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Westphalian Prussian Landwehr charging with fixed bayonet--single figure--RETIRED--LAST TWO!!

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Thomas Gunn Miniatures

Item Number: NAP035B

An old hand charging at the French with bayonet fixed.

The B Version Westphalian wears green collars and cuffs.

Raised by a Royal Edict in 1813 calling for all men aged between 18 and 45 to bear arms as and when needed in the defence of the country, the Landwehr were an integral part of the Prussian military during the Napoleonic wars.

The performance of the Landwehr in combat varied mainly due to poor discipline and a lack of training.  They stampeded on several occasions but also had some splendid actions. Digby-Smith wrote:  'The Prussian Landwehr received their baptism of fire at Lowenberg, the Schweidnitz Battalion braved canister fire and threw the enemy back at the point of the bayonet.

They were only taken out of the line when they ran out of ammunition, when they marched past Yorck, he had his line regiments present arms to them'.

Blucher wrote:  'At first it was only so-so with the Landwehr battalions, but now that they've had a good taste of powder, they're as good as the line battalions.'  Napoleon, however, had a very different opinion of them.  When he saw some captured Landwehr, he wrote:  ''The enemy infantry is absolutely wretched; this encourages me."  However, by 1815 at the battle of Ligny, the II Btn. of 1.Westphalian Landwehr formed a square on top of a hill near Brye.  The Landwehr were charged three times by the French cavalry and each time the Landwehr musket volley repelled the French.  Obviously, this sort of defence would not have encouraged Napoleon!

These figures are smaller than our normal size figures and will fit in with K&C, JJD, and Britain's Napoleonic figures.

Limited to 100 sets worldwide.