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Livonian Knights--8 figures in 8 poses, color varies

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Item Number: CHT026

Livonian Knights - Started by Albert the Bishop of Riga who wanted a standing army for Livonia. They operated independently until a disastrous defeat in 1226. They then became a separate branch of the Teutonic Knights.

8 figures in 8 poses, color varies      

1.  Kneeling praying,  2. Firing bow,  3.  Mace up in right-hand shield in the left hand, 4. Advancing to the right with sword out and shield , 5. Sword out in right hand while blowing a horn  6.  Ax overhead chopping down,  7. Standing with spear pointing up ,  8. Standing with sword out to the right while holding a banner.

Released in MAY 2021.