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U.S. 4th ID Private Fixing Bayonet on M1 Garand, Normandy 1944--single figure

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First Legion, Ltd.

Item Number: NOR041

US 4th ID Private Fixing Bayonet on M1 Garand--Normandy 1944

We continue to expand our coverage of USA forces for our “Battle of Normandy” range with the US 4th Infantry Division!  The 4th Infantry, nicknamed the “Ivy” Division, landed at Utah beach on D-Day and quickly hooked up inland with the US 82nd and 101st Airborne.  They fought their way through the hedgerows of the Cotentin peninsula and took part in the capture of Cherbourg in near continuous combat from the day of the landing until the 28th of June.  They were then shifted south and, along with the 2nd Armored Division, spearheaded the assault at St. Lo.  They were also the first Americans to enter Paris, fought in the Hurtgen Forest and Battle of the Bulge, and participated in every major campaign spending 199 straight days in contact with the enemy.  Overall, the division suffered 34,000 casualties and is one of the storied divisions of the US Army.

60mm Hand Painted figure for collectors from the World War II product range.


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