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Battlegroup: Stalingrad Rule Book

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The Plastic Soldier Company

Item Number: BGK038

Nine army lists are included for the Germans, their Axis allies, and the Red Army. For the Axis: German Panzer and Infantry Division battlegroups, Italian and Rumanian battlegroups, and the Hungarian 1st Armoured Division battlegroup. For the Soviets: Army lists for Rifle Divisions and battlegroups created from their new Tank Corps.

New rules to adapt the core Battlegroup game to the battlefields of the Eastern Front in 1942, including the Battle of Stalingrad. Recreating the character of the war from the rolling steppes of southern Russian to the twisted wreckage of Stalingrad's factories. The book includes new additional detailed rules for street-fighting, a new urban combat scenario Stadtkampf and a mini-campaign system for the ferocious fighting for the Barrikady gun factory. Death on Volga scenario pits specially equipped German assault Stossgruppe infantry battlegroups against the ragged but dug-in and determined defenders of Stalingrad.1 vol, 204 pgs 2021 UK


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