you prefer.

    King & Country Now in stock!
    (May 29, 2008)

    MAY 2008
            Welcome to the ?Merry Month of May? and this month?s ?DISPATCHES?? As usual a few surprises and, I hope, pleasant ones at that!
            So, here goes?
    a) ?Remember The Alamo!?
    These latest additions add extra ?depth? and detail to this series plus bring in a couple of famous personalities?
    RTA035 ?General Manuel Castrillon?
    One of Santa Anna?s generals? this mounted figure observes the action through his telescope.
    RTA036 ?Mexican Soldier with Ladder?
    Running forward this ?soldado? carries his own ladder.
    RTA037 ?Wounded Mexican?
    This poor soldier has been brought to his knees either by grape-shot or a well-aimed musket ball.
    RTA038 ?Fighting Duo #1 ? James McGee, Ireland?
    The first of these dueling doubles? the enemy are already over the wall and it?s a fight to the death!
    RTA039 ?Naval Cannon & Musket Set ? William Wells, GA & George W. Tumlinson, MO?
    Many of the artillery pieces used in the Alamo were ?dismounted? ship?s cannon? this set comes with two gunners (one wounded) and an extra Musket, satchel and powder horn.
    RTA040 ?Swinging Rifle ? James Buchanan, AL?
    Either out of ammunition or no time to reload this Alamo defender uses his weapon as a club.
    RTA041 ?Fighting Duo #2 ? Andrew Kent, KY?
    RTA042 ?Mrs. Dickinson & Daughter?
    Santa Anna spared no male survivors of the battle however he did release, unharmed, several females and children. Susanna Dickinson and her small daughter are probably the most famous.
    b) ?Classic Sherman Leads The Way?
    Among the great new WW2 releases this month is K&C?s ?Classic Sherman?. This is the 9th K&C Version of this great American Tank and the backbone of the Allied Armies armoured forces during WW2.
    DD093 ?The Classic Sherman?
    This welded hull, M4 Sherman is relatively free of battlefield clutter although it does have TWO different loads of extra supplies that can be placed on or off the vehicle as the collector chooses. This fighting vehicle also comes with two crew figures (a head ?n? shoulders driver and a half body commander) and mounts the standard early/mid war 75 mm gun.
    DD088 ?GI Tank Crew?
    3 U.S. tankers that go great with our new ?Classic? Sherman or any of our other U.S. vehicles. One standing sergeant, one kneeling NCO and one lying mechanic. Very useful!
    c) ?The Big Red One?
    Activated first in 1917 the 1st Infantry Division has seen continues action ever since? right up to the present in Iraq.
    Our boys (comprising five two-man sets) are in Normandy in June and July 1944 fighting their way up from the beach, into the bocage and beyond.
    DD095 ?The Rescue?
    One GI pulls his wounded buddy to safety.
    DD096 ?Over There!?
    A veteran NCO points out an enemy position to one of the new guys in the platoon.
    DD097 ?Two-Man Patrol?
    A sergeant with ?Tommy Gun? leads a rifleman cautiously forward? the enemy are nearby.
    DD098 ?Alive & Dead?
    A crouching rifleman approaches a dead Waffen SS trooper.
    DD099 ?I Need More Ammo!?
    While his kneeling officer provides covering fire? a BAR gunner shouts out for extra ammunition.
    SPECIAL NOTE: All of these new figures can work together or separately to form some very exciting display possibilities.
    d) ?And Now For A Little Opposition?
    Of all the artillery pieces produced by the Axis or the Allies during WW2 the ?88 is justly the most famous (or infamous).
    First designed in the latter stages of WW1 this gun was to be originally operated in the Anti-Aircraft role.
    However early successes in Poland and the invasion of France showed that it was equally useful in the anti tank mode. In fact the ?88 won its fame and laurels destroying enemy armour as opposed to enemy aircraft.
    This latest K&C version? our 5th is one of the most different?
    WS103 ?The Flak 18 (sf1.) aufZugkraftwagen?.
    This 12-ton monster mounted the 88 on an armoured half track prime mover body. Our model, one of K&C?s biggest, comes with a crew of 5 Wehrmacht artillerymen and is 3-tone camouflaged in the style of typical mid to late war European Theatre of Operations and perfect for a Normandy style scenario.
    IMPORTANT: Planned Production Number for this item is just 750 models. Order Now!

    New Figarti Miniatures WWII Releases
    (May 08, 2008)

    Figarti Miniatures
    These are all limited editions and our expected to sell out on pre-orders before they even arrive.
    Pre-order now and don't miis out.
    Here's some information on what is coming in. (expected delivery June 2008)
    Type in the SKU number into our search to view photo and to order.
    SKU                NAME                                      Scale                             S.R.P
    G2008SP     Master and Faithful Friend        1/30                             US$99.00
    G3009E         V- 2 TEST                                 1/30                             US$189.00
    G4101E         Winter Attack                            1/30                             US$99.00
    G4104E         V-2 Inspection (1)                     1/30                             US$99.00
    G4105E         V-2 Inspection (2)                     1/30                             US$99.00
    G4109E         Adjusting Launch Platform       1/30                             US$119.00
    A4062V         M274 Mule                                 1/32                             US$149.00

    May News
    (May 06, 2008)




    John Jenkins Designs ? May releases NOW IN STOCK!
    Order Now!
    BM-10    The Battle of Monongahela 1755  44th Regiment of foot,
    3 Defending Grenadiers, (3pcs)                            Limited Edition   350     Retail us$78   
    SRR-03    Battle on Snowshoes 1758.,  Scalping Set,  2 Figures Skirmishing
    (2pcs)                                                      Limited Edition 350   Retail us$56
    USCH-03   THE WAR OF 1812, The Battle of Chippawa,   5th July 1814    Scott?s Brigade
    2 Figures Standing Loading (2pcs)         Limited Edition 500   Retail us$52
    USCH-04     THE WAR OF 1812,   The Battle of Chippawa,   5th July 1814  Scott?s Brigade
    2 Figures Kneeling Loading (2pcs)            Limited Edition 500  Retail us$52
    Plus a whole range of Stockade Fences & Gates to go with the Raid on St. Francis!
    New from King and Country Now in stock!
    WS106 Hitler's Paris Visit - Staff Car   $185.00
    Hitler's Paris Visit - Staff Car, Hitler & 5 Passengers.
     An all-new, second version of our older Hitler's Staff Car.
    This upgraded, more detailed set is also larger than the first version.
    The set includes a standing, saluting Fuhrer... his personal SS driver...
    two seated Nazi officers plus two SS bodyguards (one with Schmeisser) perched
     on the back seat of the Mercedes. 
    Plus several Sets of all New early War Waffen SS German Infantry
    and an all new  Panzer I Tank!
    WS107 ?German War Correspondents?  WS110 ?Riflemen in Action?     WS111 ?Over There!?
    WS112 ?Open Fire?   WS113 ?MG34 Gun Team?WS114 ?Marching SS Officer? WS115 ?Marching SS Trooper?
    Marx Playset Company
    This is a new manufacturer of re-issued plastic figures & accessories by Marx, MPC and other popular toys that were available in playsets many years ago. Hobby Bunker is the sole distributor for these products. Some of the products currently available are 2 sets of Western Furniture, Space Furniture, Rev War Furniture & Character?s, 60mm GI?s Marching, Training Center Furniture, and Running Horses. Other items from MPC include the WWII DUKW & American Revolution Figures & Stone Fort. Currently we are making about one or two new items per month. Check our website frequently for new items.
    We also keep up with all the latest offerings in 1/72 scale from Manufacturers such as Hat Industrie, Zvezda, Miniart, Strelets  & Dragon Armour.
    Hobby Bunker, Inc. New Foam Products now available.
    HB0057   Land form - Rocky Hill #1 *.  Suitable for most scales. - comes painted "formtech" brown   $  22.00
    HB0058   Land form - Rocky Hill #2 *.  Suitable for most scales. - comes painted "formtech" brown   $  22.00

    Humbrol Paints are back!
    (April 28, 2008)

    Great news for modelers and figure painters!  After being out of production for an extended period of time, the highly popular Humbrol Paints are now available and are back in stock.  Please check under the Humbrol listing in the Manufacturers to get a complete listing of what is available.

    King and Country April Releases
    (March 04, 2008)


                        KING AND COUNTRY April Releases

    a) ?1776 American Revolution?

    BR062 ?Officer w/Telescope?,  BR063 ?Sergeant Pointing?,  BR064 ?Standing Firing?
    BR065 ?Kneeling Firing?,           BR066 ?Standing Ready?,     BR067 ?Standing Loading?
    BR068 ?Standing Drummer Boy?,  BR069 ?Marching Rifleman?,  BR070 ?Advancing Rifleman?
    BR071 ?Marching Flagbearer?,  BR072 ?Officer w/Pike?, BR073 ?Mounted Officer?
    BR074 ?Making Ready?
    b) ?Hitler?s Paris Visit?
    WS106 ?Hitler?s Paris Visit? An all-new, second version of our older ?Hitler?s Staff Car?. This upgraded, more detailed set is also larger than the first version. The set includes a standing, saluting Fuhrer? his personal SS driver? two seated Nazi officers plus two SS bodyguards (one with Schmeisser) perched on the back seat of the Mercedes. An outstanding set and a definite ?best-seller?.
    WS107 ?German War Correspondents?
    Three SS War Correspondents following the Fuhrer?s progress through Paris
    (or elsewhere). One saluting officer? one movie cameraman and? one
    ?snapper? with his favourite ?Leica?. A great little set? and useful too!
    Six different sets of individual and small groups of figures will be available?
    WS110 ?Riflemen in Action?
    WS111 ?Over There!?
    WS112 ?Open Fire?
    WS113 ?MG34 Gun Team?
    WS114 ?Marching SS Officer?
    Confident, cocky and highly dangerous this SS officer is sure of himself and his men.
    WS115 ?Marching SS Trooper?
    c) ?Remember The Alamo!?
    RTA035 ?General Manuel Castrillon?
    One of Santa Anna?s generals? this mounted figure observes the action through his telescope.
    RTA036 ?Mexican Soldier with Ladder?
    Running forward this ?soldado? carries his own ladder.
    RTA037 ?Wounded Mexican?
    This poor soldier has been brought to his knees either by grape-shot or a well-aimed musket ball.
    RTA038 ?Fighting Duo #1?
    The first of these dueling doubles? the enemy are already over the wall and it?s a fight to the death!
    RTA039 ?Naval Cannon Set?
    Many of the artillery pieces used in the Alamo were ?dismounted? ship?s cannon? this set comes with two gunners (one wounded) and an extra Musket, satchel and powder horn.
    RTA040 ?Swinging Rifle?
    Either out of ammunition or no time to reload this Alamo defender uses his weapon as a club.
    RTA041 ?Fighting Duo #2?
    The second of our ?fight to the death? doubles?
    RTA042 ?Mrs. Dickinson & Daughter?
    Santa Anna spared no male survivors of the battle however he did release, unharmed, several females and children. Susanna Dickinson and her small daughter are probably the most famous.

    King & Country December Releases
    (December 04, 2007)


    New Releases from King & Country!
    For Your Information...

    The 2007 Christmas set is sold out! Thank you for all of you that ordered one.


    MG002 ?Airborne Jeep & Trailer?
    Jeeps played an important transport role during the battle? apart from a few Gun Carriers, jeeps were ubiquitous during the battle ? recce jeeps? ambulance jeeps? radio jeeps? and, of course, hauling trailers full of ammunition and supplies.
    That?s what K&C has produced? an Airborne Jeep & Trailer complete with 2 Paras? one manning a Bren gun and the other driving. Inside the trailer are two large basket containers of supplies.
    MG017 ?Para walking with rifle?
    Classic image of a British Para making his way into Arnhem.
    MG018 ?Manning The Piat?
    2 lying prone paratroopers loading and preparing to fire the PIAT (Personal Infantry Anti Tank weapon). This was a kind of British ?Bazooka?? heavy, akward and difficult to operate.
    MG019 ?Airborne 6 pounder Anti Tank Gun Set?
    3 kneeling and crouching Paras ready to fire the A-T gun. These air-portable artillery pieces were flown in by glider and took their toll of German armour during the battle.
    MG020 ?Kneeling Firing Sten?
    A kneeling Para with his trusty MK. V Sten gun.
    MG021 ?Lying Firing Sten?
    Similar to above but in the lying prone firing position.
    MG022 ?Lying Firing Rifleman?
    As above but armed with the .303 Lee Enfield rifle.
    1B. The Desert Tiger Arrives!AK039(SL)
    ?The Tunisian Tiger?This is our 7th different Tiger in just over 10 years? and it?s the best yet!
    This brand-new model is not only the best? it?s also the biggest and earliest type of Tiger K&C has ever produced. We have produced the ?classic? early version of this armoured monster that fought in Tunisia towards the end of the Desert War.
    This K&C model comes with a complete 5-man crew? 3 of which are full body. Our fighting vehicle is in the markings of 501 Panzer Abteilung as it would have appeared in February 1943.
                    1C. ?Oh! What A Lovely War!?
    The British Expeditionary Force 1914
    FW024 ?Field Marshal Sir John French
    The original commander of the B.E.F at this early stage of the war.
    FW025 ?KOSB Officer with Map?
    An officer of the regiment attached to the General Staff? see the staff armband.
    FW026 ?Kneeling Firing Rifle?
    FW027 ?Standing Firing Rifle?
    FW028 ?Sergeant Standing Ready?
    FW029 ?Lying Loading Rifle?
    FW030 ?Lying Firing Rifle?
    FW031 ?Battlefield First Aid?
    A kneeling Medical Orderly administers first aid to a seriously wounded ?KOSBie?.
    FW032 ?Pointing Subaltem?
    FW033 ?Vickers Machine Gun Set?
    At the beginning of the Great War each infantry battalion was assigned eight Vickers Machine Guns. Here, a seated gunner is ably assisted by his ?loader?.
    HK165 ?The New Chess Players Set?
    An all-new version of an odd favourite? a man and his grand-daughter play Chinese Chess.
    HK166 ?Children at Play?
    Children doing what children do? all over the world? the HK version.

    Old Northwest Trading Co.
    (October 18, 2007)


    Latest Releases Coming from Old Northwest Trading Co.

    Release dates subject to change. We will offer competitive pricing and are now taking pre-orders.


    The Great War Series (World War I)


    "The Spring Offensive"

    Four 1:32 Scale (54mm) Pewter Figures and free Scenic Base.

    Figures can be displayed on or off base.

    General Ludendorff, commander of all German forces, realized that between the end of the British offensive of 1917 and the arrival of the Americans in the summer of 1918, the war must be won. Well aware that he didn’t have an inexhaustible supply of manpower to draw upon, his forces must be tactically proficient, brave and, above all, smart. All troops were to undergo special training. Experts and instructors combed through the ranks selecting the youngest, most fit and experienced soldiers which were formed into Sturmabteilung – Stormtroops. ...Their duty was to cross No-man's-land, bypass centers of hard resistance and, if possible, break through to attack the enemy artillery. Behind the Stormtroops were heavy battle units consisting of infantry, machine gunners, mortar teams, engineers and field artillery. This new theory of fighting was one of infiltration – the fastest, not the slowest should set the pace. If defended positions resisted too stubbornly they were to be bypassed and mopped up by forces to follow. Even tanks were to be bypassed, although their accompanying infantry were to be annihilated.

    ...Overwhelming speed and power; these then were the tactics of "Kaiserschlacht," the Spring Offensive.


    War Torn Tress

    1:32 Scale (54mm) resin scenics. Sets consist of eight pieces, tallest 6" in height. Suitable for any battlefield recreation, any time period.



    Upcoming Releases From The Old Northwest Trading Company

    Great War Series

    TGW-004 'Over There' (December 2007)

    4 Doughboys Advancing

    TGW-005 "The Hairy Ones" (November 2007)

    4 French Poilus (literally "Hairy Ones") Advancing with Scenic Base

    TGW-006 British Mark IV (November 2007)

    Metal and Polystone Tank and 2 Tommies with Scenic Base

    TGW-007 German A7V (December 2007)

    Metal and Polystone Tank and 2 German Storm Troopers with Scenic Base

    TGW-008 Captured Mark IV (December 2007)

    Metal and Polystone Tank and 2 German Infantry with Scenic Base

    TGW-S02 Shell Holes (October 2007)

    Painted Resin Scenic

    TGW-S03 Barbed Wire (October 2007)

    Painted Resin Scenic

    TGW-S04 Trench Section #1 (October 2007)

    Painted Resin Scenic

    TGW-S05 Trench Section #2 (October 2007)

    Painted Resin Scenic


    A House Divided Series

    ACW-001 "Loomis' Battery" (October 2007)

    1st Michigan Light Artillery, Battery A, Loomis' Battery

    5 Pewter Figures, Cannon and Scenic Base.

    Numbered Limited Edition reissue of 100 pieces

    ACW-004 "Of Every Thing But Victory" (October 2007)

    4 Confederate Infantry defending a fieldstone wall; scenic display base Numbered Limited Edition of 100 pieces.

    Exclusive Release Available Only from ONTC.

    ACW-005 19th c. Fieldstone Wall (October 2007)

    Limited Edition of 100 pieces to accompany ACW-004

    Numbered Exclusive Release Available Only from ONTC.



    The Old Northwest Trading Company is dedicated to producing highly realistic, historically accurate 1:32 scale (2 1/4") painted pewter figures. Close attention to detail is maintained through meticulous sculpting and authentic master painting by skilled American artisans. Each set contains an information sheet describing the units involved, clothing worn and the weapons used during their particular campaign, battle or war. Manufactured to a scale proportional with the majority of soldiers and vehicles on the market, Old Northwest Trading Company figures and accessories make a great addition to any military miniatures collection.

    King & Country October Dispatches
    (October 07, 2007)

            KING & COUNTRY
    OCTOBER 2007
    A. An additional Desert Warrior
    EA024 LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet (Camouflaged)
    As previewed previously, this is the two-tone camouflaged version of the famous LRDG 30cwt. truck. Complete with 3 original crew members, this vehicle boasts a varied armament? including a ?Boyes? anti tank rifle? a spare Bren gun and a ?Tommy-gun? toting vehicle commander.
    Availability: Mid-October
    B. RETURN TO 1914?
    From the deserts of World War Two North Africa we go back in time to the battlefields of Northern France and Belgium in the opening days of ?The Great War?. Here now are the widely anticipated ?Germans in Action? to complement our first releases of WW1 figures launched earlier this year. Although attacking they?re beginning to take casualties? 11 different ?action? poses in ten releases?
    FW014 ?Standing Firing Rifleman?
    FW015 ?Kneeling Firing Rifleman?
    FW016 ?Charging w/Rifle and Bayonet?
    FW017 ?Running w/Rifle and Bugle?
    FW018 ?Officer w/Pistol?
    FW019 ?German Machine Gun Set?
    A lying prone machine gunner ?mans? his Maxim gun. A kneeling gun commander with binos directs fire.
    FW020 ?Shot German?
    An enemy bullet finds its mark!
    FW021 ?Dead German?
    FW022 ?Standing Loading Rifleman?
    FW023 ?Kneeling Loading Rifleman?
    Availability: Mid-October


      XM007-01 ?Christmas Truce 1914?As is our custom now, every Christmas we release a ?special? set with a Festive theme relating to one of our different series. This year, 2007, with the release of the ?1914? First World War range we felt we should remember the unique ?cease-fire? that took place on Christmas Day 1914 when British and German soldiers organized an ?unofficial? cessation of hostilities to celebrate the birth of Christ. Meeting in ?No-Man?s-Land? the opposing troops exchanged simple gifts? shared each other?s drinks, rations and even played a soccer match!

    Availability: Mid-October

    We previewed these all-new sets of ?winter? Germans at this year?s show and the response was tremendous? well here?s another preview of them for you? don?t miss out!
    BBG010 ?Ski Troopers?
    Two superb German infantry mounted on skis heading into battle? could be ?The Ardennes?? could be the frozen wastes of the ?Eastern Front?? the choice is yours.
    BBG011 ?Command Group?
    One great-coated German officer reports to his superior on the tactical situation?
    BBG012 ?Radio Group?
    Two mountain troopers make their way through the winter snow? One listening intently to his back-pack radio.
    BBG013 ?Mountain Troopers?
    Another excellent 2-man set of Mountain Troopers? one carrying his skis the other with an ice pick.
    BBG014 ?Snow Patrol?
    Four camouflaged and partially camouflaged infantry trudge through the winter-clad countryside?
    Availability: Mid to Late October
    As usual we?ve got to let a few old favourites go? in order to bring a few new ones in? So, here?s the latest bunch of retirees?
    Second World War Germans
    WS038 ?MG34 Gun Set?
    WS039 ?Attack!?
    WS042 ?37mm Anti Tank Gun Set?
    WS046 ?Traffic Control?
    Allied D.Day Sets
    DD053 ?Commando Attack Group?
    DD054 ?The Beach Master Set?
    DD063 ?The DUKW Amphibious Vehicle Set?

    King & Country November Releases
    (October 07, 2007)

        King & Country November releases!

    Availability: Mid-November
    At last, the much-anticipated new British Paras are about to ?descend from the heavens? and land into the hell that was the little Dutch town called? ARNHEM? in September 1944.
    Immortalized in the book and then the movie, ?A Bridge Too Far?, K&C proudly and defiantly returns and improves on our first big World War Two Success ? ?ARNHEM?44?.
    MG001 ?The Recce Jeep?
    A two-man set sitting in a very well-armed jeep? a pair of twin Lewis guns plus a Bren gun and a whole host of fuel, ammo and supplies make this particular jeep set a ?must-have?. An additional feature of all of these new ?ARNHEM? sets is that each paratrooper is actually ?named?. Manning this recce jeep are?
    (driver) Lance Corporal Tony Neville and (gunner) Sergeant Jack Edwards.
    MG003 ?Walking Wounded?Perhaps this 2-man set should be better titled ?Carrying Wounded?? here Corporal Frank Townsend shoulders a seriously wounded Private Arthur Coates to an aid station.
    MG004 ?The Scout?A crouching Lance Corporal Pete Robinson keeps a careful eye out for the enemy? Sten gun at the ready.
    MG005 ?Patrol Leader?Private John Young silently signals a ?halt? to his men.
    MG006 ?Walking Rifleman?
    Working the bolt of his Lee Enfield rifle Private Bill Luke moves forward.
    MG007 ?Pointing NCO?
    Staff Sergeant Dave Hull gives direction to his men.
    MG008 ?Kneeling Rifleman?Down on one knee Lance Corporal John Ross readies himself for action?
    MG009 ?Kneeling Firing Rifleman?Private Eddie Davies takes careful aim with his .303 Lee Enfield.
    MG010 ?Walking Radionman?
    Headset in place? Sten gun held ready? Lance Corporal Robert Thompson advances to the front.
    MG011 ?Lieutenant with Sten Gun?
    Lieutenant Jack Bromley a para platoon leader moves forward.
    MG012 ?Standing Firing Sten Gun?
    Private Dan Maclean fires a burst from his Sten.
    MG013 ?Lying Firing Bren Gun?
    Using a couple of handy sand bags to steady his Bren, Private Keith Caldicott provides covering fire for his fellow paratroopers.
    MG014 ?Kneeling with Umbrella?
    Inspired by a character in the movie ?A Bridge Too Far? Major Harry Pope nonchalantly observes the enemy positions.
    MG015 ?Advance to contact?
    Three airborne men edge cautiously forward-- Glider Pilot Sergeant Chris Hopwood? Corporal Pete Foster with the Bren gun and? Private Eric Stanley clutching his Sten gun.
    MG016 ?Major General Roy Urquhart?
    A superb standing study of the commander of the British 1st Airborne division during the ill-fated Arnhem operation. In the movie, a fellow Scot, Sean Connery portrayed Roy Urquhart.
    Availability: Early November

            A. BBG009 ?Raupen Schlepper?The first of two tracked vehicles specially designed to accompany our ?winter? German troops released in mid October. This great little transport vehicle is a ?real beaut? and comes in an authentic ?war-weary? snow camouflage? The rear canvas canopy is removable? The driver?s cab interior is fully detailed? complete with driver? A little ammunition trailer attaches to the rear of the vehicle and? there?s an additional snow-camouflaged pointing NCO to complete the set. Great set? outstanding value!

    New Hobby Bunker Foam Products
    (September 30, 2007)

        Coming to the website this week....

    Hobby Bunker, Inc.
    New Foam Diorama Products
    Fall 2007
    HB0047           10? x 10? Destroyed Stone Building
    HB0048           5? x 5? Destroyed Stone Corner Building
    HB0049           Walled Courtyard (also fits modular with another HB0049)
    HB0050           Road Block Rubble Pile
    HB0051           3 Story Building with Pitched Roof (Stone/Stucco)
    HB0052           Destroyed 2 Story Storefront with Rubble
    HB0053           18 or 19th  Century Wedge Tent
    HB0054           ?L? Shaped Corner Rubble
    HB0055           Large Destroyed Building Row
    HB0056           Sandbag Bunker Tower

    Email problems?
    (September 05, 2007)

        Our emails to/from matt@hobbybunker.com were acting up. Our web guys have fixed the problem (SPAM filter issue). So basically the emails are coming and going alot slower. if you feel your emails did not reach us please resend. Sorry for any inconveinence this may have caused. Thanks the Bunker Gang

    Read more »

    Just Updated - Concord Books & Dragon 1/72 Armor
    (August 28, 2007)

        We just udpated our Concord Publications Section. We added about 20 new books including mostly great World War II Soft Cover books that are packed lots of B/W Photos as well as color illustrations.

    We finally updated our Dragon 1/72 Scale Armour Collection. Including a couple of dozen World War II tanks both German and Allied.

    King & Country September Releases
    (August 22, 2007)

                    New September Releases from King & Country!
    For Your Information...

    A. Britain?s Private Desert Armies
    EA017 ?Major David Stirling?
    Originally a Scots Guards officer the tall Stirling came up with the concept of small, fast moving, self supporting groups of soldiers creating death and destruction where the enemy least expected it? Behind their own front lines. Stirling wanted his men to use the desert? often under cover of darkness to strike fast and then withdraw as rapidly as they had arrived!
    EA018 ?The Watchers?
    Another major role of both the SAS and LRDG was to observe and report on enemy positions and troop movements. These could then be ?radioed? back to HQ for analysis or? action. As one of this 2-man set observes the enemy through his binos the other observes the landscape around them.
    EA019 ?The Imposter?
    Among both the SAS and LRDG were fluent German-speaking refugees from Europe. Here one of them pulls on the uniform of a captured Afrika Korps soldier whilst his mate keeps his rifle trained on the prisoner. Perhaps the German ?Imposter? is going to misdirect an enemy convoy or enter an Axis camp? the plot thickens?
    EA020 ?The Attackers?
    Sometimes action speaks louder than words? Two of our ?Free-lancers? prepare to take on the enemy.
    EA021 ?On Guard?
    Here, is the ?classic? SAS figure? arab headdress? British tropical uniform? full beard and ?Tommy Gun? at the ready.
    EA022 ?SAS Mortar Team?
    While an attack is about to go in these two SAS Mortarmen prepare to lay down a little diversion for the enemy.
    EA023 ?LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet Uncamouflaged?
    The ?Classic? image of the Long Range Desert Group is the 30cwt. Chevrolet Truck? In the beginning these were bought from the Egyptian branch of General Motors and customized by LRDG men themselves. Mounted with an eclectic array of weapons?each patrol commander decided on what he required?the trucks were kitted out with extra supplies, fuel and ammunition for forays into the desert that might last several weeks.
    EA023 comes in plain ?sand? finish and mounts two machine guns? a Bren and a Lewis Gun. A crew of three in a motley variety of British, New Zealand and Arab head dress and uniform complete the set.
    EA024 ?LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet Camouflaged?
    Another ?Chevy?, this time partly camouflaged with a pale sky blue pattern on basic ?sand? colour. This vehicle mounts a ?Boyes? anti tank rifle on the rear and also carries a ?Bren? just in case?
    Three crew accompany the vehicle and like EA023 wear the typical assortment of uniform and head gear much favoured by the Long Range Desert Group.
    EA025 ?The SAS Recce Jeep?
    The favourite mode of transport for the SAS was the Jeep, albeit heavily armed, and ready for any trouble that might come their way.
    EA017 ? EA022                           Early September
    EA023, EA025                               Mid Septembe
    EA024                                             Early / Mid October
    B. Stiff GERMAN Opposition
    AK038 ?Sturmgeschutz III (Afrika Korps)
    When we announced the release of our Fob ?Stug? we received more than a few requests for a ?Desert? version. Well, here it is, complete with our 2 tank crew in AK uniform. A great little model!
    AVAILABILITY: Mid September
    C. OTHER TIME? OTHER DESERT BATTLES?MK043 ?Mounted Saracen with Lance down?
    MK044 ?Mounted Saracen w/Lance up?
    MK045 ?Saracen Standard Bearer?
    A simply stunning, mounted flag-bearer of Saladin?s own bodyguard regiment.
    (Item image will be uploaded on our website next week)
    MK046 ?Knight w/Axe?
    MK047 ?Man-At-Arms w/Dagger?
    MK048 ?Mounted Attacking Crusader w/Sword?
    MK049 ?Mounted charging Crusader w/Lance?
    MK050 ?Gruesome Trophy Set?
    A victorious Saracen and an unfortunate Crusader opponent.
    MK051 ?Fight to the Death?
    (Item image will be uploaded on our website next week)
    MK052 ?The Bishop of Tours?
    A superb study of another fighting man-of-the-church and finally, the ?piece de resistance??
    (Item image will be uploaded on our website next week)
    MK053 ?Richard The Lionheart?
    A magnificent mounted portrait of the English monarch most closely associated with the Crusades and Crusaders. Here, he charges into battle fearing nothing but his God?
    AVAILABILITY: Mid September


    Figarti Future Releases
    (August 03, 2007)



    Here is the latest products coming down the pipeline from Figarti. You can click on any photos to enlarge them. I beleve we will see these im Malden in 4-6 weeks.

    The Collectors Showcase - NEW ACW & WWII
    (August 02, 2007)

        New Items from The Collectors Showcase shipping to the states AUgust 19th. Have you pre-ordered your sets? Only Approx. 300 sets of each will be available Worldwide!

    American Civil War

    Our new Civil War battle sets bring you to the field of Second Manassas or second Bull Run. The battle of second Bull Run was essentially an attempt at drawing Pope's army into battle. Jackson ordered an immediate attack on a Federal column that was passing straight across his front on the Warrenton Turnpike on August 28, 1862. Pope mistakenly thought he had ultimately trapped Jackson in the area of Brawner Farm. The attack was met with the largest mass counterattack of the war and Pope was crushed. Only an effective Union rearguard action prevented a replay of the First Bull Run disaster. Our new metal 54mm figure line offers a glimpse of the Confederate and Union troops on that fateful day.
    These are strictly limited edition, hand painted sets.
    There are 12 sets and Individual items currently in the range. Including Infantry Artillery and Cavalry.
    Follow this think to view the offerings:
    World War II - North Africa
    In June 1942 Erwin Rommel finally pushed the commonwealth armies out of the garrison of Tobruk in North Africa. Whilst the Germans ultimately took the garrison, it was the commonwealth troops' tenacity at defending it that took a would be German victory and turned it into a legend of Anglo compunction. The Collectors Showcase is proud to celebrate this historic battle with the release of our Tobruk 1942 60mm first release. Included in this set is the Mark I Panzer, the dreaded 88, the BMW R75, NSU Kettenrad, Rommel and Adjutant and attacking German Panzer Grenadiers.
    These are strictly limited edition, hand painted sets.
    There are currently seven sets in the range. They Include a Panzer I Tank, 88mm Gun, Crew, Kettenkrad, Rommel, Infantry and a motorcycle. Follow this think to view the offerings:

    King & Country August Releases!
    (August 01, 2007)


    New Releases from King & Country!
    For Your Information...
    A. ?Fields of Battle? STURMGESCHUTZ III
    FoB038 ?Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B? (Battle of France)
    Here?s a great little late addition to all of those July ?Fields of Battle? releases ? our latest STUG. This mark III model early war version sports the snub-nosed 75mm gun and two great crew figures. To ?accessorize? the model and make a dynamic little diorama the set also includes a French Customs barrier/sign and an unfortunate Poilu lying dead in the dust.
    B. ?Death of a Tyrant?
    One of August?s big surprises will be this dramatic set depicting the well-deserved fate of one of the Third Reich?s most feared and despised characters?Reinhard Heydrich.
    Himmler?s own right-hand man, Chief of the dreaded SD and Reichsprotektor of Bohemia Moravia, Heydrich was also one of the main architects of ?The Final Solution?. He was stalked and attacked by two very brave Czech patriots in May 1942. Although his assassination led to the deaths of many thousands of innocent men, women and children this was proof, even to the Nazis, that they were not ?invulnerable?.
    This, our first ?Strictly Limited? of 2007 depicts the actual moment of the attack on Heydrich when he was fatally injured by the bomb thrown by one of the assassins. This special set includes Heydrich himself?his SD driver?and the two brave Czech patriots Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik and a superb model of the Reichsprotektor?s Staff Car.
    Also inside the ?Strictly Limited? box is a four-page summary of Heydrich?s infamous career and important background details on the attack and its tragic aftermath.
    This particular ?Limited Edition? comprises just 999 sets.
    Here at last, the long-awaited and much-requested German Fallschirmjagers (or paratroopers).
    Almost a platoon?s worth and they?re ready for action.
    These new pieces are in the standard two-tone ?jump? uniforms of 1939-1942 and are perfect for the campaigns in the Low Countries (Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland) as well as France and, of course their most famous battle, the Capture of CRETE in 1941. These airborne troopers also fought in Greece, Yugoslavia, the Invasion of Russia, North Africa?Sicily?Italy?France and virtually every German theatre of operations. Although wearing early-mid war uniforms these continued to be worn alongside camouflage versions right up to the end of WWII.
    Here?s the set breakdown?
    FJ001-07 ?MG34 Machine Gun Team?
    A machine gunner and his ?spotter? laying down a belt of covering fire with their excellent MG34 gun.
    FJ002-07 ?Mortar Team?
    A two-man team provide mortar support with their small, portable leGrW36 weapon. This little mortar fired either a 2-inch high explosive round or a ?smoke? canister.
    FJ003-07 ?Weapons Container?
    Most German paratroopers jumped with only their personal side arm (usually a Luger or P38 pistol) as protection. Rifles and submachine guns (as well as heavier troop weapons) were dropped separately in airborne containers.
    Here, one is being unloaded and weapons distributed by a shouting Fallschirmjager.
    FJ004-07 ?FJ Bugler?
    Battlefields are, by definition, noisy and often radios don?t work so?bugles are simple and easy to operate and can be used to help gather and organize widely dispersed landing forces.
    FJ005-07 ?Returning Fire?
    A great little fighting section of 4 Fallschirmjagers in action.
    FJ006-07 ?Prisoner & Escort?
    A well-armed and aggressive paratrooper brings in his British prisoner-of-war. Could be northern France or Crete?the choice is yours!
    FJ007-07 ?Anti Tank Gun Set?
    Three FJ operate an easily air-portable 37mm anti tank gun.
    FJ008-07 ?FJ Motorcycle Combo?
    A highly mobile ?fire team? on their BMW add extra firepower to the assault. Heavier transport and equipment was ferried into the landing zone by specially adapted aircraft (JU52?s) and gliders.
    FJ009-07 ?FJ Dispatch Rider?
    Good communications are vital to any battle or campaign especially involving airborne forces?here is a typical FJ rider on his bike.

    Read more »

    New Items end of July
    (July 30, 2007)

                    Now in stock!

    ( I will be updating again with more goodies shortly)


    1/32 Plastic Soldiers



    98514 American Civil War Union Cavalry (25pcs) $ 9.99

    98515 American Civil War Confederate Cavalry (25pcs) $ 9.99

    98516 American Civil War Union & Confederate Artillery Set (20pcs) $ 4.99


    SUPREME PLAYSETS (listed under B.M.C. Toys)

    BMC27 Roman SPQR Warriors Figure Playset (16 Warriors w/Shields, 4 Horses & Weapons) $ 9.95

    BMC28 Crusaders Figure Playset (6 Crusaders w/Weapons, Rack, Cannon & 2 Horses) $ 5.95

    BMC29 Dragons & Knights Figure Playset (12 Knights w/Weapons, Shields & 2 Winged Horses) $ 5.95

    BMC30 Vikings Figure Playset (12 Vikings w/Weapons, Bow/Arrows & 4 Horses) $ 6.95

    BMC31 Vikings & Armor Playset (6 Vikings w/Weapons, 2 Horses, Crossbow Launcher) $ 6.95


    1/32 Scale Metal Soldiers

    John Jenkins Designs

    Battle on the Monongahela 1755
    Virginia Provincial Regiment of Foot
    Young Officer, (Possibly of Great Potential),
    Regiment Drummer     edition 500    Retail  $48.00              
    Battle on the Monongahela 1755
    Virginia Provincial Regiment of foot
    3 figures firing and loading   edition 500     Retail  $72.00            
    Battle on the Monongahela 1755
    Virginia Provincial Regiment of foot
    3 figures marching  edition 500  Retail  $72.00    
    Figarti Miniatures
    54mm Painted Toy Soldiers
    The latest batch is very well made and sculpted.
    US LVT(A)-1  with 20mm Cannon in stock
     $ 129.00
    US LVT 4 (Revised Paint Scheme) in stock
     $ 129.00
    For the Emperor! Marine Fires at 3 Fallen Japanese
    In stock
    The Last Banzai! Hand to Hand 3 Japanese  1 Marine ? in stock
     $  85.00
    Banzai! 3 Japanese Attack Marine ? In stock
    Navigating the Desert. British LRG Jeep w/ 2 Man Crew Standing ? In stock
    US Vietnam PBR on the Move with River Base
    Due in early August
     $ 199.00
    Pegasus Bridge - Approx. 56
    This item will be shipping shortly. We are taking pre-orders
     $ 599.00
              Just added
    The Wu Collection
    10 Mounted Figures limited to 100 figures each. The include Romans, Arabs, Russians and other unique figures.

    New Releases
    (June 27, 2007)

         Well we are into summer and it was near 100 in Boston yesterday. Time to hit the air conditioning and play with our soldiers I guess.

    Metal Toy Soldiers
    King & Country
    This Coming week we will be receiving there latest D-Day American Sets.
    Later in July there will be many additions to the WWII Fields of Battle Range as well as a handful of 1938 German Ceremonials. We also have a handful of new very limited Warbird Airplanes coming in. They are extremely detailed
    And a liitle on the price side but rare nonetheless.
    John Jenkins Designs
    Mr. Jenkins has been busy coming out with at least a few sets each month. The latest are the French Regiment de La Sarre from the Battle of Quebec and the Virginia Provincial Regiment of Foot from Braddock?s Defeat. The poses and painting on the sets is fantastic.
    Del Prado
    We are in the process of overhauling the entire range and adding new releases. The new retail price for foot figures is now $12.99 (down from $14.99).
    W. Britains
    We have just added all the releases that will be coming out through the end of the year.
    Plastic Toy Soldiers
    Toy Soldiers of San Diego
    We have the new WWII US Fire Support sets in stock.
    Weston Toy Co.
    We have the first set of Western Gunfighters in stock. 14 figures, 7 Poses, Cream color $20.00
    Hat Industrie
    We just received 7 new 1/72 Scale sets.
    21st Century Toys
    Now shipping the Second editions of the WWII German trucks? Opel Blitz truck 99345s2 in desert colors and The Mauliter Half track in Gray 99347s2. Both are 419.99 each
    Forces of Valor
    Just in 81004 US M5A1 Stuart Tank, 81311 US M3 Lee Tank (green) and the 81214 US Halftrack with Figures, 80404 German Tiger tank with figures ? All in 1/32 Scale
    We also just received in 1/72 Scale the US Halftrack with 105mm Howitzer, US LCM3 Landing Craft and a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter.

    King And Country June Releases
    (June 06, 2007)


                COMING IN JUNE...from King And Country

    A)Hitler's Wonder Weapons...

    WS100 The Fuhrer's Last Fighter
    As Germany's military situation became ever more desperate Hitler directed his engineers and scientists to come up with all kinds of "wonder weapons" and "miracle solutions" that would reverse the tides of war. One such project was the Focke-Wulf "Rammjager".
    This little jet fighter was designed to be flown by semi-skilled Hitlerjugend pilots with only the most rudimentary flying skills. They were to ram their small flying bomb into the midst of the massed Allied aerial armadas then bombing the Reich by night and day. It was rumoured that an ejection seat was provided for the young pilots to get out before their aircraft??s final explosion although this cannot be confirmed.
    Our model, WS100, comes with a special "trolley" to transport the little jet to its launch pad plus two standing Luftwaffe figures-a pilot/instructor and a saluting guard. Inside the "see through" cockpit you can also see a seated Hitlerjugend pilot.
    WS101 The Transporter
    To pull and position the trolley with its "Rammjager" jet we have a neat little Sd.KfZ252 Halftrack vehicle. These were normally used as battlefield transports to haul ammunition and other supplies to forward troops. Our model is in camouflaged Luftwaffe markings and has a "commander" half-body figure in the open top hatch.
      AVAILABILITY: Mid June
    B) "Return to Normandy...

    DD075 "The Patrol Jeep"
    A great looking set...three GI's of the famous 1st. Infantry Division "The Big Red One" and their ubiquitous 1/4 ton transport. In the front an officer sits next to his driver. Providing the "top cover" a standing GI rests on his .30 calibre machine gun.
    DD076 "Combat Photographer"
    A special "tribute" piece to Joe Rosenthal (the AP photographer who took the famous Iwo Jima photograph) and the thousands of other Allied combat photo and camera men who risked life and limb to cover World War Two and bring us so many stirring and incredible images of battle and war.
    DD077 "War Correspondent"
    The "companion piece" to DD076 is our seated at his typewriter "Ernie Pyle" War Correspondent. This terrific little figure is full of character another "tribute" to the war correspondent Ernie Pyle who wrote the classic "The Story of G.I. Joe" which was later made into a great WW2 movie starring Robert Mitchum and Burgess Meredith as Pyle himself. Sadly, Ernie was killed later in the war.
    DD078 "M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage"
    This is the first of King & Country??s KINGSIZE collection...a big, big artillery piece with no less than 5 full-bodied artillery men to man the gun.
    Mounted on a Sherman tank chassis the 155 gun was originally of French design. Adapted and improved by the U.S. Army, this heavy artillery piece saw much action in the European Theatre of Operations in the latter stages of the war.
    Our gun comes with many fine detailed features and K&C's very own battle-worn appearance. It will provide collectors with lots of extra fire support!
    DD079 "General Omar Bradley"
    The GI's General and one of Eisenhower's most steady and reliable field commanders. Bradley commanded the US 1st Army Group during and after the Normandy invasion...here he stands, hands on hips, in a typical pose.
    DD080 "General James Gavin 82nd Airborne"
    The youngest divisional commander in the U.S. Army during WW2. Gavin was only 37 at the time of the Normandy and "Market Garden" jumps. He also enjoyed a very successful post-war military and civilian career. Here, he is in parade dress, saluting.
    DD081 "At Attention"
    A proud 82nd Airborne trooper in parade dress. Looks great in multiples...
    And now here's a whole bunch of GI's...a mixture 82nd and 101st. Glider troops...all in action...and available as individual figures...
    DD082 "Kneeling Officer w/Binos"
    Leading the attack is this crouching officer checking out enemy positions 82nd. Airborne.
    DD083 "Kneeling Firing Rifleman"
    Another kneeling figure...this one putting in some well-aimed shots. 82nd. Airborne.
    DD084 "Standing Firing Tommy-Gun"
    An NCO adding a little extra fire-power to the "fire fight". 82nd. Airborne.
    DD085 "Standing Firing BAR Gunner"
    Even more fire to keep the enemy's head down! 101st. Airborne. 
    DD086 "Running Forward"
    Moving to a new location...101st. Airborne. 
    DD087 "Warning!"
    This "dismounted Glider Pilot" is sending out a pretty clear message to his buddies..."Wait!"


    NA125 "Coldstream Guards Mounted Officer"
    A Major on horseback directs his men.
    NA126 "CG Officer w/ Regimental Colour (Flag)"
    NA127 "CG Officer w/ King's Colour (Flag)"
    NA128 "Standing Firing Rifle" 
    NA129 "Standing to Repel"
    NA130 "Kneeling to Repel" 
    NA131 "Sergeant w/Pike"
    NA132 "Drummer Boy" 
    NA133 "Kneeling Firing Rifle" 
    NA134 "Standing Ready Corporal" 
    NA135 "Dead Guardsman"
    NA136 "Wounded Guardsman"

    AVAILABILITY: Early June

    IC030 "Spear Practise"
    Here, a soldier of the Emperor's own bodyguard regiment perfects his fighting skills on a straw target.
    IC031 "Sword Practice"
    Two Imperial bodyguards sword fight.

    We should have these up on our website shortly if not already listed.

    News and Future releases (Conte, TSSD, 21st Cent.)
    (May 19, 2007)

        Conte Collectibles Spartans back in Stock! Hand painted 11 different figures and sets to choose from. Conte has also just announced that they will be taking pre-orders on some new metal sets - Valhalla Awaits....Viking Raid sets. We will post more info. shortly.

    Coming soon from Toy Soldiers of San Diego

    TSSD9A - ALL 8 POSES ( 16 to a bagged set ) IN TSSD "OD GREEN" - DARK GREEN
    * $ 22.00 PER BAGGED SET ( 20 PIECES = 16 FIGURES + 4 WEAPONS )
    TSSD9B - ALL 8 POSES ( 16 to a bagged set ) IN TSSD "KHAKI/OLIVE" - MEDIUM GREEN
    * $ 22.00 PER BAGGED SET ( 20 PIECES = 16 FIGURES + 4 WEAPONS )
    TSSD9C - 4 "FIELD JACKET" POSES ( 8 to a bagged set ) IN TSSD "MARINE GREEN".
    (Designed for use with the TSSD unpainted Marines )
    $ 15.00 BAGGED SET ( 12 PIECES = 8 FIGURES + 4 WEAPONS )
    1.50 EACH


    New from 21st Century Toys Die-cast and plastic vehicles

    Item No. 99345 S2

    1:32 Scale German Standard 3-Ton Transport Truck

    Desert Tan

    Item No. 99347 S2

    1:32 Scale German Sd.Kfz. 4 Transport Halftrack

    German ?Mouse? Gray


    Late June  2007

    *Ship date subject to change without notice

    Two great Shows one great weekend
    (May 03, 2007)

        5/7/2007just added....

    I just wanted to thank everyone who attended the shows and came to the Hobby Bunker Both.

    Thanks again, Matt and the Gang


        Two great Shows one great weekend. Hobby Bunker will be attending both shows.

    May 4 & 5, 2007
    66th Miniature Figure Collectors of America
    "Valley Forge" Show
    Show Hours Friday 12-5PM, Saturday 10am ? 3pm /

    $5 Admission/under 12 free
    Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia, PA


    Sunday May 6, 2007

    East Coast Toy Soldier Spring Show

    Show Hours 9am ? 3pm / $6 Admission/under 12 free Rothman Center, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Off of Route 4 West and Hackensack Ave. South, Hackensack, NJ Contact: Vintage Castings (973) 831-8900 eMail- bill@vintagecastings.com ***We will be attending***

    Read more »

    John Jenkins Designs - NEW French & Indian War
    (April 28, 2007)


    NEW from

    John Jenkins Designs

    6 new British 47th Foot Sets





    Although the British army which was besieging the city of Quebec had around 8000 troops.

    The force that Major General Wolfe took onto the Plains of Abraham for the battle was around

    4,500 men and 1 gun.

    The Marquis de Montcalm brought to the battle a force of around 5,000 men and 3 guns.



    The 47th Regiment of foot, played a key role in the French and Indian War.

    They were under Wolfe's command at the Siege of Louisburg, and were one of the key regiments

    in the British battle line at The Battle of The Plains of Abraham.

    Wolfe was so well-respected by the men of the 47th, that to commemorate the Death of Wolfe in the battle,

    the regiment began wearing a black line in their lace and were also given the nickname




    Havoc XXIII April 27-29th, Shrewsbury, MAss.
    (April 27, 2007)

    Havoc is the premiere miniatures convention of the Northeast and has been running continuously for 22 years. Havoc XXIII will be held on Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29 at Maironis Park, Shrewsbury MA. Hobby Bunker will be displaying at the show. We will have wargaming figures & accessories, terrain, rules, books, etc. More info.... http://havoc.battlegroupboston.org/ Where... Maironis Park,52 South Quinsigamond Avenue,Shrewsbury, MA 01545

    New Conte Collectibles ACW Painted Metal Sets
    (April 01, 2007)

        All new Conte Collectibles ACW Sons of the South just added to our website.

    Here is the links


    What Conte has to say about then....


    Dear Fellow Collector,

    We have just today (3/19/07) received the first advance shipment of the much talked about & awaited Sons of the South American Civil War sets. I am extremely proud of this new range of Civil War figures...without any doubt I can assert that this range sets a new standard for us and is an exciting step forward from our already highly popular range of Civil War figures  which have depicted the "Late Unpleasantness Between the States" for the past seven years.. As great as our previous Civil War figures have been, THESE take things to the next level......

    These stalwart fellows look more like living, breathing warriors than they do toy soldiers.  My intention was to create the utmost in realism with this range and make the collector feel as though you 'are there' just moments before  the Sons of the South crash into the Union line.  Intensity, determination, pride and self assuredness is amazingly 'written' onto the faces and the body language of these figures.....as is pain when the inevitable casualties occur.. These gentlemen will give their all for Master Robert and their beloved South.

    These sets are so unique that they all have been labeled as "Signature Sets" and make their appearance in deluxe new packaging.  When you hold these fellows they might at first seem more substantial  than usual due to the extra  'heft' of the pewter in the larger than usual bases/stands.  (We've received lots of requests -ever since our Rangers/Indians series was released-- that we increase the size & detail of the bases/stands of all of our other ranges.....we've listened.

    Seven new sets numbered SOS-002 through SOS -008 are in the warehouse.  The office is calling to confirm preorders first and then will commence general shipping . If you've been waiting for these please call or email immediately as this advance shipment will sell out within the next 10 days (and then it may be over a month or more until the next batch arrives)

    These sets are the first seven of 16 new ACW sets which were premiered in prototype form at OTSN and created a general frenzy due to the incredible sculpting, enhanced painting and larger figure stands/bases.
    These sets are ALL 'fine pewter' (not less expensive white metal alloys used by many in the toy soldier world). Additional 'waves' of this series will have hand to handsets and plenty of Yankee opponents.

    The prices for these sets are slightly higher than what we've charged for past ACW offerings  due to the additional pewter used, a more intricate level of painting &  the amazing sculpting .... resulting  in heretofore unseen animation and action.

    All seven sets portray tanned, weathered (sometimes grizzled & dirty), and weary Confederate veterans in action...in the midst of any number of historic charges.  Most collectors who see these immediately conjure up images of the final moments of Pickett's Charge.

    (March 25, 2007)

        North East Toy Soldier Society Toy Soldier Show

    March 25th, 2007 - Annual Spring Show

    Holiday Inn, Dedham, MA

    Sunday, 9AM-3PM

    Contact: Matt Murphy (781)321-8855

    ***Hobby Bunker will be attending***

    Over 100 Vendor Tables showing/selling new and antique toy soldiers. Die-cast vehicles, Plastic toy soldiers and playsets, models, military books, etc.

    There will be two Wargaming demonstrations. English Civil War in 28mm and American Revolution in 54mm.

    Also Joe Farina of Farina Enterprises will be displaying several WWII 1/35 scale dioramas.

    Come join the fun!

    King and Country April 2007 Releases
    (March 13, 2007)

        King and Country upcoming April releases

    April will definitely be different this year with the launch of King & Country's entry into WORLD WAR ONE figures and fighting vehicles. Many collectors and more than a few dealers have been requesting that K&C produce WW1 figures for quite a while now. Well, it's finally happened! To be honest I've always loved this historical period and been fascinated by the many different battles and campaigns that the Great War offers to a military miniature make.
    So, K&C is going back to the beginning with "1914... The March on Paris". Our first releases are all German and are in the typical uniform style of the early war... "field gray tunics and cloth-covered pickelhaubs". These first releases are in "parade" mode... action figures will follow later. They are on their way to battle... the war is still a great big adventure... the grim reality of modern 20th century warfare is still in the distance... but not for long!

    FW001 "The Kaiser"
    Kaiser Wilhelm II... "Kaiser Bill" to the British Tommies --- dressed immaculately in his Feldmarshall's uniform surveying his troops.

    FW002 "Kaisers Aide De Camp"
    The monarch's ADC in typical relaxed pose.

    FW003 "The Crown Prince"
    "Little Willie", the Kaiser's eldest son... a military incompetent who was given, thanks to his father, a field command. He is dressed as an honorary colonel of a Lifeguard Cavalry Regiment.

    FW004 "Hindenburg"
    The fabled and imposing Paul Von Hindenburg --- one of Germany's greatest generals and future Chancellor of Germany before Hitler.

    FW005 "Mounted Officer"
    A mounted Major of the 13th Bavarian Rifles saluting.

    FW006 "Marching Officer"
    Sword drawn this officer of the 13th strides purposely onwards.

    FW007 "Officer with Flag"
    Another officer of the 13th carrying the German Battle Flag over his shoulder.

    FW008 "Bugler"
    This Drummer/Bugler marches at the head of the column keeping up the men's spirits.

    FW009 "Rifleman"
    Marching to the front confident in his cause... his officers and... his country.

    FW010 "Standing Rifleman"
    About to be inspected or on guard duty... the choice is yours.

    FW011 "Standing Officer"
    Another officer of the 13th awaiting orders...

    FW012 "Corporal Hitler"
    Although Austrian by birth Adolf Hitler eagerly joined the Bavarian Army on the outbreak of War. Personally brave he was awarded the Iron Cross and rose to the dizzy heights of "Corporal".

    FW013 "The Kaiser's Staff Car"
    A handsome open-topped, automobile complete with military driver and military police bodyguard.

    These few pieces are just the first of what K&C believe will be a very important project for collectors and dealers all over the world. Watch out for more...

    AVAILABILITY:Early April (FW001 to 012)
    Mid April (FW013)
    As if World War One was not enough K&C has a major addition to its "Age of Napoleon" figures this April... Some real "heavy metal" in the form of no less than 13 French Cuirassiers and one beautiful little "Cantiniere".
    Here they are in all their glory... stabbing... slashing... cutting their way into collections everywhere!

    NA111 "Cuirassier General"
    Wearing a plumed and feathered officers hat this senior officers puts himself in harm's way leading the charge.

    NA112 "Wounder Flagbearer"
    Carrying his Regiment's Guidon this trooper has just received a blow to the head.

    NA113 "Trumpeter"
    Sword drawn... trumpet bugle to the rear this musician prepares to fight...

    NA114 "Charging Sword Forward"
    A typical Cavalryman's action pose.

    NA115 "Falling-off Horse"
    An unfortunate trooper, his foot caught in his stirrup being dragged to his fate.

    NA116 "Advancing Forward"

    NA117 "Charging Sword Downward"

    NA118 "Advance to the Front"

    NA119 "Slashing with Saber"

    NA120 "Dead Cuirassier"
    A fallen horse and his rider... casualties of war.

    NA121 "Firing Pistol"
    A cuirassier using one of his heavy cavalry pistols.

    NA122 "Cuirassier with Saddle"
    A standing cavalryman preparing to saddle his mount.

    NA123 "Cuirassier Drinking"
    Another standing trooper enjoying a well-earned drink. Fighting is thirsty work!

    NA124 "Cantiniere"
    In Napoleonic times most regiments, both foot and horse, had ladies of the Regiment (either wives, widows or camp followers) who made living supplying wine and ale to the men. They often wore parts of military uniform along with their civilian dress.

    AVAILABILITY:Mid To Late April

    a) HK160 "The Shrine Offering"
    Another charming little set from "Streets of Old Hong Kong".
    A woman and her daughter worship at a little street side shrine.

    b) BR060 "16th Light Dragoon"
    A late edition to our earlier release of American Revolutionary War pieces. This dragoon is on foot shouting to his comrades.

    AVAILABILITY: Early April

    All new 1/32 Scale Plastic Stuff!
    (March 13, 2007)

                            The latest 1/32 scale Plastic

    Armies in Plastic

    5488 Egyptian Lancers  Mounted (White) 5 in 5 Poses 12.00
    5490 Mounted Dervishes 1881-1898 Egypt & Sudan  5 & 5 Horses 12.00
    5489/A Mounted Afghan Tribesmen- 1890  5 figures & 5 Horses(Cranberry) 12.00
    5489/B Mounted Afghan Tribesmen- 1890  5 figures & 5 Horses(Cream) 12.00
    TAD WWI British Mark IV Tadpole Tank - Green  Fully Assembled 28.00

    The Above tank is also listed under Weston Toy Co. it was produced by Steve Weston and goes great with the AIP WWI figures.

    New from TSSD (Toy Soldiers of San Diego)

    All new pre-painted figures

    TSSDUSMC US Marines - 8 in 8 Poses fully Painted 20.00
    TSSDJAI WWII Japanese Infantry - 8 in 8 Poses fully Painted 20.00

    All new Marx Western Furniture and MPC DUKW

    PL - 386      Western Hotel/Bank/Barber  Furniture(Lt. Brown  HP)                                                                  18.00
    MPC-DUK   WWII Amphibious DUKW with Accessories (10 in. Long)                                                           16.00


    King And Country March 2007 News
    (March 12, 2007)


    New Releases from King & Country!
    For Your Information...

    All new WWII German Sets

    WS087 "HALT!"
    A 2-man motorcycle combo set. Two German "Feldgendarmes" have stopped their machine to conduct a "spot check" on all passing vehicles. As the driver sits astride his bike, his dismounted partner, machine pistol at-the-ready, flags down all cars and trucks.

    WS088 "ROAD BLOCK!"
    Two more "chained- dogs" or Feldgendarmes have dismounted and are setting up an identity check of civilians.

    WS089 "Dispatch Rider"
    A single Feldgendarme on his BMW motorcycle delivering an important message.
    From two and three wheels we go to four wheels for our next examples of German WW2 transports...

    WS090 "Opel BLITZ Truck"
    This, the most famous and ubiquitous German truck of WW2 has been a long-requested item for many dedicated K&C collectors. Our first release is the "Normandy" camouflage version --- a 3 colour paint scheme typical of the late war period. A seated driver... removable rear canvas top plus rolling wheels make it a vital part of any K&C collection.

    With their chronic shortage of motorized transport the Germans were only too happy to confiscate all kinds of vehicles in occupied lands. One of their favourites was the Traction 11CV built by the famous French auto company Citroen.
    Here this little 4 door saloon/staff car is in the colours and markings of the dreaded Gestapo! An SD (Secret Police) officer and SD man closely guard a resistance suspects being taken for interrogation. Set includes a seated SD driver.

    This time our model is in Wehrmacht markings and camouflage and... has a very important passenger... Albert Speer, Hitler's favourite architect and head of Organization TODT... the party organization tasked with, among many other things, the design and construction of "The Atlantic Wall"... Hitler's chain of fortifications and obstacles stretching from Norway in the North to the beaches of Normandy in the West. Speer chats with an OT building foreman while a German General looks on. A seated driver is also included in the fully detailed car interior.

    WS093 "Standing Saluting German Officer"
    Dressed in full "fighting order", this young Wehrmacht soldier proudly gives the "regular" soldier's salute not the Nazi "Sieg Heil".

    WS094 "Standing German Guard"
    Well wrapped up in his long greatcoat this German "soldaten" with shouldered rifle is alert and ready for anything!

    WS095 "Marching German Officer"
    Striding forward this German Officer looks confident that he can handle just about any problem or situation put forward to him.

    WS096 "Marching German Soldier"
    Dressed in typical late war Wehrmacht uniform this rifleman looks even better in multiples!

    WS097 "Medical Evacuation Motorcycle Combo"
    Although short of 4-wheeled transport the Germans had a wealth of motorcycles. Here one has been specially converted to carry a stretcher and patient to the nearest first aid post.

    AVAILABILITY: Now ! ! !

    On the "Afrikan Front" there's also the release of...

    AK037 "Opel BLITZ Truck" (Afrika Korps)
    A very useful desert variation on WS090 complete with fully detailed cab interior... removable rear canopy... rolling wheels... an AK Driver and a battle-worn paint finish.

    Oh, and just in case you think it's only WW2 and only German we've also get a little package from Hong Kong.

    HK159 "The Metal Worker"
    Another superb little old Hong Kong vignette of street-life at the turn of the century. This time it's a "fixer" of broken and damaged metal ware... pots, pans, woks and all kind of knives, forks and spoons.


    South Florida Toy Soldier Show
    (February 11, 2007)

       The 13th Annual Florida Toy Soldier & Action Figure Show Sunday, February 11, 2007 9AM-4PM

    Crown Plaza, 1601 Belvedere Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33406 Admission $6.00, Under 12 $3.00, Food Available


    Hobby Bunker will be attending the show for our 9th year in a row.

    We hope some of you can make it!


    We will be displaying a nice sampling of what we carry.

    King and Country February Newsletter
    (February 11, 2007)

    New Releases from King & Country!
    For Your Information...

    1. WHAT'S New in FEBRUARY...
    The last few years has seen an upsurge in interest and collectability of the "War in the Desert"... North Africa 1940-1943... the battle between the British and the Germans and the Italians (and latterly the Americans).
    These latest releases expand and explore some lesser known aspects of this Desert War.
    SP028 "Desert Oasis Well"
    Water is the most precious commodity in the dry arid heat of the Middle Eastern desert lands and here's one solution... our K&C"Desert Oasis Well". A simple stone structure, unchanged for centuries, provides liquid refreshment for weary travellers and rampaging armies.
    This little well works equally good with Ancient Egyptians...Napoleonics... and, of course, our Crusaders and Saracens as well as Afrika Korps and 8th Army.

    AK030 "Desert Panzer II Set"
    An upgraded version of an earlier K&C release. This nifty little German tank comes with an aerial recognition flag on the rear... an AK tank commander and... 3 fighting Italian "Blackshirt" infantry in support.
    German and Italian forces in the desert had the occasional luke- warm support of some elements of the French Vichy Armed forces... in this case, their indigenous Camel Corps.

    AK031 "Vichy French Camel Corps Sergeant"

    AK032 "VF Arab Camel Corps Rider on Drinking Camel"

    AK033 "VF Arab Camel Corp on Guard"

    AK034 "VF French Officer dismounted taking a compass bearing... with sitting Camel".

    AK035 "Afrika Korps Motorcycle Combo"
    A much- requested item... Two AK riders on reconnaissance and they've spotted trouble.
    Special Note:This is a brand- new sculpted motorcycle completely different from WS74 set released in 2006.

    Finally, for this Desert War release we are releasing some badly-needed armoured forces for the British side...

    EA016 "Desert Vickers"
    Until the arrival of better armed and better armoured American alternatives Britain's Eighth Army had to make do with what was available. In this case the already obsolete Vickers MK. VI light tank. This model is a "desertised" version of our now retired FoB one and comes with 3 superb all-new crewmen figures.

    March is a bumber month for collectors of our World War Two Germans... No less than 7 different transport vehicles-motorcycles... trucks and... a staff car or two!
    Let's begin with one of our brand-new motorcycle combinations...

    WS087 "HALT!" A 2-man motorcycle combo set. Two German "Feldgendarmes"have stopped their machine to conduct a "spot check" on all passing vehicles. As the driver sits astride his bike, his dismounted partner, machine pistol at-the-ready, flags down all cars and trucks.

    WS088 "ROAD BLOCK!" Two more "chained- dogs" or Feldgendarmes have dismounted and are setting up an identity check of civilians.

    WS089 "Dispatch Rider"A single Feldgendarme on his BMW motorcycle delivering an important message.
    From two and three wheels we go to four wheels for our next examples of German WW2 transports...

    WS090 "Opel BLITZ Truck" This, the most famous and ubiquitous German truck of WW2 has been a long-requested item for many dedicated K&C collectors. Our first release is the "Normandy" camouflage version-a 3 colour paint scheme typical of the late war period. A seated driver... removable rear canvas top plus rolling wheels make it a vital part of any K&C collection.

    WS091 "GESTAPO ARREST!" With their chronic shortage of motorized transport the Germans were only too happy to confiscate all kinds of vehicles in occupied lands. One of their favourites was the Traction 11CV built by the famous French auto company Citroen.
    Here this little 4 door saloon/staff car is in the colours and markings of the dreaded Gestapo! An SD (Secret Police) officer and SD man closely guard a resistance suspects being taken for interrogation. Set includes a seated SD driver.

    This time our model is in Wehrmacht markings and camouflage and... has a very important passenger... Albert Speer, Hitle's favourite architect and head of Organization TODT... the party organization tasked with, among many other things, the design and construction of "The Atlantic Wall"... Hitler's chain of fortifications and obstacles stretching from Norway in the North to the beaches of Normandy in the West. Speer chats with an OT building foreman while a German General looks on. A seated driver is also included in the fully detailed car interior.
    WS093 "Standing Saluting German Officer"
    Dressed in full "fighting order", this young Wehrmacht soldier proudly gives the "regular" soldier's salute not the Nazi "Sieg Heil"

    WS094 "Standing German Guard"
    Well wrapped up in his long greatcoat this German "soldaten" with shouldered rifle is alert and ready for anything!

    WS095 "Marching German Officer"
    Striding forward this German Officer looks confident that he can handle just about any problem or situation put forward to him.

    WS096 "Marching German Soldier"
    Dressed in typical late war Wehrmacht uniform this rifleman looks even better in multiples!

    WS097 "Medical Evacuation Motorcycle Combo"
    Although short of 4-wheeled transport the Germans had a wealth of motorcycles. Here one has been specially converted to carry a stretcher and patient to the nearest first aid post.
    AVAILABILITY: Early March (WS087 to 089, WS093 to 097)
    Mid March (WS090 to 092)

    Also coming in March!

    AK037 "Opel BLITZ Truck" (Afrika Korps)
    A very useful desert variation on WS090 complete with fully detailed cab interior... removable rear canopy... rolling wheels... an AK Driver and a battle-worn paint finish
    HK159 "The Metal Worker"
    Another superb little old Hong Kong vignette of street-life at the turn of the century. This time it's a "fixer" of broken and damaged metal ware... pots, pans, woks and all kind of knives, forks and spoons.

    Two 18th Century items plus two more WW2 fighting vehicles... and an Ancient Egyptian one.
    American Revolution
    BR031 British Royal Artillery Gun Crew -- sold out
    AR034 Continental Artillery Gun Crew -- sold out
    Ancient Egyptian
    AE003 Chariot Set
    World War Two
    IWJ024 Japanese "Chi-Ha" Tank... Great little model that can be used in any WW2 Pacific War diorama or scenario.
    RA014 "Katyusha Rocket Launcher"
    A fixture on the Eastern Front these multi rocket launchers struck fear and terror in their German enemies whenever

    Sad news from Hong Kong
    (January 29, 2007)

        I just wanted to share some sad news. Howard, Gerard's partner at Frontline Figures has passed away this week after a hard fight with cancer.

    Howard was a great guy if you got to know him at all. He was a quiet a man but he usually opened up at the Bar in Chicago or at the West Coaster. I always enjoyed chatting with he and Gerard and was able to form a good friendship over the last 9 years. Howard will be sorely missed by all.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Howard, Gerard and everyone at Frontline Figures and their families and we are deeply sorry for the loss.

    Keep up the fight Gerard!

    - Matt

    1/27/2007 From Gerard...


    It is with deep sadness I have to report that last Wednesday Howard died

    in hospital after putting up a valiant struggle against cancer. We inHong Kong are all in shock but knew this day was inevitable.

    With Howard leaving us the company will not be the same. He contributed
    to Frontline Figures from its beginning. His master making carved (if
    you excuse the pun) a leading roll in this industry and many others have
    followed his path. Together we made masters of standards not seen in the
    industry at the time and have continued to push the limits of what can
    be achieved.

    Please understand there may be a few bumps in the road to come but I
    will continue the work both Howard and I started together.

    Best regards,

    Gerard Prime
    Frontline Figures "

    The Forum is live!
    (January 10, 2007)

    Update 1/12/2007

    We are live again. It's a start I will add new forums/categories over the next few days.



        The Forum will be up again any day! Yes there was a test forum that was posted inadvertantly and  was removed. My web guys are trying to load the old information and topics so we hopefully do not have to start from scratch.

    Anyways, I saw some of you posted and signed up already. Hopefully if everything go's well you can use your old info.

    Thanks for all the positive messages about the forum and l look forward to chatting again.

    - Matt

    Happy Holidays! General Information
    (December 22, 2006)

        We would like to take this time to wish everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!  We would like to also thank you for using Hobby Bunker for all your collecting needs. Without you we wouldn't be here!

    Store Hours:

    Saturday 12/23 9:30AM - 6PM

    Sunday 12/24 12Noon-5PM (Wewill stay later if busy).

    Monday 12/25 Closed

    Tuesday 12/26 Open Regular Hours 10AM-6PM, Shipping will resume as Normal

    Monday January 1st .....Most likely we will be closed

    Holiday Shipping info. Update 12/16
    (December 16, 2006)

        Shipping info. Update 12/16/2006

    Last minute shoppers here is the UPS Ground schedule from From Massachusetts.

    1 Day Ground ( Available up until Thursday at 2 PM, Not guaranteed)

    MA, NH, RI, CT, Parts of NY, Northern Parts of NJ, Vermont and Parts of Maine

    2 Day Ground (available Mon., Tues, And Wednesday by 2Pm, Not guaranteed)

    Parts of NY, Northern Parts of Maine, Central and Southern NJ, PA, VA, WV, OH, IN, KY, NC, SC, Metro-Detroit, Metro Chicago Area

    3 Day Ground (availabel Monday and Tuesday by 2PM, Not guaranteed)

    MI, WI, MN, IA, IL, MO, Eastern KS, TN, AL, GA, FL, Eastern TX, Large Eastern Cities in TX

    4 Day Ground (available Monday, Not guaranteed)

    ND, SD, NE, Western KS, Eastern CO, OK, AR, MS, LA, Most of Southern CA, Parts of TX

    5 Day (To late for Ground)

     MT, WY, ID, OR, WA, CA, UT, AZ, NM, Parts of Texas

    Any Shipments not falling into the Avove may require One or Second Day Air (not guaranteed by us).

    * It is always wise to allow for an extra day for delivery.

    In some cases we may us USPS Priority Mail or Express as an option.

    We are still on schedule! We are experiencing a large number of orders and are cranking them out as fast as we can. We have many of "Santa's Helpers" pitching in and we are on schedule. If we are unable to fill any orders we will notify you shortly. Right now our fill rate is excellent.  Thanks, Matt

    Christmas Delivery Schedule
    ORDER BY DEC. 15th pay just our regular shipping charges and be
    assured of Christmas delivery of in-stock-items. After the 16th additional
    shipping charges may apply
    ORDER BY DEC. 20st pay for UPS 2nd Day Air or Express Mail
    (delivery not guaranteed)
    ORDER BY DEC. 21nd Pay for UPS Next Day Air
    (delivery not guaranteed)
    LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS Keep in Mind if you are in the
    Northeast or New England we can except orders on the 21rd but we
    cannot guarantee delivery.
    INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS Please get your orders in as
    soon as possible for Holiday delivery. All International orders are shipped at
    cost and are not guaranteed.
    Note: Because Christmas is on Monday we lost a few days of shipping. So please
    Get your Holiday orders in as soon as possible. We send most orders via UPS
    Ground. UPS delivers to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in 1-2 Days, the South in
    about 3 Days, the Mid-West in 3-4 days and the West Coast in 4-5 Days.
    Priority Mail is delivered in about 1-4 Days depending on where you are located.
    UPS and USPS do not guarantee delivery times during the Holiday RUSH!
    Need a Gift idea give us a call or shoot us an email!
    Quick and easy Shopping
    Call: (781) 321-8855
    Call Collect (orders only)
    Fax: (781)321-8866
    Mail in an Order Form
    Do it Online ? Anytime
    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    The Forum is Down for now!
    (December 09, 2006)




    The forum Should be back up and running by the end of the week.!


     It seems some joker has hacked into our forum. We temporarily  took it down. Hopefully the forum will be up and running on Monday or Tuesday. Thank you for all of you that made us aware of the problem. Unfortunately some people like to ruin things for the rest of us. The forum was the only thing that was affected by the hackers. It is basically a different website and hobbybunker.com is fully operational.

    "Tis the Season!

    Sorry for the inconveinence.


    12/12/2006 Update.

    The forum experienced a low level hack. The forum is a sub-website and appears to be the only thing that was affected. There is no need to be concerned. I will provide more details and let you no when it will be up and running again.

    Thanks, Matt



    Conte Plastic GI's
    (December 06, 2006)

                Now shipping from Conte Collectible's....


    The long awaited  Unpainted Plastic World War II US Infantry (GI's) Blistercards are on the way.
     Ten different cards each containing 10  injection molded figures.
    A total of 27 new poses are spread amongst the 10 cards.
    "These figures are already being called the best plastic figures ever made by collectors and dealers and the one magazine editor who has seen these thus far.  Words like 'superb', 'the best ever', 'engineering marvels', 'amazing' etc. have been said to us repeatedly.....and I must admit , we are mighty proud of these" (Taken from Conte's website.)
    Each blistercard will contain 10 figures and retail for $14.99  individually or approximately $1.50 per figure.

    We are offering an introductory special whereby all 10 different cards can be purchased for $120 (and get free shipping) which brings the price down to $1.20 per figure a savings of 3o cents per figure or $30 on buying all 10 cards (must by one each sets 1-10 in the same color). 

    The figures come in a choice of colors: Dark green (in stock) a light brown (due any day) or a medium tan(due any day)


    We do not have stock numbers yet, Please call us or email us to reserve your sets.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays.

    The Empire State Toy Soldier Show & Sale (12/3)
    (November 13, 2006)

        The Empire State Toy Soldier Show & Sale

    Where? Holiday Inn at JFK Airport 144-02 135th Avenue Jamaica (Queens) NY 11436
    Hotel Ph. (718) 659-0200
    Sunday December 3rd

    Hobby Bunker is Sponsoring the Event:
    Admission $5.00, Under 18 FREE.